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  1. I was not referring between the IHS and the heatsink. Im referring to the CORE and the IHS.... I want to know how much AS5 i put on the CORE and how WELL i should spread it on the CORE because i want maximal heat efficiency betweeen the CORE and the IHS
  2. Hi thanks for your reply Dr Bowtie.. does TIM = thermal paste?? If so, what would u recommend? AS5?? How much of the paste do i put and do i spread it evenly on the core like how i would normally do it? The reason why im asking is to ensure that the heat is transferred MOST EFFICIENTLY from the core to the heatspreader.. Thanks for all your help again!
  3. Hey guys, i pulled the heatspreader for my 3700 San diego. Is there any way how I can put the lid back on ??? Thanks for your input and advice, greatly appreciate it.
  4. HEy guys, My opteron 165 is acting a lil bit weird after i formatted. I have a feeling that one of the core is messed up. Here are the symptoms: 1) I downloaded CPU-ID and under the main tab (CPU tab), at the bottom where it says "Selection", the option is greyed out and it says "Processor #1". Before I formatted, i remembered that I can select between Core 1 and Core 2, but now its greyed out. But next to it the number of cores says 2. In MBM, it says that both cores are receiving voltage though. Attached below is a picture to illustrate my lil problem. 2) My 3dmark06 mark has gone down from 9986 -->9846.. it can be a driver issue, but im not sure if a faulty core can reduce it by 140 points. 3) well my opty 165 @ stock is 1.8Ghz, and i can oc it to 2.9Ghz. Before i needed around 1.54V for it to be 24hr stable using the tortue test in prime 95. But now, all i need is 1.43V!!!! i have only used it for like 3 months, and I know that burning in your cpu can occur, but i doubt this is the case. so im scared that one of the core has died, as thus, requires less voltage..
  5. Hey guys, I have 2 x Hyundai L90D+ and 2 x eVGA 7900GT CO SC (580/1580) and im using Forceware 91.36. When im on my desktop, im using Horizontal Span between my 2 LCD. When I try to right click on either of my screen, my screen on the right would usually go black for a few seconds and then return to normal. When I go the display properties in the “Settings” tab under “Advance” my right screen also gives me a quick blank. When I click on the “7900GT” tab in the NVIDA panel, I also see the blank screen on my right LCD. Its driving me crazy and I remembered that before I format, it was never like this. Here are some of the things I have tried but still failed to fix the problem: 1)Format my entire computer 2)Install older and newer forceware drivers 3)Installed monitor drivers 4)Used the “Auto adjust” function on my monitors 5)Changed the VGA cable for my right monitor 6)Since I have 2 monitors plugged into my video card, I tried to swap them around. 7)Change the refresh rate 8)Auto detected each monitor again So I tried all those things listed and nothing seemed to work. As well, within the NVIDIA panel, under “nView Display Settings, it shows which monitors you have. The funny thing is that the primary display shows L90D+D-SUB which is correct by my secondary display shows Analog Display which is wrong. Before I formatted, both monitors were shown as L90D+D-SUB. I attached a pic at the bottom for u guys to see. Im not sure how to fix this and I think it is related to the blank screen problem above. I tried to switch between digital and analog output on my monitor itself, but it failed to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  6. Thanks for all your replies again guys.. I appreciate it alot
  7. The metal clamps work great.. u can get them from your local dollar store, or from home depot... I tightened them really secure so that it doesnt give me leaks in the future. They are better than the plastics one.
  8. in my 5.25 bay, i have a L.I.S. POP and I have a coolermaster musketeer that shows your HD RPM as well as the decibels for your left and right speaker.. NEways, i appreciate all the comments, and compliments, I really appreciate it guys...
  9. yo, i wish it changes color, but it doesnt... its just UV blue.. The clip u saw just shows the water turning from clear to bluee... in the other clip, it just shows the water changing from blue to purple since i added a bit of red into the water
  10. After cleaning my tubes, the UV blue is more vibrant. The pictures dont do it justice though. The following pic shows the custom window I made for my case. Here is a clip of the water changing color, ull see it changing subtlely at around 10s. Start looking at the tube near the green, and then the 2 branches coming out of the CPU, and the two branches coming out of the video cards: http://s64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/tur...mgAnch=imgAnch3 A clip of water changing to red: http://s64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/tur...mgAnch=imgAnch4
  11. The title says it all. I have compared the KO Superclocked and the CO Superclocked and the layout on the back of the card looks DIFFERENT, especially on the area where the vmod is to be done. Just to note, I measured the voltage on the KO Superclocked, and the vcore is ~1.45V. So can the KO Superclocked be voltage modded with the conductive pen method??
  12. Of course, i have ocz copper ram sinks on them and i have a ram sink on the memory controller on each card.
  13. Hey guys, specs in my sig. Before, I was able to run my two 7900GT @ 685/870 voltage modded. Recently, when i tried to run games at this speed, my screen would just freeze and I would have to restart my computer. When I changed to 675/870, it didn't freeze anymore and everything was fine. How come my overclock dropped? My temp in my room is the same if not cooler than before. Both 7900GT are under water and the temps are below 47C all the time. I know that 685/870 was rock stable before because I can run all my games for a very very long period of time, but now, it just freezes and the screen goes black. If it helps, im using the newest drivers which is 91.31. I tried older drivers and I still get the same problem. HElp? Thanks
  14. Thanks for your reply Mack27. That was actually a really big help. I will try those console commands as soon as possible. BTW, what is the command to show fps in prey?? I dont want to keep on using FRAPS. Thanks for all your help again! I greatly appreciate it!!
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