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  1. So my dad tells me this story one evening at Dinner, They had moved back from the west coast and it has been a while but still you might get a kick out of it. (no Tin foil hat I will polygraph on this verbatim.) He went to see the kings play (shrug) in LA while there on buisness and all during the game people kept coming up to the couple behind them and schmoozing / saying hello to them. Dad chilled and as they were exiting after the game he turned around to see what all the hubbub was. And (finally)here is the story... So Pops says "HI, I dont know you but my name is # # # # # (as he profferd his hand) The reply. "Hi, I am Robert Plant and this is Mrs Wayne Gretzky" Dad, "cool, I came to see Wayne play." Them "cool" ______________________ Bobby Orr. W gretzky, or the Miracle on Ice, thats hockey. The lighted puck was the best thing ever for the tv version.
  2. Right on man @ 2 left feet and booger, I watch about 10 hours of TV a month. (score one for the internet destroying maninstream media / minus one for the tin foil hatters having access to conspiracy theories.) Life keeps getting in the way. I fish for a living and we are running full bore this time of year. Vermont only looks good on paper cause the democrats inherited a surplus. Socialism is ultimately a tyranny of the powerful dictating when and where and what and thats not my USA. My country is free and thus shall I live. Pretty blue water today didnt get hot till late. *(1 seasick chummer, but she was a real sport and hung tough all day. Puke N wind) 1 *(didnt keep small king mackrel.) *(?) didnt keep juvinile gag groupers.) 2*(didnt keep ) sandbar sharks. Kept : 2 triggerfish, 24 snapper (red) What is this hockey thing you guys keep raveing about ? ARRR, Sharks are here and we have seen them, time to get the big 16/0 Penns and go play. (saw about 50 sharks 3 days ago behind a shrimp boat and the smallest was a 5 footer, saw a few 10 foot hammerheads in there.)
  3. http://www.mycableshop.com/2nd_Cat/Parts-Batteries.htm
  4. Floppy cable,(flip it) at the floppy itself, it might be on backwards. (You also set it as boot device # 1 in the bios I am guessing.) Might try a bootable memory tester floppy for testing which way the cable needs to be plugged in. And then come back to the Bios flash Or grab a win 98 boot disk or whatever other bootable floppy you have that you know works.
  5. Just a thought, but have you checked strength the cmos battery ? I dont really trust anything I cannot see on an electrical tester with my own two eyes. If it is under 3.0v all bets are off and its the problem most likely. Even 3.02 is suspect.... ( I have seen 386/486's boot as low as 2.6 but thats .0001% of the PC's I have seen.) The trick is to swap the battery within a few (5 ?) seconds and not lose what you already have. (Practice and I use a paperclip or a small flathead screwdriver to pop them fast and swap them.) I am not an DFI expert, *(novice actually) so I cant tell you if the Bios has an auto Cmos batery low alert, but I know checksum error from the old days and that was often cured with a new cmos and a bios flash. My own two eyes VS system monitoring and I take me every time." Buy a ten pack and an electrical tester and pick the hottest one you can get. (I have seen a 3.23 and 3.07-3.17 is not uncommon. ) In every nice computer I have built I toss the factory Cmos in the garbage can. (Yup this build also.) Just a thought, also in the mods section, this thread might interest you.... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9886
  6. http://www.winxpnews.com/index.cfm?id=75 search page for virtual. # Click Start and then right click on My Computer. Click the Properties command (alternately, you can get there from Start | Control Panel | System). # In the System Properties dialog box, click the Advanced tab. # On the Advanced tab, click the Settings button in the Performance frame. # In the Performance Options dialog box, click the Change button in the Virtual Memory frame. # In the Virtual Memory dialog box, click the drive where your paging file is located. Now double the value in the Maximum size (MB) text box and enter that value. For example, if it says 384, change the value to 768. Put the same value in the Initial size (MB) text box. Click the Set button, then click OK. # Click OK in the Performance Options dialog box and then click OK in the System Properties dialog box. Restart your computer if you are asked to do so. ______________________________________________________________ I would look at "free ram"a background program that unallocates your memory after windows forgets to clean up after itself. Just an example,*(but valid link) find someything you are ok with d'loading. http://www.shareup.com/Monitor_and_Free_RA...load-22747.html
  7. Most all automotive supply stores will carry them. Advance Auto and and NAPA have some 20-30 dollar models locally that I have seen.( they are inexpensive) Also in the electrical section in wall mart if you have one nearby.
  8. I stayed in the top slot and redid the heatsink and dremmeld (rawr) the video card and ended up with a pencil width of clearance between them. (and lost 5 degrees in the process) Before I did that the card was mostly seated but effectively resting on the chipset. ( A piece of paper would drag when passing between them and a buisness card would not.) Also, part of the reason I ditched the thermaltake tsunami dream case (went to CM stacker) was the "quick" card mount system. I dislike the system and always mod them to have my video card screwed in conventionally for max stability. (and I just ran out of room in the case.) Havent seen you mention a case, but a suggestion to consider if you haven't secured your card other than the quick connect. I use a pair of wire snips and it nibbles the purple plastic rather well. Once I went from the tt to the cm the board was also flatter cause I used every stand off possible and torqued them to (approx) 6 lbs each with a mini torqe wrench.) The TT also had a nipple stand off (middle right) and I think when I replaced it with a regular one, I got a flatter board. Best of luck with it. What error codes display ? (ff00.e00000,f00000 sometimes, they are little help, but sometimes you get lucky.
