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  1. Do you mean a silencer? Only thing on the CPU side is the spring clip for the hold down. That shouldn't affect anything.
  2. I can attest to the fact that the Newark has problems with the Infineon chips. I had a Newark 4000+ on the 250GB. No go. Anyone I found that had this combination reported the same thing. No boot unless at a ridiculously low divider.
  3. Can't seem to find the rule on screenshot sizes allowed. I know its in several different places, but my search parameters must be missing the point. What is the rule?
  4. New to analyzing Hard Drive Performance, but, my HD Tach and ATTO results look quite different. I'm looking for input on a. Is there soemthing wrong, and b. How to fix it. Striping Width - 2 Cluster - 16
  5. Anyone know why my sequential read graph is so erratic?
  6. There are many posts regarding the installation of the Nvidia Firewall and Network Access manager causing problems. Did you install them? If so, try again without them.
  7. A temp probe on a CPU with an IHS is almost useless, in my experience. If no IHS, then the til can be placed touching the CPU, if the wires are small enough. I think a temp sensor in the water line is of more use.
  8. I was able to get 248 X 12 for 2.976. At the time, I thought it was the chip holding me back, but, I now believe it was a couple of settings for the memory. You can try Bytewize http://www.bytewizecomputers.com/products/7/10/363/12764
  9. From NForce to Nforce should be no problem. As long as you are using Nvidia RADI on both.
  10. What exactly is this setting? Does it mean add .03 volts to the DRAM Voltage, i.e. 2.8 becomes 2.83? If so, why? Is it just a way to increase the volyage less than .1 at a time?
  11. As ExRoadie said, it shouldn't hurt it, it is a normal operation, even if it normally wouldn't perform the operation on a reboot. Mine does it if hibernates and I wake it up.
  12. I've read several posts that sugegst you can do this, however, I've never tried it. Microsoft has a process (I forget what its called, sysprep?). Others have sugegsted that doing a repair at the Install stage, not the repair console, will work. The problem is drivers already in the OS for your components, especially motherboard. I believe the main consensus is that its best to do a fresh install.
  13. OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 2x1024MB Dual Channel Platinum XTC. I had this installed in my 250GB with the Newark 4000+. Suggested timings for NF4 and this memory at this link http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....26&postcount=10 worked well. If 3D unstable, try adjusting Bypass Max to X7. Do not attempt to use kits with Infineon chips.
  14. Chipset drivers have the Raid drivers, not the BIOS. Doesn't mean a BIOS update won't help, just don't want confusion.
  15. Are you absolutely positive your memory is stable? I believe I have read on several occasions that Mav ASync Latency and Read Preamble can give this error if they are not set correctly. I know you said it was running properly previously, but, perhaps the settings got changed, or the memory is having problems. Perhaps a solid CMOS clear and resetting and testing the memory is in order.
  16. Working great for me. Getting to 3GHz was pretty painless compared to other adventures i've had. Can't say how it compares to other BIOS for the Ultra D, as its the only one i've used. As it is definitly not "broke", I don't plan to try to fix it.
  17. Any advertisements for Panaflos i've seen are very up front about the fans sensing capabilities. The number of RPMs, hence the noise, does adjust with the fan controller or the motherboard. Any fan will do that. If Logisys had answered that there is 3 fan wires as it is a standard pattern for all fans to reduce costs, I could have bought that. The response I got was "We make a 3 pins adaptor with this fan so customer can still hook it up on a motherboard that uses 3 pins connector. The 3rd wire that is on the connector does not connect to any sensor even though it is visible on the fan. " That answer, as we all know, is not absolutely complete. You can have a three pin connector without the third wire. Anyway, the fan actually works quite well, is not particularly noisy, and looks good. Its just misleading in appearance, and the customer service needs some work with choosing theor words.
  18. LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio to 3X or lower to equal HTT X Ratio < 800 Memclock to 188 or 166
  19. I bought a Logisys 120mm UV reactive fan with UV lights mounted. It has three wires leading to a 3 pin connection, and then on to a 4 pin molex. The fan sensor did not work, resulting in a very annoying alarm beep from my fan controller until I replaced it with another fan. Got an RMA from NCIX (fast and good service) but decided to not RMA it, as it would cost me almost the cost of the fan in postage. Instead, I bought another one with another order. Same thing, fan sensor does not work. I got in touch with Logisys, who told me that there is no fan RPM sensing, that the third wire is there to make it work with motherboards. I gave them a chance to retract this statement, but they have not. So, Logisys fans, third wire but no fan sensing. You be the judge. To me, its false advertising.
  20. Not true. I had no problems at all with the memory in my sig. Micron chips.
  21. I would like to make an entry in the OCDB, but, I don't know how to get the screenshots in the post. I'd appreciate someone telling me how to do this.
  22. It may very well be. I'd say you are damn lucky to be running at all with that mix of memory. All I know is that everyone that replied to my posts when I was having problems with my Newark and the Mushkin PC4000 Redline XP with Infineon chips told me the same story. Newarks don't like Infineon, and my results absolutely matched their experiences. I found no one runing Infineon chips successfully, at least not 2 sticks. One stick worked OK.
  23. You're right, you won't be able to use both sticks. I had the Mushkin Redline XP version of the Infineon chips with my Newark and 250GB, and the only way I could get it to boot was to put a ridiculously low divider on it. I tried booting in and using A64 Tweaker to change the divider, but it would just freeze up. Got the Memory in my sig, and she booted up right away.
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