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  1. I am now a DFI convert also. This build is for the boss (we are a team of two) and I only used ASUS or Intel boards when building in the past. This PC I build from scratch and its a decent PC a year or so later. D875PBZ board with a 2.6/P4 and a radeon9200se 1gig ddr400 and its satisfied my needs till now..... But thanks for ruining me and taking me to a new level. I have to have/build a DFI board for myself now and I am looking forward to it. Arrr ~! (All good pirates close with arr.)
  2. But I found my answer on DFI boards and now I know. I read here for a solid two or three hours today and decided to try and get all the settings tweaked for the following programs Everest, Smartguardian, Smartspeed and MBm5370. BIOS is essentially stock and I have not changed anything other than things mandatory for setup. CPU throttle was turned off after the incident below, but I had BIOS set to shutdown at 65C/149F.I have made no power changes to anything basically. I also have (beforehand and after the fact) checked the temps in BIOS and Core 35c, PWM area 40c, Chipset 44 c with the side off is about average. I had the rig running of and on during final assembly today day and left it on for another two hours of Idle to watch for heat issues. It was stable but Smartguardian’s chipset temp was bothering me and that’s what I was researching (here) when I encountered the following. I set up MBM5 and SG to boot with windows and all HECK broke loose. All the sudden I see Sguardian incrementally spike the CPU temp and I went straight into instant shutdown. My heart sank, It went to From 72 to 119 to 156 to off in about 2 seconds. SO I unplugged it and flipped the I/o switch a few times and hit the DEL key and went straight to the BIOS and checked temps. (listed above) Then I booted and got errors and shutdown again and I was like Oh’Noes…… SO I (above) and booted and came up with this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...ato/POdMBm5.jpg (Needless to say I turned off MBM5 and watched the boot anxiously) Here are the latest from the USB pen to this machine. Note that sguardian and smart speed now agree with temps without MBM running. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...ato/smartGb.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...eato/smartG.jpg Here is the Chipset bugging me as shown in SG. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...o/tempissue.jpg Further reading revealed to me a thread that includes a “thou shalt not Run MBm5 with SG. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6336 Arrr, Sailin the seas of data can leave one wits addled when the winds of data collide.
  3. Sleeved bearing stye. Some are more or less noisy. Check the Angry gamer mods page and get the dremmel or appropriate tool of destruction. *(but remember all changes are pernament unless you are handy with a pop rivet gun and 5200 sealant.) I like antec. but its really a matter of preference. http://www.antec.com/us/pro_cooling.html I usually just rouge them from machines that have died and salvage them like a good pirate.
  4. Antec SLK3000B Atx Super Mid Twr Case ~~~~~~~~ Cool, Unless you have the patience of Job, then you probably do not want to tackle a fan control unit on your first build. *(even though I still love thermaltake cases those things suck for the tons of extra wires to deal with.) Plan to add fans and mod to make it breathe. *(no stock computer has ever come adequate that I have seen.... and I have seen plenty killed by heat) Start collecting and searching for your benchmark / testing software and have it ready before you build. *( I did not do this, but like I mentioned above, I used UBD and it has about 50 tools on it and I figured I would wing it. ) Now I am hunting the full suite benchmarking software used by DFI boardmembers to make sure all is right in the build. I just hit advanced search and tried WITH QUOTES "benchmarking software" matvhed on thread four http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9309 and it links to ths thread. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8887 and Bingo, I just found a thread I needed. ! Wow, I wish I had found that thread already and that it was a sticky. I tried to go through all the forums sticky posts even though I knew some would be above my current level. Avast me scurvy old bones ! time to D'load progs and absorb new seas of data ! PS edit post TITLE to resolved and or a Mod will if the subject has been adequately addressed. Quick answers to post 1 # 1, unlikely, but repeat if you think you have to....... # 2, memtest #3, search web or DFI boards for "basic Computer build destruction/instruction" #4 *answerd above #5, Dunno, our board is NF4 (search web) and dunno about you, but I always *(eventually)get the latest drivers on MOBO chipsets unless directed otherwise. *(try it as directed first and then if it aint broke, dont fix it.)
