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  1. bewtween all the posts of people ocing these cards, the average safest seems to be about 785 core, 2150-2200 mem, a bit over 2000 shaders. (128 shader units). Decent temps via riva tuner. Stay away from ntune!

    Well thanks alot there goes more of my gaming time. Cranked the fan up to 100% and am running some 3dmarks with the core at 800, 2000 on the shaders and ram still at 2000. Will check the ram out after I find the cores limit and get some gaming done.

  2. It's looking pretty good isn't it?


    It might really come down to which Favre decides to show up tomorrow night. Even still, I can't see him doing better than 25 points in any game really, and I bet Reggie Bush and Lee Evans can cover that no problem. A freakin losing team might knock the rapist off his pedestal. :(


    Oh wait, nvm. I'll STILL be the only one in first place. :D

    A losing team? I didn't know 4 wins 3 losses was a losing record lol. Hopefully Champ and Dre run a couple pic 6's on Favres butt tomorrow night.

    Sorry I haven't had much time to smack talk been busy as hell and working 7 days a week. Still keeping up on my team just don't have time to get on here much lately.