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  1. About time for me to plug some freeware for you to use to test hd's.



    Burn the disk and set it to boot (that) CD 1'st and boot up.

    navigate with spacebar to menu of chioce.

    (and I know it has 2 versions of wd utilities on it. )


    UBcd has MOST HD manuf'rs diagnostic software on it and its pretty much what I would most likely use to test a hd. *(no more booting off a floppy to test a HD like in the old days....)

  2. Check routing and or replace SATA cable. (I would just replace them with some heavy duty ones.)

    Change Sata Port *(change in bios also if necessary.)


    Check install routines / install guides and make sure you have everything installed as recommended.

    *(More importantly, find what no to install.)


    Research error messages on web to find likely component issues / culprits.



    Sounds like yout MBR is possibly corrupted or damaged and may call for a repair or reinstall.

  3. MBM5 isnt 100% accurate... I don't think the BIOS is completely accurate either. The only way to be absolutely sure of your rails is to use a multimeter.
    <---Quoted for truth.


    Head to wal mart or any automitive supply and pick up a digital multimeter.

    A cheap one is 15 bucks a good one is 40+ but the cheap ones work just fine.


    Test the rails with the DMM and then +.- the reading and adjust mbm5 accordingly to get your onboard sensors as close to correct as you can.

  4. I see his point and yes the ability to look at multiple viewpoints and draw your own answers is a skill that more should use more-often. Myself included.


    With the advent of the web and blogoshpere, mainstream press is pretty much dead anyway. I mean, we arent spoon fed (what to hear, think, see) from CBS NBC ABC evening news anchors as we once were in the dark days before cable.


    One for Richard for not resting on his laurels.

  5. "While driving, you fail to immediately pull over for speeding when signalled by the cop car behind you. While stopped, you attempt to open your glove compartment, and the rookie cop nervously opens fire on you. You are struck several times and die on the scene"


    That was pretty funny.


    That almost happend to me with a state trooper some 20 years ago.

  6. I have to give props to Oceanseasforme for owning up to his vote to an audience of opposing opinions. The question was put out there and, with a community this large, of course there are going to be at least some yeses mixed with the no's. I'm also glad to see that he wasn't excessively flamed for owning up to it. I hope that level of maturity continues.


    @Angry. I'm with most of the other people here. I don't think you should remove your avatar just because Oceanseas gave his reason and it happened to be political. The line between reasonable and unreasonable varies from person to person and community to community. I think your avatar was reasonable as far as this community is concerned, and I also feel that Oceanseas' opinion and the way he expressed it was likewise reasonable. He said he is able to get on with it, so respect that and each of you go about your normal business. For those who are not able to get on with it, I think they fall on the unreasonable side of this community's line, and it should then be up to them to either thicken their skin, or find another community where their inability to get on with it is found to be reasonable.


    But, of course, this is just my opinion.


    You sir rate an answer and I will give you A_G's words from another thread that relates to this one.



    I respect A_G and this site and for that reason I answer you and do not reply to the rest of the thread as I consider it counterproductive to what DFI is about.


    Had some nice PM's with A_G and their is no animosity between us.



    Now the rest of you gentelmen and ladies, please let this thread fall into oblivion.

  7. the poll isn't political...it is simply asking who thinks the avatar is offensive


    I think i might close this thread and make a new one where the poll is public so everyone can see who votes what lol...i see 6 votes saying its offensive but no one has owned up to it but one who says they voted yes accidentally...


    Ok, I will own up to my vote.


    I voted it as offensive for political reasons.


    I will say this though, this is the first time I have ever spoken about your avatar.

    (I was not one of the people you mentioned as complaining. I just sucked it up and went on with it.)


    Plus I dont like hockey, so its a double no for me.

  8. Just the PC in black in my signature. With a very low a height and also as small as possible. You could put white text on a black background as it is and that woukld be fine... I dont care if it is fancy or plain.


    6/23-3 | RD1-PMC4 & spare bios chip| NF4 UltraD | xpPro SP2 | 3200 @2.0 Wnchstr | Connect3d X800XL +vf700-ALCU | OCZ520Pwrstrm | 2x80g Hitachi sataII, Raid 0 | XP-90 w/92mm panaflow| 2X512 Gold OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K @2,2,2,5 /[email protected] | Tower w1/120+1/92+3/80mm fans| logitech X-530 spkrs

    W/Karajan |LITE-On cdrw | NEC dvdrw |Optiquest V95 18.3"

  9. You're probably the smartest one here. I'm still learning, but I cave at times. :)



    Truthfully, my reason is that I was rude to another member of this website in a political thread. I was also properly chastised by A_G for my actions and I promised then to refrain from the discussion of politics (a hobby actually) on this webpage.


    I learned the lesson the hard way as always. Of course a bit more reason and a tad less enthusiasm and I would have know better in the first place.


    Thus is life, I have learned and moved on. :)

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