  5. What Power supply ? 24 pin ? if not, then get one.) What case is it going in ? (dosent really matter, but some are super complex to wire and apain in the keyster.) Hard Drive('s) ? (ide vs sata) Almost there and whewn you get it built you can update what BIOS you have. (I just went ahead and flashed mine to 3/10 so It would not error out with my cheap (bad) memory selection. I used ultimate boot disk for my pre install testing, but I couldnt honestly tell you it was the right tool as I just got here last week really. EDIT : I am slow or you guys are faster, seems you got it answerd and updated before I got my post in
  6. See above sticky posts in this MSGBoard /section for the A_G build guides on your DFI board ! ) Do n0t use any of my research over anything said in the AG faq ~ ! I read all the DFI build stickys and followed directions and all is good. Also post your comp in your sig so someone more knowledgable can help you. *(how to is also in sticky posts.) I have fixed hundreds of PC's but this is the notepad of links & research I saved that I used on this DFI build. Hope it helps, and again,I just got this system up the other day and there are a lot here that can help ya better thaN i CAN prolly. Other build faqs (never hurts to see others methods) http://forums.theoverclocked.com/showthread.php?t=203 http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=368502 raid http://www.raid.com/04_01_01.html http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5847 raid data in post 7 links to the right thread http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10677 Deep issues Faq http://www.angrygames.com/FAQ-Summary_english.htm http://www.dfi-street.com/faq/ http://myweb.cableone.net/travish/FAQ-Summary_english.htm List of DFI NF4 Ultra/SLI Bios http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=57952 http://forums.theoverclocked.com/showthread.php?t=203 Good page 4 lights - system start up 3 lights - CPU detected 2 lights - DRAM detected 1 light - VGA detected 0 lights - system boot.... BIOS http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/114 nvida ntune dload. But issues exist and its a somethingto research carefully. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bio..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA Note this is for board in my signature. DFI memory modules http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/mb_faq_us1.j...TYPE=US&SITE=US Read read read, Other than being extra careful to make sure I didnt blow it up, I had a relatively uneventful install. *(but I had 3 days worth of research and data from DFI Msgboard to guide me. ) Losta stuff I posted is not applicable, post your sys specs to get specific answers. If its your first real build, you need to approach it methodically and the more research you do, it will benifit you in the long term. I have been building / fixing PC's since the 386 days and the board still daunts me a bit. But, I have gone to a new level within a week. G'luck with it. OH And you will be better off to FIRST build it outside the case unless you are just a glutton for punishment. *(get extra fans and direct air on boaRD if building externally. )
  7. As it is I plan to install a PAIR of PCI slot fans and sandwich them around the Video Card. So I need A pair of fans that either A : have removable attachment plates so I can flip one over or B : a premade fan that intakes from underneath. Most of the slot fans I have researched (and the one installed on my radeon 9200se machine ) are intaking air from the top of the fan. I plan to grab the soldering gun and some scrap plastic and Weld them together to make a cage for the Vid card so the black plastic (meltable) type is my first choice. Otherwise, I have to make a reverse mounting plate and mod a fan to intake from underneath. Not hard and I have the technology/materials. I was looking to see if anyone knew of a fan that has a factory interchangeable mounting plate that allowd it to intake from top or bottom. Sugestions ? *(other than water cooling, but that will be on my next DFI build.) Thanks.
  8. I am a rookie here also and I just searched and couldn't find the thread... *(my non leet skills + other research atm, so it was cursory) HOWEVER, I thought I saw something here on DFI about DVD installs being a problem and so I grabbed a plain old CD/rom and used it instead or my install. Not sure I am right, but something to try. If you can burn it, this link has a memtest on it and is the bootable disk I used for memtest. *(and its bootable and would tell you if the sys was reading the DVD corectly.) http://ubcd.sourceforge.net/ ( I use ubcd32-basic ) and I think I dumped into magic ISO or Easy ISO to burn it. G'luck. EDIT : I erred on the side of caution, thinking about it I think it had to do with DVD burners.
