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  1. start here then pick your favorite company. EDIT http://store.yahoo.com/svcompucycle/uvread.html Second link has blue and thats the closest match I saw. At least it follows the theeme.
  2. I have used mbm in the past and luckily for me this thread had floated to the top that day and I saw it. So I worked with it and my limited undrstanding and came up with this. S. guardian was ok, but I wanted a tad more detail.
  3. On the USB stuff. Don't install it, Let windows SP2 do it. Go to device manager and delete ALL usb devices and reboot and it will find them correclty. *(search DFI for similar threads and beter directions) Good luck with it. EDIt : oh, nm, looks like you coverd this.
  4. Congrats and have a pint at the pub after that. After I brought myself up to speed I had few troubles. Cheers.
  5. You physically set the jumpers on the CD and DVD to master and slave right as per their location on the cable right ? Sounds like they might be both set as master.
  6. I think it was when he was killed in battle he was at +100 mhz (great story and he was full of lead and knife holes before he hit the ground.) Just a potential signature I made to replace txt of sys components.
  7. Yes, test it on the way in the PC if possible. replace cmos /hot swap it (all power off and unplugged) in 5 seconds or less is a good rule of thumb to use. Still getting the error then I take it ? Do you have the correct bios for your processor/setup yet ? I went to 3/10 bios before I ever even started trying to do a setup of windows. *(setup takes a lot of prep, but then its easy.) The sticky Bios thread up top is a good read at this point.
  8. IF you have an electrical tester and it keeps doing it, then pull the cmos and test it. It should be 3.02 volts (at least) and you need a hot swap *(spare cmos battery) to keep from losing your current bios settings if you decice to test it. Other than that I would start here. "NF4 Ultra-D Step by Step New Build" http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6615 There are plenty more here who know way more than I about these boards. To me, it sounds like you need a bios flash or a new cmos battery.
  9. Snopes has the the best debunking on the web. As a rule of thumb, I don't drink or like any of the artificial sweeteners. Never have. From what I read, most of them take longer to break down in the liver and that bothers me. (harder for the liver to oxidize them is my understanding.) I agree on both comments about bad science being used for scare tactics/ bad laws. I see a lof of bad science in the fishing iundustry as it interests me to see people twist data (factual or non) to their own ends. Everything has a motive and root cause; you just have to find it without putting on a tin foil hat. (cough cough). I am no temple, but put in 2 1/2 hours of peak labor yesterday *(full sweat) And just got home after 8 hours of typical working in overdrive mode today. *(with about 2 hours of as fast and as hard as I could hustle.) I sweat and play and live hard and I feed the machine lots of high test. Beef chicken pork fish shrimp eggs. If I dont' manage to darwin out, (prolly 20 X times I should or could have) then so be it. Red #7 or aspertaime is the least of my worries and would be wonderfully ironic. Damn I miss the red velvet cake's my aunt used to make with red #7..... Uhm, 5 foot 9 and 190-200 and as Jethro Tull would say, "thick as a brick" (And for near 40 I have a certain smugness when I see younger people wilt in the heat every day. I know then I made the right choice for longevity and body maintenance. Fishing is also in the top 10 of deadly professions. ) If I can work in 90 heat 90 humidity all day, it will take more than aspertaime to kill me. I think I need a TAB after that. (evil laugh for the defunct diet soda.)
