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  1. The johnrr6 thread is awesome because it tries to explain what every single one of those memory settings will do. If you don't want to overclock the link is still fine, but read that guide, it will tell you what works in most cases, where a safe place to start is, and in what direction things should be changed. The THunDA guide is written for TCCD memory which will tell you what to watch out for and what settings have worked previously. Compare the two guides, see where they differ in recommendation and where they are similar, if you are still confused, use the search function in the forum with the OCZ EL DDR PC-3200. Look at other people's timings, but remember, even if the memory is the same the same memory settings may end up not working. Don't get too attached to the PSU, most of the people that have the odd problems don't have the right PSU, and the people who have the right PSU usually throw up posts that read: my XYZ ram worked out of the box @ X-X-X-X timings.
  2. oh boy. another month lost to tweaking the new bios. with the 510s I tried all three bioses, with memory in yellow and in orange, with the sticks switched in each permutation. The tightest stable timings were with the 510-1 with mem in orange. My goal is to hit DDR 560 with 2.5-3-3-6. I'm gonna apologize for this ahead of time: I love the DFI board. the beast works pretty well out of the box (I'm not going to exclude some community rumblings I'm not even close to being qualified to comment on), and if you take the time to tweak it it is awesome. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO TAKE THE TIME: No one here is going to disagree with this statement: you should not flash the bios to latest and EXPECT it to work with the same settings as the old BIOS you just had. P.S. what image sharing service do you guys recommend cause I plan on putting up at least my OC results with 510-1 (This includes the Prime95 >8 hrs).
  3. you might wanna back off on the mem voltage for the G.Skill LE. I think even 2.9 is pushing it. The powersupply should be fine since I use the same PSU and I've been OCing everything since I've had the system since May. For the TCCD memories, you might want to take a closer look at the following link: http://www.xtremeresources.com/forums/show...6950#post446950 confirm the settings you have with the settings that are suggested by the following link. If you really want to hunt down the stability issue, you have to change one setting at a time, run stability test and determine if it increased or decreased your stability. If your memory is in fact TCCD, I would seriously look into dropping that voltage down to around 2.8V. And like the guide says, look into active cooling when you start pushing your memory timings/fsb. Finally, I am stupid and just another noob that got lucky when it comes to overclocking, so it may be wise to ignore this next comment: I noticed that on my 6800GT, When PCI bus was set to 100MHz I would get sprotes/crashes in 3Dmark05, however, when I pushed the PCI Bus to 102MHz, I was able to get rid of the sprites and the OC on my vid card finally acted stably. As a side note, 3dmark01 is not going to catch the problems that 3dmark05 will catch, I believe that it is useful to run both as a measure of stability (It was the only way for me to check stabilities that neither superPI, nor 3dmark01/03 picked up). As a favor, could the more experienced members check the accuracy of my post and respond quickly with any incongruities in my post; considering my nooberity when responding meanly ;-)
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    Case Recommendations

    I've got the PC-7A plus. Becuase it doesn't have a removable motherboard tray, the rear 80mm exhaust can easily be modded to a 120mm exhaust. the blowhole on mine is also converted to a 120mm. and i put in a side intake 120mm.
  5. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11397 this link should get you started. I would pay close attention to max asyn latency and read preamble time. you almost have to go to town with almost all of the mem settings. I personally don't have any set to auto.
  6. i got the nec 3520a. it's very solid. i've heard questionable things regarding maxtor drives. so look into the seagate 300gb. I know that the 6800gt from leadtek overclocks to beyond ultra level like many of the gts out there. if you're into sound, may i recommend the klipsche 5.1 ultra. you have to be careful about not cranking it up right out of the box, but once it settles in, it is very crisp for computer speakers (down side is that it is a very expensive speaker solution, especially for a 5.1 solution).
  7. Is it OK to turn off SATA 3&4 if all you are using is SATA 1. Only reason I ask is because RGone's old post suggests that never ever do this. However, I've found that this reduces NF4 chipset temp some.
  8. MOnkeyyy

    754/939 Users - What CPU COOLER are you using?

    xp120 with vantec stealth, getting panaflo ultra speed in mail soon
  9. MOnkeyyy

    Trying for >24 hour prime 95 stability

    thanks for the info dude. I'm thinking i'm probably feeding the ram with too much voltage at 2.8V even, I'm gonna scale it down to 2.6V and see how they like that...(the corsair 4400 thread gave me that idea). I also think I may be running into a temp spike during the day problem as opposed to an overall instability issue.
  10. I can't get prime stable for >about 11 hours. anyone got any settings for g.skill tccd that are unconventional but work for the long haul? I'm running 275x10 with 2.5-3-3-7 timings prime95 at home right now (510-3 bios). I just want to get to a 24hour prime stable system, then gonna mess with tightening timings since I think the 2.75GHz is the max my cpu can do stable (after I get 510-3 stable, I'm probably gonna go back to 414-3 to see how that does in comparison). I've been hearing over and over again that tccd doesn't like too much voltage, can this be remedied with an active cooling? will this actually lead to higher overclocks/tighter timings? the reason i'm asking this is because i'm thinking of switching back to the 510-2 and sticking the ram into the yellow slots to see if i could get more stability. :nod: the specific reason I'm interested in >24 hour prime 95 is because I'm interested in doing folding, but I don't want to be giving in wrong calculations. :angel:
  11. I've personally found 3dmark05 to be the most sensitive so far, I was able to go through HL2 completely on settings that didn't make it through 3dmark05.510-1 wasn't prime-95 stable for me for that magical 24 hour mark (I tried for 2 days to get it stable, no go). I'm going to see if 510-3 is more stable (510-2 wasn't even close, had to scale back real far in my oc to even try to run prime-95, and then it'd crap out on me before the first runs were even finished). I know I'm not giving the bios enough time to see if I could find a sweet spot, but I just want to see if the same settings that gave me close to stable in 510-1 will give me close to or more stable in 510-3. I won't know if I've found my go-to bios until 22 hours from now AG, I got a question, how many passes of memtest do you run before you go to superpi? I've been skipping the memtest (on mild overclock changes, on heavy ones/new bios I run it once) and going straight to 3dmark05 ( but it's the fastest way I've found of seeing if minor changes are good or not). Thanks for any advice :-)
  12. I'm not sure if you tried this or not: Write CAS# Latency(tWCL) mostly boots only when set to 1. RGone tried 5 and it had stability effect. I tried 5 and it was prime95 stable for much longer than 1 setting. More details (maybe...?) here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...97&page=1&pp=15. also, how loose are your mem timings? have you tried fooling with different bios? also, have you tried reinstalling OS? (maybe some driver crapped out during initial problems)
  13. I am sorta regretting getting the 3500+ Venice, Not fully regretting it cause I can hit 2820 Stable, but man, 3700+ SD is only 70$ more.
  14. Thanks guys for all the helpful posts in this thread. tried the 510-1, after three days of tweaking, it's prime95 stable for >7hrs. once I hit the magic 24 hour mark on prime95, will jot down the mem settings I have (should I put it in this thread?) Then will try 510-2 (sounds like some people are having greater success with 510-2 and TCCD mem), and then 510-3 (I know I should have tried 510-3 first but I just like going in order).
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    Memory Question...

    Ack, brain hurting... G-Skill PC3200 F1-3200DSU2 is TCCD? but same company makes BH-5 called G-Skill PC3200 (2,2,2,5)? sorry, I need to rethink my strategy...