  9. Ok, I see and agree. Since it aint broke, I shouldnt be afixin it. I will ditch S.Card in sig as the Kargen seems more than adequate. *(just after I wire 1394 ports into the case to accept external imput of Vid/sound) I Just checked an Etta James track on my test and home setup with good /decent sound. The "Northern Exposure" soundtrack has some good audio testing tunes. And they also blasted rather well, but I only have 2 X sets of 2 x hi and 1 x low and not home theatre. I ran a bit of the mersaine prime and for some reason 'quiet and cool" has been enabled from the get go (CPU fan heat sensitive and cycles from off to full 3k revs or somthing. ) Still, I am about to consider some mods to keep the DFI board happy. Here (locally) it is humid and hot so electronics pay a premium. (*saltwater breeze's wreaks havock) Gonna mini mod the case and add 2 x SLOT fans I think... I need an under draw and over draw Slot fan for the V 'card. I have space and just have to make a Support as I (A: don't trust Quick secure case slots, B : I want to prevent any incidental card slop / bumping /whatever that could short out the sys/board.) I Just have to fix it right once and its all good. THanks for and to DFI board community and all that thar data stufff for more info than I should have. In the mod, I am building a Vid card stand Off and a inverted Slot fAN (hopefully they already make the slot fan upside down. ) Arrr. "Edward Teach" (noT~!)
  10. Thank you for your servivce to your country. Our Freedom to be free is won with the dedication of patriots. *(something people who complain will never know.) I am a libertartian at best, but I try to see the big pic. Best of luck.
  11. Jamming to kid rock with A test speaker set that is about 87 decibles give or take a few. (its maxxed har har ! ) Actually hootie & the blowfish ATM. (I am on the kargen on the dfi bord and sys in my sig below, minus the SC ! ) Kargen module seems happy with current codecs and I dont think the boss (we are a two mAn team) will notice the difference. *(*guess who is tech support, but I am well Paid.) Should I bother installing the SCard in my sig ? wow, typo mania........... Anywqay, sys shows all drivers eaten and windoze updated and all is a green light aND its copestetic and groovy. (betcha never thunk I coulda done that.) Anyway, Swampworks, (my insane compatriot upriver/swamp about five miles) has the scrap metal onhand for the next level of modding. Right now its something stainless with nonstok fans, but I dont think the welds will be pretty. (arr capn) I showed dude some threads today and he saw to many case mods today and evil is abounding in the swamp. BTW I count the install stable with stock 3/10 bios and We are figuring out what board to mod into what next. Err a DFI board in something odd/ tea canister of plasticoated stainless perhaps..... who knows, the seed is planted and swampy is now bragging he is advanced, but little ole me still is about a whole step ahead. *and dude is about a brick shy of a load. Need to get him card modding as his local nickname *(amongst us fellows) is nostratesaladamas Tomorrow depends on the sailng of the seas ~! Arrr,,,,,,,,,, 5 am revilee and work to do. sooner or later I will have it all aced. Over and out. Roger roger, Arr, tis the plank for the dullards. OBTW got prime and couple other tools this afternmoon. mui more competant now but still behid the curve for now... Thats life an all that for getting in the way. But its a means to an end and I want to build another DFI board asap as I am ruined now. But BTW ,thanks DFI ! This is the level I have not attained before. Nothing lile a bit of impetus to spark the mod within me. Also, I am not going for liquid on the vid card but I am contemplating modding the case. (no sweat, a dremmel is childs play.) But I need a left and a right Slot fan. (one goes over and one under to suck heat off the vid card as I see it as a potential Long term issue. ) Now I have to look for one. NO worries, I will cast my own red brass fittings if necessary and mod a slot fan to be upside down if I cant fing one. I checked the deminsions and my slot fan on my current pc is applicable as it is within tolerance. We have the technogy and 80 years combined redneck and thats gotta count for something. Arrr ! you should be outdoors ! EdwaRD teach (look him up)
  12. I had to drop my meager tools on a USB pen and play detective now that I have a system that boots and shuts down easily. Everest has answerd all my questions and given me 12 thousand more. (memory mainly as the rest of it is familiar territory.) Guess I will fix my sig tomorrow. I had to go from paint to adobe and I left the resolution to high as I was in a hurry so photobucket took it upon itself to resize these images. So here the beastie is and WHAT A BOOT. It flashes from the first win screen to full boot in about 10(+/-) seconds. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...ato/CPUData.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK.../MEMtimeing.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...eato/MEMORy.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...o/firstlook.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...eato/second.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InKawgNeato/third.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...eato/fourth.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...fthNOTEslot.bmp At least now, I can answer many of my questions myself as I encounter them. ok now this thread can die,I just had a proud moment to show off my creation. Tomorrow its drivers and potential compatibility issues as the next hurdle. Woo hooo.... errrr, Arr ~ !