  10. Arr ~! Borrowed the images from some webpage some time ago. New flag and the best. *(this is Edward Teach's flag.)
  11. Wow, just wow. I would be ashamed of myself if I let something like that out into the world. If you can get your hands on anything you can destroy then by all means practice on another *(junk) Pc untill you fell comfortable with routeing the wireing harness. Call and make sure you dont void any warranty's (oops) if you decide to get crazy and rewire it. *(Either way I would call and tell them it sucked.) Your HD's have a fan on them pushingair in from the front of the case.. For extra insurance you can (I would) add a slot fan in the (bottom left) PCI slot to try and pull some extra air accross before it seeps upwards into the rest of the PC. A dremmel tool and a case mod are possibly in order to get max airflow through the HD's if they run to hot. That means a total un & reinstall of the PC all the way to the mobo and thats a pretty big undertaking. I would stick with a pci (slot) fan in the rear (5 bucks) and see if that didn't help a bit. *(after that its time to consider a blowhole up top .) Also I have seen some take another fan and zip tie it just left of the HD's to have it blow on the chipset fan. *(which will also increase flow and draws from the HD cage area.) Run it, check your temps carefully, if they are acceptable, then go with what you got till you level up in skills and are ready to rewire it. *(really not that hard just time consuming.) I haven't sleeved anything yet ever, but I use 40 + wire ties and spend an hour or so on any case and wire tie job I do. Nothing fancy or worth sending pics of. With patience, a good zip tie job will increase airflow in the case. (and with those two vid cards, you will prolly need it.) It just takes doing it a few times to figure out the amount of pull needed to unseat some connections. I have had many a bloody knuckle from a difficult molex *(4 pin) connector as I use hands only when removing connectors / plugs. Also, I cant emphasize enough that you use appropriate anti static meaures / protection if you decide to rewire it. *(*anti static wrist thingy and standard procedure to preground self.) Best of luck with it. http://www.gamepc.com/labs/view_content.asp?id=msi6800u&page=3 *(see pic) Same card right ? ????? As I see it the fan on the HD's is pushing air to the nf4 chipset area and so are the Video Card fans. I would watch my temps in that area. Vid card intake (interior)>-air-->(chipset)<-air--- EDIT : paste link in blank window and it will load. .
  12. "and I let it go" So I am clipping back to the house from my buddys place in the swamp just now. *(had to go clean up window glass from last night.) And low and behold there was the prettiest 4 foot gator crossing the road in front of me. I slowed down almost to a stop and I would have run it over if I didnt slow down. No sportsmanship in that though. I need to get an aligator permit, there are plenty of them in the local area. And a myriad of ways to fix it. _______________________________________________________________ Andouille, aww yeah, bosses brother has it shipped in from LA and we eat it once a year in a town cookout / fishing tournament. (a couple hundred pounds of it) Hot (spicy) andouille are chemical warfare the next day for those not eating it on a regular basis or of tough constitution. I am sure its not from the same place but the cajuns make some seriously good food and I enjoy the cookout. ______________________________________________________________ Place in GA, *(I will get the name) sells their sausage in oil paper. *(now thats old school~! ) Several regular customers call ahead and they bring 5 lbs or so down with them and we eat it off the grill between fishing stops or on the way in. Its the bomb on the grill, about like a keibalsa. Their Hot glavor is just evil and I cannot eat them. Fried some "hot" once in oil to try and take the heat out somewhat. Result, Oil was scarlett red and sausages were still so hot you could barely eat them. *(And I can eat habaneros...)
  13. Capsaicin is an awesome chem. I eat sparringly when I eat the nuclear stuff. Closer you are to the border the hotter stuff you eat and I am halfway or more South ! La Careta in Newport Tennessee always served hard candy or little mini snickers & 3 muskateers to those who couldnt take the heat. Try a Candy should fix you right up.
  14. Riders of the Storm. I dont leave for a Cat 1 or 2 as I am 12 miles off the beach. Cat 3 and cat 4 get my attention real fast and I plan an exit strategy just in case. Good luck with it guys.
  15. I smoked all the stuff last night ( 2x spare ribs 1 x short ribs 2 x chickens) and we ate most of it between the 7 or so people there at the swamp (*hurricane ) party. Among the woods used : Pecan, scrub oak/Bay (smells kinds like sandalwood and makes a sweet and semi bitter smoke.) And I fired the smoker off with half a bag of mesquite. It is funny, BBQ is so regional, some areas use tomato sauce bases and some are vinager and oil and some are dry rub. We did them half and half with an without sauce sauce. (I only sauce them with the door open and in the last 15 minutes of cooking.) We also had smoked silver queen corn and fresh sliced tomatoes and we made a huge bowl of tater salad with "new" potatos and it was a feast by all standards. I got locked out (accidentally) and in the process of knocking on the nearby window I managed to break it and put a nice laceration on my middle finger knuckle. Long story, I was feeling no pain and the stereo was so loud they couldnt hear me knock. Cheap/thin plate glass got me, just lucky I didnt need stitches afterwards and that none of it is stuck in my hand still. Is three little pigs BBQ still going in memphis ? That place and a place on overton square had the best BBQ when I went to school there in the 80's. Playah, One of my buddys dad makes some apple smoked mullet that are highly coveted. I get one or two usually when he makes a batch. His son is 3'rd genereation commerical fisherman and they have it dialed in on how to cook seafood. Sometimes I feel sorry for the city dwellers and their prepackaged food. Our little town dosent even have a mcdonalds (ordinance against chains actually.) The nearest fast food resturant is uhmmm, 25 miles from here. I like the NC style BBQ (vinager and pepper) but only with coleslaw and on a sandwitch. (Can't beat that Keplys (famous NC resturant.) I prefer a Hunts BBQ sauce base and added spice spice blend that I make and to just barely char / darken the sauce. I think everyone had seconds last night and thats vote enough for me. Good luck with the fishing guys, Rain here and off again today so I am on the hill.