  9. Note the keyword in first sentence... Bumped.... All conventional diagnostic bets are off and it could be any of the suggestions posted. It's just what I would do before I removed the mobo from the case in a full dissasembly / rebuild. Basically (to me it looks like) something on the board is just barely making contact and any bump causes it to short /unpower and shutdown. Best one I saw was where the 8xAGP (it was an Asus a7v880 or 600 bopard) slot was damaged and the pins sprung and the card fed voltage back to the mobo and fried it. RMA'd the board after a week on the phone with ASUS. Also hung a custom card support in the new setup one. (Nice Ati/radeaon had a 2 pound heatsink on it and it (over time) killed the mobo with a bump/jolt.) That was the best diagnostic I got, but I got a new board for the guy and I didn't build it the first time, but it was done right the second time.
  10. Arrrr ~! , uhmmmm....... No floppy ? Rip one from one of the machines you tested with or order one they are under 20 bucks. Also, if you are not setting up raid and are installing on a single drive, then I dont think you even need to bother with the third party drivers. (don't hit "press f6 for third party drivers") I would leave the IDE HD's unplugged and try with the one drive and go from there. The (floppy) drivers are instruction sets /Drive Overlays for pairs of drives to run in raid. You mentioned setting it up on the sata and I only saw a single one listed.
  11. Also : (The Mobo end is blue on most all cable sets.) Most are labled as well.
  12. Intermittant failure, my least favorite. I am a Newbie to DFI but worked on a fair amount of PC's (mainly junk BUT) Start with a Reseating of any CARDS (VID /Sound) (I press memory to make sure, but I doubt that is it in this case) IT sounds more like a Vid card not seated to me. Does it clear.make contact with the Chipset or not ? If the board is not perfectly flat (it can cause one end of your cards to have sporadic contact and be twichy and reboot when touched. (or worse)) After that I would check my power with a cheap electrical tester and all the connections if the reseating of the cards didnt fix it.
  13. Arr, Uhm page 16(?) of the Mobo manual has those pesky LED's with sequential location in events they are on/of at. Also threads here have lotsa stuff/ Hint I used lights or lights vga to find it the first go around. 4 lights - system start up 3 lights - CPU detected 2 lights - DRAM detected 1 light - VGA detected ( I am here _ ) 0 lights - system boot.... Also set up your onboard speaker to have sound. Search advanced on Beep Codes (just like that) and its in there somewhere. If it flatlines with a beep code, then someone more technically advanced than I will (probably have) addressed the issue. referrin to CB/memory issue mentioned above. I was a DFI newblar a month ago, I know the board adequately, but not to the level of mastery yet. EDIT : Nice, up and running, I must have started a post when you posted, glad you got it going. and as to AVG, yea I caught a couple obscure trogans that it refused to remove, and then fixed a month later "all of the sudden" (they finally wrote a patch) Anyway, I used mirc once and used to get some nasty buggies that nothign would find. well nothing but "Trend Micro Housecall" free and you have to enable the applet an dload a .bin style file (pattern) and it scans remotely and will catch stuff that Everything else misses.
  14. From other post "I have Norton Antivirus 2005 and Mac affee firewall" Me : yuck, AVG and Keiro or windoze firewall. IMHO Norton is bloated and sketchy to begin with and I ahve seen plenty of machines that it crushed. *(of course they were old POS machines, but I still dislike it.) When you get your BSOD do you get any exception errors / hex code / data onscreen ? Usually, I can track what device/ is the issue by searching the string on the net. "..... exception 000fe0,000000,fff000 etc" Also you can enable error reporting and when you log back on you will get the "windoze has recovered from a serious error" message and if you choose to you can take it to a detail level. (not great but a hint.) I think it is in there you can see the path for the sysytem error log dumps and hunt down the logs to find the device.)