  13. Wow, I have learned a lot and I still have a whole lot to learn. Three days ago memory latency timing was foreign to me and now its almost makeing perfect sense. One issue at a time and I have passed the memory hurdle for the time being as far as I can tell for now...... So far so good, the board is booting and very stable with basic settings since I flashed the bios and installed BOTH sticks of memory...... *(I know I know) And now I see what fun this stuff is now that I have a copy of windoze installing. *(omg its alive, thats always a great feeling.) I ran memtest for 3 1/2 hours with no errors and both sticks at once. (I know I know) It made ten passes with no errors and so windows is installing now. So far the install and boot sequence is rock solid AND I do have the side open and a huge fan temporarily super cooling the memory. I have lots of learning to do an not out of the woods on this install yet. *(then again, I know how that goes as I have repaired hunderds of junk machines.) Arrr, my windoze did a full install *(But I didn't see both drives in the unpartitiond drives list) Ahh well, I was trying for raid 1 (even though I understand its not a guarentee to be hot swappable, I want to try.) I found a raid o thread and AG's page link to his bios screens. I got this far so I guess I will hunt to make sure I get 16X or whatever that was I was supposed to do to aviod data tansfer bottlenecks. *(in control panel its shown as one drive but in properties as a healthy NVida mirror 69.24g "disk driveS." I am getting together a list of testing tools I need now to replace my old 386/486 testing tools. so far cpu-z and OCCT, but I have a thread or two marked with progs I need to find. And yea, I saw the thread I need somewhere on the sequence to feed it drivers also. Guess, I should pay close attention to that one. Most times I just go with what feels right, but in light of my current build progress, I should go by the book on this one. No biggie, the odds of getting it perfect on the first install are slim, and I figured on a new install again to make sure i know the sequence by heart. Ah well, its alive anyway. and yes I should prolly walk the plank for thinking about useing value ram in this machine. Long term, I will get better ram if needed I am looking at several threads to see the consensus. Guess I can post in the nf4 thread with stable mem thread now ( I kid I kid) Actually, no, I will wait till I find better benchmarking software and know a bit more about what I am doing. Shouldn't take long if I can find the time.
