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  1. Ok, So the same people who brought us Dancing with Stars are now pimping Skating with Stars. So why am I not unlike those I critique? Is it like "you are what you eat?” In that you are what you watch? Lastly, do Inquiring minds really want to know or can they not handle the real truth ?
  2. This is the latest desktop and not a digital blasphemy image like I usually use . I like darker shades so the Icons stand out. *** the other desktop thread I just saw is from 04, this one is from 05 and possibly a tad more current
  3. On the OCZpowewrstream 520 and ultra d in the top line of my sig and from where I write this This is old from when I built it, temps a little higher as it needs cleaning It read the Cmos low. I know I put a fresh tested one it it and got 2.99 with a 3.17 battery. Only the 3 v rail wavers on the psu. Its +-1 most times, but occasionally a .2 or .3. I havent tested it with DMM since I built it, but it was all within tolerance at the time. Temps a lil higher now but Rails remain stable as ever. (ezxcept the 3v and its hiccuping) I checked 3 5 @12 at the time and they were ok and never falling below spec. (even when the 3 v waverd.) 3 green lights and the sticker on the back of the pots is still there. (I never tweaked the PSU ) The default mbm5 readings I just left alone as I tested the rails with a DMM. I suppose I should have adjusted them to read correctly in mbm5 , but I didnt.) I adjusted the alarms and one fan on Mbmb, its still not perfect but I do have vid card temps now. )
  4. I would have paid to see the look on their faces. That one has one of those mastercard moments written all over it. Score Nature 1 Seals 0
  5. If I were to build a NON DFI system....... I would use an INTEL or ASUS Mobo. I have had good luck with them over the years. *(and fewer dead mobos when I did PC repair) Its just preference, but they have been rock solid for me for the most part. Since your looking at an AMD processor, you might as well just get a DFI mobo *(parts swapping and diagnostics will be easier should it ever hiccupp)
  6. Revival ? meh, Very Very old Pink Floyd and now some old Cream. http://www.techwebsound.com/ "sixties Psychadelic web Radio" Recent playlist *(what I have been listening to this eve) 9:43:37 Cream - The Clearout [Demo Version] Current Song 19:40:33 Pink Floyd - Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk 19:37:00 The Moody Blues - Are You Sitting Comfortably 19:36:00 The Moody Blues - Coke Ad (Take You For A Ride) 19:35:26 The Who - Radio 1 Promo 19:34:28 Booker T. & The MG's - 'McLemore Avenue' LP Ad 19:33:36 Electric Flag - Psyche Soap 19:31:13 Boston Tea Party - My Daze 19:27:55 Blood, Sweat & Tears - My Days Are Numbered 19:25:37 The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Dark On You Now 19:21:38 The Charlatans - Time To Get Straight 19:18:33 The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun 19:15:39 Donovan - Museum 19:13:40 Apostolic Intervention - (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me? 19:11:10 The Poets - In Your Tower 19:07:15 The Moon - Brother Lou's Love Colony 19:04:28 The Monkees - The Door Into Summer 19:01:58 Grateful Dead - Beat It On Down The Line 19:01:41 Acid Talk - Psychedelic Circus 18:58:16 Buffalo Springfield - Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
  7. ExR, I hear ya on teh Rip tide (THEREF0RE by the grace iof god go I]0 ACE, I think I passed all but teh elevator, cause on that one I just put my head 'tween my knees and said goodbye. The rest of them are good.
  8. Okie. Why is Strawberrery Rubarb pie superior to plain strawberry pie ?? What is the meaning of the universe ?(DOUglas Adams (Hitchhikers guide....) ) Why is the Shoe lace alwaYS Breaking on my boots ? Why did the three of us (co-workers) eat 5+ lbs of pork and steak *(W/no fixins) before an easy day tomorrow ? Why do people live in the North ? 'tis it an inherent fear of misquitos, or what ? _______________________________ A_G, why are you so hillarious on a rant ? *(maddox inspired and props for verbosity )... You should see us good old boys on a mission.... We excell in the moment of being. What level is the End intarwehb boss on ? I made it a long way ad still I can't beat teh "connecton failed " guy. (feel free to answer with the approptriate irreverent spritit.) (yes, the dark side is strong in us all ?) When will they win in the Star wars Movies ? *((D0 not s spoil it,m I read all the books.!~!_)
  9. Why is Morrowind Elder Scrolls III such a cool game ? Why did I recently find a copy in the 100's of games I acquired and get addicted to it ? When and how do you beat the internet ?
