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  1. I had this problem with my back up drive. It was because it wasn't being accessed and it would shut down the drive. Shouldn't happen to the drive with the OS on it though.
  2. Did you run Memtest, Prime 95 etc when you're rig was at stock?
  3. RAID utility is what you see during the POST after detecting array, press F10 to enter RAID utility. If you don't see this, maybe you don't have RAID enabled in BIOS? You also have to enable the ports the RAID array is on. You need the IDE drivers if you are using RAID.
  4. I read the thread at Guru on this remix. Looks like they had lots of problems for very little gain, if any. I'm with msmolt, go with 5.10.
  5. I had no issues with my 7900GTX, so you should be all right. You can get 90 degree leads. This link has them, but they're slow. http://www.shoprbc.com/ca/shop/categoryPro...hp?category=396 Edit: I meant the company is slow.
  6. OK. Mea Culpa. Missed the Prime at 2.8 part. The rest is relevant. GPU is not going to affect your OC if AGP is locked. Try setting to 67 as I had to do that on my 250GB. I did it because I read here someplace to do that. Also, give setting your BYPASS MAX to 7X. It worked on mine so why not try it?
  7. As the others have said, you've got a long way to go before you can say you are stable at any setting, even 2.6 if you haven't Primed. That being said, I had trouble with 3D apps with this set up until I raised my Bypass Max to 7X. No guarantee that will help, but you can try. Also, set your AGP freq to 67 to ensure it locks. Good luck, but, I'd say you have a lot of reading and testing to do. Bottom line is that 3GHz is very likely not going to happen. 2.7 maybe.
  8. As compared to ???? VIA drivers that always seemed to have conflicts with creative drivers? Overall, I've found that all companies have good and bad drivers. I guess that's why they have updates every so often.
  9. Good info. I hope he sees it. He may not bother checking back as the problem has already been solved.
  10. When it does boot, do you see the detecting array and the option to enter the RAID tool by pressing F10 at all?
  11. While this may be true (I think I remember reading that NVidia fixed this so it won't work on newer boards, but I'm not sure) You won't be able to use newer drivers. NVidia cut this off with their drivers quite a while ago.
  12. No problem. During your install, when it asks where you want to install XP, follow the directions to delete the existing partition, then create a partition. It should default to all that is available in the size field. I can't remember what size it expresses it in, so use the chart below. 160 gigabytes (informal notation: kilobyte = 1024 bytes) bits 1374389534720 bytes 171798691840 kilobits 1342177280 kilobytes 167772160 megabits 1310720 megabytes 163840 gigabits 1280 gigabytes 160 The default value will be a little lower. Create the partition, format it, and install.
  13. I am not familiar with the term "unallocated" when in Disk Management. Do you mean "Free Space"? If so, the only option is to format it and use it as a separate partition, or redo your install, and delete your current partition then create a new partition. You would lose your data should you do this.
  14. Go Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, Administrative Tools, Computer Management. Double Click Storage in the right pane, then Disk Management in the right pane. Look at the info for your drive in the bottom right pane. What does it tell you? If you have free space listed there, it wasn't put in the partition during your install.
  15. I used the 8.22 remix and never had issues. Can't say I saw any real improvement over the 5.10 either.
  16. I believe if you disable SATA 1 & 2, 3 & 4 show as 1 & 2. To be sure, 3 & 4 are between the video card and the CPU.
  17. I asked Hiper if they intended to come out with any an 8 pin lead, they said no. I've also read that using a converter is a no no. Might have to get a new PSU. OCZ GameXStream is my recommendation. Good deals are around for both the 600 and the 700 W versions. Much less than I paid for mine, WAAH, WAAH!
  18. Which BIOS is best is a crap shoot, different for everyone. That being said, 704-2bt by OCZ Tony seems to be consistently good for a lot of people. Its the only one I've tried on this board, but, its working so well I do not plan to try another. Check the sticky on this BIOS above.
  19. I've seen this in a couple of games, Brothers In Arms - Road to Hill 30 is one. Lowering the resolution and eye candy helped.
  20. I believe its a known issue that the Infinity series temp reporting is out to lunch. The Infinity NF4X definitely are. If you search for this I believe you will be able to confirm it. I asked DFI tech support and got a nonsensical response that confirmed this to me. When tech support tried to baffle you with BS, you know theres a problem.
  21. Probably the best deal out there right now is the OCZ GamexStream 600 or 700 watt. $105 and $130 respectively at Newegg. I have the 600w, very nice, and OCZ customer support is excellent. If you investigate, the term Power Swap they use for their warranty doesn't mean cross RMA, they don't do that. It simply means they will send you a new one on receipt of the defective one instead of repairing your old one.
  22. I'd say its time for a full CMOS clear, including taking out the battery, unplugging the PSU, moving the clear CMOS jumper, and leaving her to sit for a couple of hours at least. It may take overnight. Remember to load optimized defaults once you're in the BIOS, if it works.
  23. The only thing I don't like is that my browser, Fire Fox, brings up a "preview" of the first line of text of the thread, when the cursor hovers over thread title. Maybe its a browser setting I cna't find.
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