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  1. You can see my mobo and setup from my sig. As you can see that I have 1GB of OCZ memeory, but I would like to upgrade to 2GB, I am not if there is any memory compatabilities with my setup (mobo) The memory I have been looking at have different speeds, but are around the same price give or take a few quid http://www.memory-configurator.com/product...pacity-2Gb.html Adata CellShock Mushkin G.Skill Team Patriot TIA
  2. Bout sums it up, 32-bit Vista is gonna be what 85% of ppl are gonna be using. I don't think there is gonna be much driver support for Vista 64 bit until 2008, and will proberbly not kick in till next year Click this link below for further details http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=36938
  3. Got my Vista Ultimate 32bit running, here some screenies for all of ya
  4. Yeah, your proberbly right, but will be testing my system with my mates PSU, and we I will see if my system becomes stable
  5. My bad, just went by it and seen the link, but didn't click on it
  6. I ain't hijacking no thread, am giving the user a an option to what is available, & what I have been looking at. If you don't like that then tough
  7. Have you looked on their sister site at all http://www.memory-configurator.com/
  8. I am thinking about a new PSU. I have been looking at these to supplies Corsair http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=CA-004-CS Enermax http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=CA-024-EN
  9. I have Ran another test and found that my CPU is unstable. How do I make my Prozzer stable again, or is it borked? I am not overclocking any of it, and my temps are low, as I have a Thermalright 120 HS I am quite confused to know why after 2years my system has become soo unstable over the past few weeks. :confused: I am inclined to think that I might need a new PSU, but is there any way to test if it is infact the PSu that is letting me down?
  10. I'm sure like most brands they have both a women version and a mens. Fortunatly for the women and myself, I just have & use the mens version http://www.clinique.co.uk/templates/produc...GORY_ID=CAT1034
  11. Cheers for that, do you have a linky as well m8
  12. I have the X1950 XT 256Mb, and Oblivion plays really good for me, I have it at 1280x1024 - 4AA, 8AF. With a bit of overclocking you can run the card at XTX speeds
  13. Deffo have to go with the CM 810. I love this case, it has soo much room to work with, very versatile and future proof.
  14. My initial thought was for the G80, but after a bit more consideration. I believe the ATi X1950 XT 256mb offers a great card for a great price and with a lottle overclocking you can get a XTX
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