  16. Chicken smash sounds interesting, is it the same as Drunken chicken ? Take a whole chicken and stuff an opened beer in its inside and set it on the grill so it dosent spill and let it cook and *(eventually) the beer steams it from the inside also. Makes a savory and tender morsel. Any beer works. Just make sure you have enough room in your grill to stand the chicken up when the lid closes.
  17. yee ha, back from town ~ ! wave height models, ya, we are on the hill and plan to be off till monday at this time. (we dont go past 25 miles out anyway.) Uhm the panhandle is in the top left of florida. Talahassee is almost due North of here. Orlando is South florida. two left feet : Fosters ! Makes it all better, prawns or not. Kronos : Pressure cooked pheasant with pineapple glaze finish in the oven. I just bought another case of "spinach" to go with the case of assorted brands. Going to be a long weekend. When Stupid buddy gets off the phone, headed to the swamp and to fire up the Big Smoker for some serious eating. (some dont like the bitter of bay (tree) smoke, but I make a mean sauce to smooth it out.) Almost like a chilpolte with so much smoke. Todays victims, 2 x side of ribs (spare ribs) 1 X large country short ribs 2 chicken fryers. looks like the prawns will have to wait.
  18. Not the keys, Upper NW Fl Panhandle area. Desktop and a u-7 or 8 shrimp compared to a lighter and my hand. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...eato/shrimp.jpg Prawns ? no thanks.
  19. The nearest big city is Panama City and we are about 8-10 freeway hours from Orlando. *(We could use an autobahn in Florida its FLAT !) If you just want something that pulls well a Shark trip would probably be good in that area and time frame. It is going to be hot and humid so practice up and live in a steamy sauna for a week before you go. (I see people wilt all the time.) _______________________________________________________________ That made me hungry also, I have a freezer full (30 lbs) of U7 shrimp. 7 is the avg count per pound. They are super jumbo monster white shrimp from a local pass. Looks like I might have to thaw some out and batter dip them (*zatarans and 1 eggwhite and water) and fry them in very hot peanut oil. I know, the package says not to batter and to dry fry, but my method is tested. *(and even better with cold seltzer cause then its tempoura crispy.) _______________________________________________________________
  20. I am on the gulf side, red regs might be differnt but we don't ever fish for them. Ling is 31 to the inside fork of the tail and we got 3rd in the local tournament this year with a 48 pounder. Kings are slow this year. The bait is there, the fish are there, but no one is catching many. We average one a trip this year vs 2 or 3 per trip this time last year. With the Rain this spring and the cold front it set the whole panhandle anual cycle back by a month. So everything was late, spanish,sharks, flounder pompano and its not cause we killed them all. Yesterday the gospel /country music singer from wyoming (montana ?) was on the boat and caught a 20lb + king on a (penn) 500L spooled with 30 lb mono and a 20 lb flourocarbon leader and circle hook. I powergaffed it with a grunt at the first opportunity. I hit it 2 inches down and back from his gill rakers (spinal and heart peirced nearly simultaneously ) and it was dead before it came in the boat. It was going by me at 5- 10 mph and I reached out and ripped it from the water. The exhale / grunt is both anti hernia and an massive adrenaline release. It makes it all flow just like you see it in your mind reguardless of what body part complains or tries to quit on you. Actually, mine is bruaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. But thats not near as good as ARR ~! Even the capn busted a grin on that. You only get one shot on a green king on mono and I wasn't going to waste it cause they sucked and needed fish in the box. The 8 year old, he had natural talent also, he made the all star team. (And I made a fisaherman for life.) (He put half the fish in the boat and outfished his older broither and pawpaw combined.)
