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  1. My SATA RAID 0 (boot array) is set on Ports 1 & 2. Can I enable 3 & 4 and move the array to them?
  2. I have monitored my PSU (Aspire 500W) for a year using various software programs, MBM5 (when I was using an MSI K8T MB), Sandra Environment Monitor, Speed Fan, others. It has always been reported as maintaining steady voltages, but, a little low. My 12V reads from 11.65 to 11.85, 3.3V 3.18 to 3.23. I'm not aware of any stability issues. Anyone think this is a problem with my rig?
  3. I have monitored my PSU (Aspire 500W) for a year using various software programs, MBM5 (when I was using an MSI K8T MB), Sandra Environment Monitor, Speed Fan, others. It has always been reported as maintaining steady voltages, but, a little low. My 12V reads from 11.65 to 11.85, 3.3V 3.18 to 3.23. I'm not aware of any stability issues. Anyone think this is a problem with my rig?
  4. I do not see any need to be disrespectful of other people's opinions. If you feel people should "get their heads examined", show your Microsoft Expert credentials, and back up your opinion with some facts. Otherwise, state your opinion without belittling other people. It's not necessary, nor does it make you appear wise.
  5. You should read what the XP Tweaking Companion has to say about page files. It recommends 2 Gigs total between your RAM and the page files. Link to XPTC http://www.tweakguides.com/XPTC.html
  6. I had a similar problem just this morning. CPU usage quite high, but no explanation for it in the Task Manager. Then, I got lock ups. Event Viewer told me that I probably had a failing hard drive cable. Just took the side off and made sure cables were in correctly, and it seems to be fine. Check the various catagoreies in your event viewer to see if there are any errors or warnings.
  7. I've noticed this before with trying to use Memtest from the BIOS. It doesn't work on mine. It is definitly not my RAM. So, just because it works for one, that doesn't mean it works for all.
  8. Let me display my ignorance. How do you insert a screenshot in a post?
  9. I am testing for stability at 225MHZ. Passed MEMTEST OK (I understand that doesn't guarantee anything). Ran Benchmarks OK, Everest and Sandra (I understand that they are benchmarks, not indications of stability) Try to run OCCT. Stops within 27 secs or less, incredibly less. Reports there is a problem with the CPU. Does OCCT report all errors as CPU problems? I haven't used it much, so I don't know if it is specific about problems, or just uses a generic message. If it does have something to do with my CPU, what would be the issue? The Multi is set to 10, so frequency shouldn't be a problem. Temps are good. Memory Controller? My settings HTT (FSB) - 225 LDT/FSB Freq Ratio - X3 CPU/FSB Ratio - X10 Cool "N" Quiet - Disabled CPU Vid - 1.5 CPU Vis Special - Auto and 104% Chipset Voltage - 1.7 DRAM Voltage - 2.7 DRAM Freq - 200 1T tCL - 2.5 tRCD - 3 tRAS - 10 tRP - 3 DQS Skew Control - Increase DQS Skew Value - 64 DRAM Drive Strength - 1 32 Byte Granulation - Disable (8 Burst) All other settings to Auto. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  10. It would appear that the answer regarding some multis working better than others is the better one. X10 seems to work OK.
  11. As my previous posts will illustrate, I have been struggling to get any kind of stable overclocking going. Many combinations of settings, including some ridiculous ones. Started to notice something. Using 215MHZ FSB, 2-2-2-10, 1T, 1:1, CPU Voltage 1.55, Chipset 1.7, DRAM 2.7. Everything else auto. If I set the CPU Multi to anything besides 12X, I get errors in Test 5 of Memtest. For example. CPU Multi 7X - Many many errors, first pass. Had to reboot, it wouldn't finish the pass. CPU Multi 11X - Pass 0, no errors, pass 1 and pass 2, 4 errors each time. Rebooted. CPU Multi 12X - 30 Passes of full tests. Ran for 6 hours. No errors. I also received no errors with CPU Multi set to auto, but it was 12X according to CPU ID when I booted into Windows. I suspect that I do not need the increased voltages on my chip set. I will test this further. All temps are remaining fine. CPU 40 - 50 under full load, NF3 45 - 46, RAM under 30. Do I have a bad CPU?
  12. As per my sig, I have an Aspire 500W that, according to MBM 5 and Environment Monitor in Sandra is providing rock steady power. Always well within the tolerance on all lines.
  13. I have been experiencing severe inconsistencies with my RAM's ability to pass MEMTEST test 5. Sometimes it will pass, and sometimes it does not with the same settings. I have begun to notice a pattern where when it fails, I go into the bios, and the RAM Voltage is reading higher than what is set. When it does pass, the RAM voltage is reporting the same as the setting. I'm beginning to think that my voltage is not staying consistent, therby causing the RAM to fail. Does this sound like a motherboard problem, a bios problem. I am using the 03-31-05 Beta Bios.
  14. I ahve just noticed that the DRAM Voltage displayed in the BIOS is approx .12 higher than the setting applied. In other words, according to the BIOS reporting levels, I have been running my RAM at 2.9+ volts since I got my board, even though I had it set for 2.8. Is it a BIOS sensing issue? I can't find anywhere that my DRAM Voltage is reported in Windows.
