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  1. maybe try and pump alittle more volts? 1.45-1.7
  2. quite a few people are suing the 714 (i think) and the 623
  3. Will give this a try.. see if there are any improvements compared to the 623-3 bios i am using
  4. Do you have a another CPU to test the pc with? Have you plugged all the power connectors into the motherboard?
  5. Nice setup dude. make sure u push the system to the xtremee when ur ready
  6. what games is this happening in? maybe it's time to update ur video card drivers to the latest one from the nvidia.com site, instead of the 6766 ones.
  7. maybe it could be your power supply. get another PSU to test it out with, test your PSU on another PC. If it still flashes with another PSU, maybe it could be ur cpu
  8. im running my venice 3500+ @ 1.7. temp is 51 on load
  9. same here dude.. My cpu doesnt like anything more then 2750 even with more voltage, and to even get it stable at 2750 i gotta run 1.7/1.73v.
  10. when i run it, i usually just pick all the 3d tests and the two cpu tests, and then let it run for at least 2hour+. I dont see any advantages in running the other tests
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