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  1. Road warrior accessory kit, nice. I want one as the local deer are prone to bolt at the most inopportune time....
  2. beatles. some analogy album. yellow submarine atm.
  3. SaFrOuT, I like this one and have plugged it here before. It has two versions of western digital HD test utilities on it. Also you might find a newer version on the WD page. lifeguard is what they *(WD) calls the tool. http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ ANd a link to the wd page. http://support.wdc.com/download/ teh Ultimate boot cd eliminates the need for a floppy and has a lot of other nifty features also... Just a thought, didn't see where you had replaced cables. Might be a bad cable needing to be replaced ? EDIT : navigate the UBD with the spacebar.....
  4. I think some team from the south might have won the stanley cup some time back. Not sure really, hockey is barely on my radar. Warm weather states don't get a lot of game airtime and I havent watched much since the gretzky days and the miracle on ice. But I do know that Bobby Orr was the man back in the day. Nice hit.
  5. Nope. It's applicable in any contemporary 4 stroke. From single cylinder to an inline 4, even v8's or any piston driven motor, all will work with the design change.
  6. Sadly in America we made it difficult if not downright illegal to run cars on hemp oil. I do not see it happening in my lifetime. The illegality of hemp en general is one point where the oil and timber lobbyists have won. The result is that they facilitated the denial to the American market a natural (renewable) fuel source. Ask yourself why ? hemp = cellulose and oil products...... It was not an engine of such nature as stated above. I like the ethanol stuff and it’s kind of along those lines. The engine burns *(most) any fuel efficiently. That’s part of the leap. *(Most) I’m sure its also applicable to diesel though not currently configured as such. It’s a mechanical concept that few engines have….. and none have this methodology for achieving the result.
  7. Arr.... welcome to DFI Street. Looks like a nice PC. Good luck with it.
  8. 01:23:45 06/07/89 yup I think I remember that. I think 1999 had one, but It was obscure. Looked for the link to all the famous time changes in this thread (*didnt search it on the web ) but darnit now I am intrigued.
  9. I am no fan of TT cases. That said on their webpage is a guide that I have used before. just got a screenie of TT mainpage being hacked, wow. Anyway I googled "thermaltake wiring guide" See if these links dont answer your questions. main faq link http://www.thermaltake.com/2005/support/faq.htm Specific harcano hookup guide http://www.thermaltake.com/2005/support/in...sers/damier.htm middle of the page also has some hardcano stuff. http://www.thermaltake.com/2005/support/faq.htm#q11 EDIT ah a tsunami and the frontpanel stuff. O h, I just leave it unhooked, but you can probably find some documentation on the TT site or this one. try tsunami frontpanel wiring (or similar combo) Personally, I just bundled and shoved them out of the way in my tt case.
  10. So the guys wife likes to kayak, but he dosen't. So she gets her kayak and goes out for the day. That evening she does not return and the husband get nervous. So he calls the police, the fire station, search and rescue and everywhere else he can think of. Two days later, walking across his yard he see's the Sherriff and two deputies. They walk solemnly to the man and the sherriff speaks first and says. "I have bad news, good news and good news." Puzzled the man asks for the bad news first. "Well" says the sherriff "We found your wife and she is dead. When we pulled her up she had 12 king crabs on her, the other good news is that we are going to pull her up again tomorrow"
  11. cmay119, yes, along those lines; but any fuel is applicable. Neezer, yes, and yes and no. Under the right circumstances it is possible to obtain a more btu's from the mix. The motor addresses how to obtain more btu's from the fuel. ExRoadie, Spot on. The one refinery the guy is trying to build (Arizona?) is being red tape tied by the erviro nuts. Other than that it has been 20 + years since we have built a new refinery in America. Seems they would rather have the plants and squirrels win rather than risk spilling a naturaly occouring compound back into its natural environment. I am pro nuclear also. Our inability to process different oils also increases our prices. I think we are mostly set up to use light sweet and the heavy stuff we do not buy as much of. Had we the ability to process more of the heavy (impure) oil, it would help decrease prices also. (IMHO) _______________________ And nope, not a rotary engine.
  12. Hardcano is the fan controller temp sensor package included with the case (GAH what a mess of wires, I put together an ASUS in one of those cases once...) DO NOT put the thermal sensing probe between the CPU and the HEATSINK ! Use thermal tape and put it alongside the outside of the Heatsink wherever you have room. Even though its a slim copper doohitchie that looks like it might fit, it is not meant to go between the processor and heatsink. PLace it on the outside edge somewhere (closest to the board) of the Heatsink my 2 cents, cut the hardcano unit out of the loop and get it running without it and then later on if you find that you absolutely need to be able to change your fan speeds from the front of the pc via the controlls, then hook it up.