  15. Yarr, walked the plank and now this pc has dual Vid card temp monitors (and I kinda like it) I ended up with all the (2 or 3) ATI tools on the pc (ooops) and when I went to the beta version I was patching a build/folder that I patched a couple times already. Currently all is copestetic (note temp variance in following images on GPU AND GPU ENV ) and I had an alarm on the Vid at 75 and I stopped the core overclock test at 421 or somewhere along those line. (panic mode memory fails me) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...o/tempcore2.jpg and http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...to/tempcore.jpg Wow, going to have to hide that one. Dont want to get crazy and cook the card. I have lost correct display on the 120 CPU again. I have it set as Full on at 26 Full off at 25 in bios on all fans. Thought I had it fixed as it was just ON steady and now irts spinning up and powering down every few seconds. EDIT : I have the masscool /939/fan/heatsink recommended from the "also bought" list on Tiger direct. It took some patching to find the right file to overwrite the correct one (and get the corrcet fan settings in bios I think I can repatch among the 4 or 5 revisions and find the one I need. Again, thanks man, it was an is worth the effort. The PC is stock and faster than anything I have ever seen. No need to break it and making sure I have the best stuff I can find or make to ensure just that. *(Edit) yea I only had room for one rear Slot fan and it is on the underside of the Vid card and the heatpipes and a small section are all it cools. The top has a side fan from the case door aimed at it. But yea, it heats up fast and cools off nearly instantaneously.) RE edit : totally fixed this morning by setting stop and start to 25 in bios. I was at stop 25 start 26. Seems like a logical contradiction, but 120 fan speeds are fixed and CPU fan no longer cycles on/off so much.
  16. As far as I can tell I never installed the ATI tool this go round and It's all there but it will not read celsius, but will read in farenheight on gpu / gpu env. EDIT: Frozen at 32 in all photos, that cant be right time to install ATI tools. *(but didnt want it and Catalysty control panel in Toolbar at the same time(sigh.) Add/remove prgrams of ATI proggies. I used tips from this thread and set fans in BIOS to wide Open at 25 because my cpu 120 sensor was 48k 22k and displaying incorrectly....and I have it wide open now??? (better go figure that out.) Anyway, here are some screenies. TEMPS 2-3 seconds after 3dmark03 finished. [detail score 3dmrk03 I only have the CPU and Nf4 fans pluged into the board, I am missing a exhaust sensor readout, but hey, I got the ones that matterd. Temps seem ok ? (coments welcome) but a heat probe is an item I dont have. The good news is that it picks up the 12V rail correctly as ITE/SG was displaying it low. EDIT sweet found my fix and just got temps displayed. The Beta version of the tool picks up the card. Mad props man, thanks a bazillion ! link goodness for those with same Vid card. EDIT : error, its 3dmark 03 not 05 and link corr3cted after error pointed out.
  17. I dont use the strap, I also ground out by wrapping an arm/ hand across the back of the case with the PS &Video plugged in. I am usually barefooted and on a rubber mat or a sheet of plywood and I stay on them and reground myself if I leave the Zone and come back to the PC. Remember shuffeling accross the carpet in those rubber soled sneakers when you were 8 and then zapping something with the static, well its to be avioded at all costs now.
  18. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ight=beep+codes http://www.angrygames.com/pics/875manual1.jpg (EDIT : diff mobo, but I would expect it to be applicable. ) beep codes, I also hunted it down this evening while the ribs were grilling.
  19. nf4 build post STICKY's Abd sticky #4 on this page will get your better prepared. Whoomever said it, measure twice, cut once. I agree, but never do. G'luck
  20. Good point, I prolly coulda used my fingernails and tried it. (Thats why I put "quality" pliers there, I wouldn't use stuff from the dollar store to work on such a techno board.) I sat it in my lap on the mobo box on the plastic bag with the foam in between and went at it with a 27 degree attack angle and had them both unseated in about 2 minutes total. Of course I prepped and planned and was mellow and calm and didnt rush and made darn sure I got it right cause I didnt want to slip and whammy a circut. After that it was just grabbing a pen (capped) and pressing them on through the board and presto it was free. PS I used paint thinner on a q tip and it ate (Both) compounds rather nicely. (havent figured out if I messed up there or not from my reading here.) Bottom of the HS was not perfectly smooth so I pre rubbed some ceramique into the HS with a plastic bag over a fingertip to fill in the ridges and ensure maximum contact. I needed the room for VC clearance and so I zapped the surrounding foam pad also. So far so good and I would prefer to go to a passive hS if the fan ever croaks. Seen a nice replacement fan listed here, but if passive will work, then I would prefer it.
  21. See post 7 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ghlight=usb+2.0
  22. Hollowpoint if you like ISO's then try Ultimate Boot CD at http://ubcd.sourceforge.net/ Its bootable and has your HD tools included. (two for one and no hassle with dloading and keeping up with floppies.) Follow the step by step nf4 build thread. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...15&page=1&pp=15
  23. Go to control panel device manager System and uninstall (ALL _) USB stuff and then reboootand let windoze find them. That worked for me anbd I figured it out by searching the error message after a USB pen was in it 5 minutes after windoze came alive and I got a "this could be faster" message. Somewhere there is a thread here that I used, but I didnt save the link. I would find tht thread and use it.
  24. Just give them a good squeeze with quality (medium needlenose pliers.) while gently pressing down on it. The sides will compress and once you get them started you can use an inert object to finish pushing them through. I used AS ceramique and did it thin and dropped 5 celsius off of my temps. (I also had VCard issues with 0.000 clearance and the VC holding /HS at an angle so it was a nececessary thing for me.)
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