  10. In Principle.... smoken Joe, I went from the inside to the outside paint in a gust of wind at 140mph + in an Interceptor 500 in my younger days. This was downhill over a sweeping left bridge over a valley that happend to have a nasty gust of wind at the time. Florida lets you ride helmetless..... Have you ever seen a Goergia grasshopper ? *(its a 1/4 pound grasshopper about 5 inches long) Ergot, I want one, but still know I would hit a deer or tree sooner rather than later...... To this day (15 or so years) I dont own a motorcysle. On to the Darwins... ME : on one of many countless other occasions..... Once nearly kilt by a shark (I got hauled in the boat as it went by upside down in a belly flash / strike move) This was in a chum slick we had made for the customers on the shark trip that evening and that was the 3'rd 9+footer we had hooked and trust me it was a close one.
  11. Yea, I rememeber reading about it in the HD thread in OT. Raid wont see it. (blame Gates) Other than getting some thermal sensors, I also think its a no go.
  12. I had a Darwin moment today as I stepped into a freshly poured 18 inches of concrete. (still a a liquid fresh off the truck) It took me three steps to get out while the rest of the crew laughed and guffawed at me. Its like standing in oatmeal and you cannot stop moving. If you stop you sink. If you are apt to freeze you get really stuck. The concrete got my pantslegs but it never crested the top of my boots. I wished I could have seen the look on my face. We were at the Marina patching the boat lift (hoist) driveway. This is not a launch its a lift with the giant skidder /forklift that can lift a 35 foot boat out of the water. We cut two 8 *8 squares and the first one just blended in and ambushed me as I walked by it while we were pouring the second one. So I got my concrete shoes but they werent fatal.
  13. hrm, some time a couple years ago I was building a PC for a customer and (only) nuked the Floppy Drive somehow. But I did manage to make the PSU breaker trip and after I reset it, luckily enough it booted. So I reached inside the case as I had a wire out of place and OH SNAP a BIG BLUE spark. 'Twas from the 12 or 5 volt line and ( I think) where a thin needle like metal edge case protrusion managed to touch inside the floppy connector. I filed what was left of the melted burr down afterwards to disguise what happend. As it was I had many floppy Drives and Swapped one. I think it was an Asus Kv8 b0ard and Asus is still one of my favorites. (Of course it is a distant second to DFI) Kirred plenty of other stuff over the years. Monitors, Kbd's, PSU's....... but mostly from use and not during a build. ________________________________________
  14. Its 06 here Happy New Year to All.
  15. Hah, nice. & I thought the new logo thoroughly boring.
  16. Ack, might try driverguide.com and hunt different drivers ? Switch PCI Slots ? You need to register at driverguide.com but its a good site for drivers. See PM
  17. B-17 http://www.b17.org/ Fly the Fortress! (& if I ever hit the lotto I will.)
  18. Yes, Pink Floyd is a good band. Caught some on win amp on a search today. *(just to get afix as it was on topic) Without google I can name most of the floyd music catalog from astronimy domine to comfortably numb. Been enjoying them uhhhhhhmmmmmm, more than 20 or more years now. Meddle Or Obscured by clouds or Live at Pompie or saucerfull of secrets are all hard to beat.... Edit ://// "comfortable mumb" ??? comfortably numb ATM I am here. seems like old good floyd. EDIT : http://planetspectre.com/radio.htm
  19. Rick James Super Freak edit hahaha followed by Lips Inc, Funkytown.
  20. I would buy a matched pair and not a single stick no matter what the memory size.
  21. Sounds like a heat or PSU issue to me. It could be a failing Hard drive ??? have you swapped HD's or tested it with factory diagnostic software ? Have you teasted with another PSU also ?
  22. Yo puck, 2 CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) In the bios enable memtest and see if the mem kit is ok. *(no errors) (might have to bump up dram voltage a bit or lower it, depends on the kits components and requirements. & also you may have to manually set the mem timings to make it go 450W Power Supply anemic and See the PSU guide in recomendations forum. *(some have no problems and some have no success, but low powerd PSU's have a way of killing hardware over time. ) GL with it, but your odds of a xp install without a memtest confirmation that all is copestetic are dimished. Oh yea welcome to DFI street. Read lots of the stickys
  23. Ok, I am not the only one who heard that and went WTF ? "you can enjoy a wide variety of endangerd and illegal species if you ask for the special and dont ask what it is" The pickled gari is easily homemade. Ginger /Sugar/rice wine vineager. Slice thin and put in the fridge a couple days in a sealed tupperware. Traditionally it is a pallate cleanser as I understand it.
  24. I say it once, " all statistics (like polls) can and ARE manipulated to show what the presenter wants them to show." It is a question of motive; if you can determine root motive then it is possible to ascertain the AGENDA of the poll/staistic/person in question. Semantics at its finest. Every thing person body has a root motive, it is up to the reader to dissect the discourse and determine motive. *(note, I could prattle on about some point, but its moot.)
  25. I cling tenaciously to 25'th place. step 84 or the bar (not good Idea atm) or bf2..... dangit, I would like more to fold also, but I have maxed my availible chars in sig or I would add the link. I suppose It is crass to pimp my own thread, so mayhaps I shall change that link in the days to come. Fold more please. ty. Ocean.
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