  15. I was having a lot of problems with my Rev2 TCC5 as well, until I lowered the DRAM Voltage to 2.7. Odd, but now that I've done that I'm able to Memtest, Prime, Super PI at 220MHZ with 2-2-2-10, 1T. Quite extraordinary really.
  16. I've already tried these rudimentary things. I've even tried 3-3-10-3.
  17. I am now more confused than ever. My latest troubleshooting involved testing one stick at a time. I used FSB of 220MHZ and set CPU Multi to 7. Other than that, I used the Bios settings by Tony from here http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4443 Went into Memtest 86+ V1.55.1, ran test 5 only. On their own, each stick went through 20 passes with no errors. I put both in, slots 1 & 2. Over 20,000 errors at 98% mark before I shut it down. The same thing was happening at the same settings when I had them in slots 1 & 3. I have also tried other settings, including bumping DRAM voltage to 3. Although i didn't have as many errors, I always get errors in this test in the final stages, first pass. Steve OCZ sent me an Email recommending that I try the stock settings of 2-2-2-10 and RAM Voltage of 2.6 or 2.7. I quickly applied his suggestion and used 2.7. I immediately got through 2 loops of Test 5 in Memtest 86+. Not a true indication of stability I know, but way better than before. I booted into Windows. I know, I know, I'm impatient. It froze while loading Speed Fan, and on subsequent reboots, even though the FSB was set to 220, CPUZ told me that it was running 202 or 205. I've had this happen before. Cleared my CMOS, and tried to run Memtest again at the settings that it had passed at with FSB at 220. No Go. Set timings to 2.5-3-10-3, CPU Multi to 10X, LDT Bus to 3X. No Go. Set LDT Bus to Auto. No Go. Set CPU Multi to X7. No Go. Went to all auto, timings now 2-2-2-5. FSB 215. Quick couple of runs through Test 5 in Memtest. No errors. I didn't expect any, I've run at this speed and passed extensive MEMTEST before. Tried to boot. BSOD at Windows initial load. Anyone got anything for me to try?
  18. ncsa got caught by the nF3 bug? What does that mean?
  19. You can't go past 240MHZ on ports 1 & 2 apparently. I'm nowhere near this, I still can't get past loop 5 in Memtest at 220. I want to try to switch to port 3 & 4 to see if that helps anything. Probably not in Memtest itself, but when I try to boot to Windows maybe.
  20. My RAID Array is on SATA 1 & 2. Can I move this to 3 & 4 without reinstalling?
  21. I don't use the Smart Guardian. I find that once I open it, my fans kick ti high speed and won't go down.
  22. Anyone monitoring the temp on the NF3 chip? I installed a sensor on the back of the board and am getting 44C at idle to 52C playing Far Cry. Fairly cool room temp and case temp around 23C. Anyone else?
  23. I have checked this out, and it would, a first glance, appear to be correct. The "RAID Utility" has the exact same files as the RAID Driver floppy that came with the board, right down to the total size of the files, 681KB. So, it's not a "Utility" at all, it's drivers to be loaded at the F6 prompt during installation. At first glance, the RAID Drivers on the download site, the F6_NF4R file, does look like it's for the NF4 board, as it even has a picture of the SATA ports on the NF4 board. However, in the NVATABUS.INF file , we see the following, ; *******Localizable Strings******* NVIDIA= "NVIDIA Corporation" Desc_x860= "SRCDATA" MCP2Desc="NVIDIA nForce2 ATA Controller" CK8Desc="NVIDIA nForce3 Parallel ATA Controller" CK8DescSB="NVIDIA nForce3 Parallel-Serial ATA Bridged Controller" MCP2SS="NVIDIA nForce2 Serial ATA Compatible Controller" MCP2SP="NVIDIA nForce2 Parallel ATA Controller" CK8SSS="NVIDIA nForce3 250 Serial ATA Controller" CK8SSP="NVIDIA nForce3 250 Parallel ATA Controller" MCP04SSS="NVIDIA MCP04 ADMA Controller" MCP04SSP="NVIDIA MCP04 Parallel ATA Controller" CK804SSS="NVIDIA nForce4 ADMA Controller" CK804SSP="NVIDIA nForce4 Parallel ATA Controller" MCP51S="NVIDIA MCP51 Serial ATA Controller" MCP51P="NVIDIA MCP51 Parallel ATA Controller" Note the references to NF2 and NF3 controllers. Does this mean that it is for all NF boards? Certainly another example of Far East lack of qulaity control, if not downright sloppiness exhibited on so many occasions by almost all companies producing computer hardware in the orient, which is, unfortunately, almost all that is available. I, personally, am getting sick and tired of having to put up with this lack of attention to detail, poor customer response (nothing personal AG and RGone) poor translations, and who cares attitude constantly exhibited by these companies. I wish we could buy from english speaking companies. As I am reloading my comoputer tomorrow, I guess I will use the ones on the original disk. Anything else is too risky.
  24. I've noticed that the sequential read speed graph is very different on my rig than others. It starts off very low, 40mbs, and then climbs. Most others seem to start out high and the line is much smoother. Anyone have any insight on this for me? I'd insert a screen shot, but I don't know how. Maybe someone could tech me this.
  25. I want to know if the fan control in the BIOS can be disabled for all three header. I'd rather use speed fan.
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