  13. Googled the book. I am still waiting on the next cold fusion hoax, but remain hopeful, though doubtfull I will see it in my lifetime. This however, I saw operate before my very eyes. Fox ? The story could have been on PBS or Fox.... but I think it was fox. We listen and laugh at the bias in most media and those were part of todays XM radio diet. I promised a long time ago to leave politics out of my discussions on this webpage and I will continue to do so. Book looks like a good read though. This one is totally NON PC and against the grain and a bio of a maverick genius just like our friend in GA. The Legend of Mercury Marine, (the story of) Carl Kiekhaefer Its the story of mercury outboards and is an homage to the drive determination and will to succeed of one man. *(oh and he was a first class lunatic, so its a great read.)
  14. I was just back after visiting friends in the neighborhood and was thinking of putting a nevermind tag on it because the technology probably won't be here for 5 years. No A_G, not a sales pitch, its a motor that burns any fuel. *(in a manner of speaking and not its true and specific design leap that allows it to do so.) Anyway, it will be 5 years and mayhaps you will recollect this thread and go damn, that dude was right. Not that I am trending and forcasting what I think will be invented/ implemented, (Hari Seldon and the Foundation series Isaac Asimov anyone ?) but I saw it with my own eyes and dispite my reluctance to provide detail, I figured this quaint (if I may) little corner of the web might find it interesting despite my lack of detail. The patents have recently been filed. If *(when) they are approved, I will be at liberty to include detail, but I will not divulge anything before then.
  15. Just saw some revolutionary engineering firsthand. I was in a metal fabrication shop in Bainbridge GA today and I saw the future. *(We broke the boats rudder and drove up this morning and we fabricated a new one at the same shop) We will install new rudder tomorrow..... *(Prays) Anyway, The friend explained it to us and I saw the motor run and it was NOT petrol / gas operated . He said (and I quote this from just after we grasped the operating principles) “A couple of country boys like you can understand the concept whereas I have explained it to engineers during the patent searches and they still were clueless.” When he presented the issue and the solution, I was close with my thoughts on what it took to resolve the issue, but I was wrong. Alas, his brilliant solution was simple and elegant. He is going to Brazil (first wave of implementation) and then to America if the Automakers do not tie him up in court and litigation. I was flabbergasted, astounded and amazed. It will revolutionize the engine and all the hippies can throw their pseudo earth friendly battery cars into the recycle bin where they belong. *(after all it still takes more energy and raw materials to make a battery than you can ever recover or justify IMHO.) Anyway, I am not even sworn to secrecy but I have known him for years and won't breach the trust of friends. The patents have been filed and hopefully one day it will help ease our dependence on oil. This is not BS people. I am serious though I cannot reveal any details. Interestingly enough FOX had a story on this topic today that we heard on the way up to GA. And that is as much as I can say.
  16. Evilj, I am with the PSU train of thought. I would replace it first. Might check for fluctuations on your rails, but *( I am guessing you are useing MbM5) with monitoring, (+ active logging) you would see if it was a voltage spike or dip. If no mbm5... then check with a multimeter and see what voltage your rails are actually carrying from the psu. Also, just for kicks, run some diagnostics on your hard drives.
  17. Job experience at your age will put you heads and shoulders above any of your peers when it comes to (your) job interviews in the future. Take the job. Sure its temporary, but a good track record and employment history will always help.
  18. B & D, Airflow (in leiu of water cooling) is the next best thing.... Bigger is better unless you water cool it. (and I am not going to watercool anything anytime soon.) CM stacker and custom server tower with my current rig in it.
  19. Yeee HaaaaaaH!~! Welcome to the street and best of luck wth the new build. Srsly. GL with it.
  20. Might try replacing SATA cables and see if it responds any better. Ultimate boot disk or other Bootable CD's should allow you to boot and Zero out the "raid" drive overlay *(and drive itself) . I think its f10 but ATM I dont trust my judgement.
  21. Ford Prefect is my favorite D Adams char. So long and thanks for all the fish. HH guide is a good read for all. Its comitted to memory.... *( I think)
  22. I used that PSU in two huge cases. I wold guess it would suffice, but the links might help in judging whether or not you think it will work. I just zip tie mine and go. CM stacker and ocz520powerstream http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...6&postcount=154 Custom case and ocz520powerstream. Official case pick thread 56k beware... (page 16 my current beast) http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...6&page=16&pp=15
  23. Opera. Been a fan since the 386 days.
  24. Kandoo hit it, without Numberd wires.... its soon becomes a bondoggle and things go pzfst and boom and stuff melts. *( falls under the measure twice and cut once category.) Pain in the buttocks, for my two cents. But to each their own.
  25. Sorry to hear that your bro got ambushed. Yikes, I had a broken colerbone once, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Mace, pistol, +5 club of fragging........ I believe in weapons..... But I can do it physically if needed. Reason #475 I hate cities. *(I can't go cause I will go to jail for *********people) *(edit)
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