  21. Current desktop of some groupers I caught a couple years ago. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...ato/grouper.jpg Myself and a nice king *(hope its within limits of width) goupers and triggers (winter time and snapper season is closed) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v521/InK...2o/7b7ea274.jpg Arrr, Lost a 45+ lb ling a couple days ago when it frayed the line on the bottom of the boat and eventually broke. (there was an 60-80 lb class fish with it that we never got a shot at.) Lost a 8 ft plus shark out of a pack of 50 behind a shrimp boat the other week. (a couple 10ft plus hammerheads in that pack we saw, unknown but it spooled the poor 4/0 penn with 60lb and we never stopped it.) The 9/0 & 16/0 Penns were off the boat for service so we had nothing big enough to stop them. I have 13 sharks I fear, the one that missed me when I was overboard and the 12 that I pupped and tossed into the ocean as I dressed a spinner shark. Being as I practice almost daily as I work on a boat, I am decent by any standard. I know of one or two that are my fishing equal and I find and make better fishermen out of the natural fishermen (& ladies ) I encounter at work. If you have natural talent I talk smack to you and tell you I am putting you on my all star fishing team. *(My highest compliment.) Some are deft and andriot others are daft and wooden. I have gotten faster and I have mad showmanship when I catch a fish in front of six people who wont listen to how I tell them how to fish. Be amazed at how they listen then. Sigh, just wish they were capable of listening the first time. Tip : the ladies do better cause they do listen the first time. Otherwise we are up the local creek chumming gators up and canoeing and fishing for bream and bass n catfish. (makes it more fun with gators around.) cobia69 Nice red. Makes me salivate for some cajun blackening seasoning. *(out of slot limit (18-27) isnt it.)
  22. Arr, I picked cpuz cause he replied first in my first post. I think this is a great site and as I plan to build another DFI board soon I am soaking in everything in preparation. My first build was 7 or 8 years ago at my Uncles and I have a friends HP XE824 on my bench now that I threw a 10 gig (yee ha) HD. ME was nice and found it all except the Modem and a quick search tells me that soon a slot fan will occupy that position..... (@$^%^ HP page dosent have ME modem drivers on it ~! and I dont feel like ripping it out of the case as I had to nearly completely dissasemble the darned thing already just to remove the bad stick of ram) Only the cards in the board remain and if it comes out its not going back in....! Arrr ! I will still Pwn you all in fishing !
  23. Blue connector goes to the mobo. Cables should be marked Master slave CPU/board but are not always marked. This is pretty much universal for IDE cables.... (note the slave and master are way on the end and together. ) Mobo ----master> uhm I always put HD's on IDE1 and CD/ DVD etc on IDE2. (Set slave and master, jumpers relative to the appropriate location on the cable.) (both HD and CD / DVd decvices.)
  24. Eh, what genre ? Politics : PJ O'rourke / Age and Guile ( is a good one.) Alvin Toffler / Powershift (AT is author of future shock) Mark K levin / Men in black *(how the supreme court is destroying amrerica.) Salmon Rushide / Satanic verses SCI FI / Fantasy : Asimov (any) Robert Heinlien (any) Frank herbert (dune skip last book) Ursula K le Guin (any) Micheal morecock (cornerlieus chronicles & Elric of melinbone series) Piers anthony. (any) *(just read and leant out his second Bio out and it was astounding) titled / how great was that while) Currently about to read Stephen Laws / Darkfall (sci fi /horror) If you are nature / outdoorsy oriented check the Foxfire series, its old school soap, whiskey,and how to make everything needed to survive in an agrarian society. (As it chronicles rural appalachia.)
  25. AVG and so far not mentioned. http://housecall.trendmicro.com/housecall/start_corp.asp You have to install the applet and a pattern and it is an unconventional anti virus in that it is an online scan. *(its weird you just have to see it.) Trend micro used to fix the trojans I caught in MIRC on a gameing channel that conventional AV programs would not find or fix. It is an efective double check and to my knowledge is the only AV that will not conflict with a currently installed AV program. (Basically it remains inert till you link to the page and scan. My other Av (avg) has never thrown a fit while it was running either.)
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