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  1. also known as molex to floppy or floppy to molex in a search of your favorite etailer.
  2. shut her down Clancy, she is pumping mud. srsly, other options are also availible as replacements. (mods forum has some diff fans used that I know of.) gl with it.
  3. Yea thats official and the correct one. + is that a Fresh install of winsp2 after memtesting the mem for stability in the bios ? I would hunt the specific part # off the ram and try changeing its voltage levels. *(some may like 2.61 and some may like 2.72) Corsair has a bunch of types of mem modules and you might even hunt the type off the mem and check whats its timings/ best Voltage range is. You should land on a forum with a Good conversion page (listing ) of all types of mem and settings fairly easily. (its also been listed here before and is prolly in a sticky somehwere.) The 6/23 (edit 3/10, my bad I was drifting.) bios worked well for me on some value corsair. But it is hit or miss for most folks. *(due to the batches being different.) Try the stickys in the OC section.(bios settings are explained) Once you read it all once, *(its a lot to read) the specifics of tweaking what for what are pretty easy. Its just a lot to absorb at once.
  4. 7800gt +*VF700* in search landed here. *(12 total results so all threads should on topic) http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...0gt+%2AVF700%2A looks like it will work. (post 3 by pyr0)
  5. yea, I have the aluminum verson of that one on my vid card. Its 360 degree exhaust (radial) and not direct at the chipset like many stock coolers. That should help your temps. If you dig in modifications forum I have a (out of focus I need a camera) post I did when I made the same mod that has some pics. EDIt : nice pic Re edit : one for vanity http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20625 has me adding the fan to vid card.
  6. Its is higher than I would run one. *(but barely on the edge of tolerable.) Give this thread a read and explore your options. ( I would redo it and see if temps dropped.) Then I would add a fan increaseing airflow to the chipset area. (you can test that one with a small fan and the side of the case open. Just aim and watch temps.. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20827
  7. If you have a spare fan you might get away with ducting / forecing some air to the chipset area and leaveing the card in the upper slot. Cut (widen or add) some holes, add some fans and get your overall airflow up. GL.
  8. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...hlight=usb+boot Couple pages in on a basic search but one I remember seeing some time back. (it) Should have the answers you seek .
  9. Check that the card is being fully seated. If the board is warped it might be hard to get the card to align properly. Check it with the card in it and make sure the dept of card insertion is consistant.
  10. Best to all.... and all that. *(this belongs in OT but it Xmas, soooo...... ) tomorrrow is egnogg ad I feeel no pain now. Best to you and may the DFI be with you.
  11. I only use (or buy) Dexter Russell knives. http://www.dexter-russell.com/default.htm Hit the products tab and they has some nice summary type images of the styles in that group. If you can use a steel or whetstone you can have a blade that you can shave with. I have a few knuckle scars that attest to the sharpness of the tiger slicer series. (serrated 8 inch bait knife) DR's are all I have used on the boats for cutting bait and or fish up. (other than a pair of buck (sheath ) knives I wear as a backup (anchor rope cutter just in case I ever got yanked oveerboard.)
  12. Cool and Yaaa to adding PC's. DFI average keeps dropping. (booo) Back in town after two days working out of town and my PC has been folding 24/7 for a while now. Out of town next week (gravy $$) and some BF2 in the interim but I will keep plodding along and adding to my point total. Off to chase a debt, gather some wood and cook some deer and chill at the crick after a long week. Happy folding and happy holidays.
  13. All CN movies and tv shows are B grade at best. however, that link was funny. Not the best on the list, but still funny. "Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice."
  14. PSU thread with tested and good stuff. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854 I am partial to the oczpowerstream520.
  15. revision +A0* lands on this thread as one of the matches. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=revision+A0%2A I cheated, and Dredged trhe A0 out of memory for the serarch. hope it helps to clarify. Incidentally, I had to hit CPUZ or SIsoft/Sandra (lite 2005) to find out as my board shipped with no revision sticker on the PCI slot. Ah, Edit, to go forward, I would expect past practices to continue = In the past its only a minor bios tweak and I would expect the same.
  16. Blue. Green is not even an option if blue is available.
  17. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6577 Awesome thread. wish I had the time, but I would throw a fan on it as I dont care if my pc's make noise. Good luck with the mod. *(edit ) the 1'st link dosent work.
  18. Good plan. Enjoy your DFI rockeship when you get it put together. !~DONT SCRIMP on parts ~! If you want to OC it then you can hand select parts with lots of feedback. 1'st DFI I built I didnt know about this site, but since then I have been a regular reader and second build was much less of a shot in the dark as far as matching components went. *(not my first rodeo so no biggie.) My 2'nd builds Ram and HD's and Heatsink and fan came from reading recomendations here. Good luck with it.
  19. paper, magazine, wal mart cheapies, whatever is handy. Back in the day of non optical mice, it made more of a difference. I just run a optical now and its 100000000% better than I used to use so good enough and nothing fancy for me.
  20. And every now and again, something just makes you laugh. Good one man. Nice graphic
  21. Chilliwack- My girl(gone gone gone ) Remake from a 70's or 80's song but still nice. Win-amp pwns. http://www.winamp.com/music/ Rained out today, about to go to town and get a few errands done.
  22. Good news is always nice to read. Being as most (99.9% ) of the posts are for people with issues. *(well it is a support forum so thats a given.) Lol "no hammer, please dont hurt him......" Alternative : Maxwells silver hammer RMA it unless its more fun to destroy, I would use a sledgehammer for a more satisying crunch.
  23. I ave a winchchester, and I play bf2 and would like to see a what you get as an recomendation. *(if I ever find the time....workweek starts on Friday aND I have close to 40 hours in already this week ) I would think 2 gigs of mem would stress the memory controller as the winchester is not as strong as other cPU's. Thisis From memory and I am about to go chill, but as I have built two DFI machines with winchesters in them, I did some reasearch at the time and this is what I think I remember..... . It would be 2t and 333 and even then it would be hard on the CPU... I searched on winchester memory controller and found some threads that should clarify it and or correct me if I am wrong. I lost the link on the thread I was just reading b4 I replied. Just got home, havent slept here since last monday. time fot a BLT *(bud light TIme ) and some Telivision and much needed rest. GL with it.
  24. 145 may teh gods of fortune smile upon whoomever guesses correclty. so buddah would say and seemed appropriate ?
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