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  1. Do you mean try the lastest bios from DFI??? The latest one I notice on DFI's website is dated March 25, 05. Is that the one I should try?? Also, what do you mean by qualifying the ram?
  2. Vid card is already set back to stock speed.
  3. Hi, my components are as show in my sig. For some unknown reason, I start up my computer today, and it will freeze up during the Window's Logo startup screen. It can't even get into windows. Everything in the Bios is set to stock. I reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled windows. I then installed directx9.0C, everything was still fine. Now, I put in the driver disk that came with my mobo and installation of the mobo drivers began. The first driver that it started to install is the SMBUS driver. As soon as this portion was done, my computer freezes up. I tried rebooting my computer, and once again, it will freeze up during the windows logo startup screen. I tried installing my memory modules in different slots, situation remains unchange. I also tried installing windows with a different harddirve, but that didn't help. The only way I can get into windows, is booting in safe mode. The only thing I can think of, and still have not try, is flashing my bios. FYI, when I reset my CMOS and restarted my computer, it will show CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR. Please, I am out of ideas. Do I have a bad mobo here, or something else is broken? Please advice. Thanks.
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