  14. My main Pc as detailed in the below screencaptures just ate the mem the dfi board did not like with stock settings. (In the DFI board I used no memory v changes or latency changes etc, but i have in this post and the main AG "how to" post some suggested settings to try still.) I Will reinstall this memory and tweak it as per prior post if applicable settings still apply.(This is my main PC with the memory listed in my sig installed.) I can Memtest it here on my machine and double check the memory on this PC next. What settings do I need and are the other settings posted correct if I try to use this memory below in the DFI board ? ) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...ldpcNEWmemA.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...ldpcNEWmemB.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...ldpcNEWmemC.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...ldpcNEWmemD.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...ldpcNEWmemE.jpg I have one kingston memory stick in the dfi board and about to go for a refire with basic settings. trying with "kingston Value ram" kvr400x64c3a/512 2.6v On chipsetof stick : SAMSUNG 343 k4h560838E-tccc I Saw a thread about compatible mem testing data for mediocre memory (value range) being availible soon. I am also watching the "what memory do you have in your nf4 board" thread for a consensus if I cant get one of these two pairs working. Arr, looks like bullet biting time and shelling out the coins for the fancy memory if all else fails. But I think I can wing it to get it going, just l0ng term stability is my goal and I will fork out if needed for the most stable combination. I also snabbed a Floppy from off another pc I built that a friend has out of its case and on his workshop table. I know it works and if this dosent get it, I will scrap the factory yellow floppy cable for a regular ribbon cable. I never cared for the low profile cables anyway, to fragile. I Still need to view a screen to get the flash bios sequence and the latest bios, but I think that is the least of my issues as that is following directions and simple stuff compared to the rest of it. Now I have to analyze what data I have and learn OC'ing enough to know what I am setting in the timers/power settings. From "oldpcNEWmemE.jpg" I gather that those are the settings I should set in the bios when I try to boot them back into the dfi board. also the 2.5 3 3 8 settings. The Screenshots I have of the Kingston before I yanked it is differnt in that it appears to support multiple bandwidths and the Ram I am trying to use is only shown at 200 mhz in cpu-z 1.28.6 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InKawgNeato/Amem.jpg Ah well, thats where I am at and I need more tools ? I am useing http://ubcd.sourceforge.net/ Ultimate boot disk for my utils, I can see I have been lax in seeking benchmarking software but it has memtest on it and I think its the right / same one. I also have a link to the help board for corsairs memory forum and the gurus resideing there, worst case I will see if I can get some settings there. Arr... Enough posthulation, time to trim the mizzenmast and batten the hatches and ride the seas of data.
  15. Thanks for the prog suggestion, I know what mem I have in this machine http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InKawgNeato/Amem.jpg I will put the VR mem in this machine and see if it will boot and get my settings is how I read that reply. *(*cause I dont have a windoze install on the other one yet.) HTat or I missed the bootable ISO/usb version so far.) Sounds like I will have some bios and memory research and whatnot to do when I get back , got errands to run so it will be a few hours before I start on it again. Yea, I just didnt want to melt it before I figured out if it would run this machine, but I will try the setup after I do a bios flash with the VR.
  16. Yeah, I found a partial build of a DFI machine on another msg board and bought similar stuff *(in many cases) without ever knowing DFI street existed. Hindsight is 20/20 and I know now I should have gotten better memory. I guess I will yank the gig of kingston in this machine and try it. I remember paying decent cash for it, its kingston or Samsung or at least name brand stuff at pc 2700. From reading, I need to flash to the latest bios. As long as I am in this case I might as well steal this A drive and swap another into it. On my HP test machine in the kitchen. the floppy cable mount is "damaged" and nonfuncitonal so I cant test them on it. I know this one works so I guess its next.
  17. Ok, I have one stick in the orange slot and the sound card is removed. Booting is still sporadic but I can get to where it finds my healthy raid array and starts an windows install if I have the win disk in. *(but I might have to grab the A drive from this machine as none of the 5 extras I have will work for installing raid drivers.) *(not reading an A drive period) I used my bootable ISO tools and ran Memtest x86 (one of the two versions I have) and OH SNAP it got to 37% and then just threw errors. After 36K erorrs I shut it down. I used part of the post http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...67&postcount=15 and It looks like I need to manually set the memory up. Its not my strong suit, but I can learn and I guess that part is next. So is there any data on the memory that will assist me ? Its listed as valueselect vs32m8-5 ps1300515b on the physical chipsets on the mem sticks. I figured I screwed up getting the cheap memory and did not want to cook it on the spot so I only did steps for basic and haven't changed any memory settings yet. I can rouge memory from this machine if I have to, but its a last resort. Recomendations ? suggestions ? detail I missed ? Thanks in advance.
  18. Yes that is correct, one lit fan and its the exterior one. however, The mirrored black finish alone would have sold me. OCZ520ADJ is model I am building with atm. At least its lit while I figure out the settings needed to get it going.
  19. arr, no guilty conscience here either. I Think I broke my left middle finger today. Gonna go get another dose at work tomorrow. Yeeee haaaa ! Thats gonna be special... At least its not a puncture wound as per the norm. Finger Still bends but hurts like hades. The boss must have split with the wife and drifted on the details I asked for to complete the sig for diagnosis. We talked today and I am going to cart it here and set it up here so i will be able to fill in the final details here in a day or so. Just looking for stability. I have as many questions as answers so far. I should be up to snuff and on the tech page soon. I made a couple txtfiles of links and text so far and found a lot of data. Most issues are coverd. Its that one little nuance that always gets ya. I have fixed a ton of Compaqs and HP's in my techie mode. *(in the offseason) Other than this rig, the dfi board will be the nicest pc I have built from scratch. (fastest also as it will beat mine.) heck i have only really just now appreciated the level of setup required. I just want bulletproof and I have already made plans to add at least one more slot fan for potential heat issues. Bios isnt a problem, just takes time to absorb to get comfortable with a new one. I have only a DVD /R in it now and I read in a thread about its install issues. I can just grab an extra and slap it in to get an install. (of course i put a floppy in cause I figured a bios update would be benificial to stability.) I have already modded the case and screwed the Vid card in but in my mind its not good enough and I am going to build a custom stand to support the card as I have seen issues with pins getting bent or sprung before. (saw a 5 pound radeon eat a Asus A7880 board and ruin its 8x agp slot. ) She's a little belly heavy capn, gonna shore her up. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...Untitled-20.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK.../Untitled-5.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK.../Untitled-4.jpg Those were in a thermaltake/ hardcano case I built for a customer and I played hades wireing it. I bet it had 15 yards of wire in the fan units power cables.
  20. So is that enough system data in my signature for a rough diagnosis ? I need the physical Bios key (is it del ? ) I only got about 5 tries at it before the storm stopped us this afternmoon I have also hung on the "detecting array" sequence of events as I couldnt get to the bios or had the wrong key. ( I did swop the cmos for a 3.20 vs the 3.10 that shipped but I had it out for less than 2 seconds.) On a search I did on the DFI forums I found four threads and a nice sequence faq that I was trying this afternoon. THe PC is built and at the bossmans house and we will (weather allowing) either work on our regular job or it if it rains. My first DFI board build and I am impressed so far. I am not really into overclocking but I like hot PC's. My current PC is an Intel specific (board cpu) machine that I built for myself that is decent by most standards. Got a gig of pc 2700 and it throws all the graphics I need on a radeon 9200se. (of course its probably a childs toy to most users PC's here and thats cool, it might just inspire me.) This pc blows 80% of the stock machines out of the water anyway and its better than the 386 win3.1 dos days by light years. Might try a dfi build for myself later this year, I see the boards as not becoming obsolete for 5 - 7 years. heck, I would be happy to get that out of any system. EDIT: found Del is correct bios key in some post. Reading more atm and looks like I can solve most of my issues. I am here for the knowledge, tis just another advancement of technology that I absorb, no big deal I have done this many times now. Arr ! there's data to port capn....
  21. OceanSeasForMe. Its where I work half the year and so its a nautical themed username. The other half I do odd stuff like build PC's with a local lady who has a shop but ADD and cant sit still. Thats where I come in as the setup / teardown guy.
  22. I just read about the Avatars being granted in one of Angry Gamers Rules / stuff /faq threads. No biggie, I just thought I was daft and missed the upload /link button. PS I am faily postivie, I am old enough to be pops for most people here. All good, but It just dosent feel right without old edward teach.
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