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  1. Pred and I have been trying to figure this out. The following link is the thread we have been using in the NF3 Bug section.http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...12&page=1&pp=15 We have tried flashing with AWD. I have tried boosting CPU VID outrageously, 1.7V, but still errors right away in Test 5 of Memtest. X11 and X9 at 220MHZ gives errors, however, X10 0r X 12 doesn't. BIOS is 504 (05/04). Anyone?
  2. Go for it. I tried flashing myself with slightly different switches. No joy. Still errors in test 5 with X9 and X11 but not X10. even numbers seem to be OK, but not odd. Odd eh? Severly limits overclocking options.
  3. I have had this problem. It's a conflict with your Creative sound Card. Look in your start up services in MSCONFIG for RXMON and SBDvr Det. I disabled them, and the problem went away.
  4. Great Pershoot. Where should I get AWD Flash from? Any place in particular, or just anywhere. Is it different for different MOBOS?
  5. That was it. Unplugged my back up drive in Port 1, and boom, in like Flynn. Now off to do some stability testing. This was amusing however.
  6. I am using ports 3 & 4. And they are SATA. My back up drive is on 1, maybe that's it, I'll give it a shot. That would also explain why I'm getting a windows check drive screen for that drive on boot. I'll reboot and disconnect that drive.
  7. Interesting concept. Arrange evrything so it's at stock instead of below. No, I haven't tried that, and, I agree with both of you that computers do crazy things that defy explanation, so I shall try it. But, not tonight. Tonight I shall go get some sleep so that I am ready for a day of experimentation. Good Night.
  8. I have the Zalman 5.1 headset. What I have done is purchased 3 units from Rdaio Shack (now The Source) that are intended to transfer sound from the speakers to the headset. Each one is for Stereo only, hence 3 of them. I simply need to click three switches and I am going from my speakers to the headsets. No muss, no fuss.
  9. I shall peruse all info you have given and try to understand. As I am in Atlantic Time Zone, it's getting a little late to read and comprehend. I shall carry on tomorrow. The light of day may amke everything a little clearer for my befuddled brain. I wish my knowledge level was such that I could understand all explanations instantly, but it is not. I have to work at it. So .... Tomorrow, sweet tomorrow....
  10. OK. Let's not lose focus here. My Memory is 2-2-2-5 at stock, so the timings is not the issue her,as, with the divider, it's running below stock. And, that's the whole point. Everything is below stock, CPU 250 X 8 = 2GHZ, LDT/FSB Freq Ratio X3 = 750MHZ, Mem divider places it a little lower than 212 which is good, as I can run 220 at 2-2-2-5. What else is there?
  11. CPU Temps are good to go, way under 50C at these settings. VDIM. 1.5 to 1.65, no change to result. Chipset voltage 1.6 and 1.7, no change. Mem Voltage 2.6 to 2.9, no change.
  12. I read a thread that suggested that using AWDFlash with /py/sn/cd/cp/cc/cks/R in the command line to flash the BIOS might solve this issue. However, I acnnot find any explanation of how to implement this that I,as a Noob, can understand, so I cannot confirm by doing it.
  13. I didn't explain enough. I have tried booting at 250MHZ and 245MHZ with Mem divider at 1:1, settings 2.5-4-10-3. Passed Memtest for 8 hours, won't boot into Windows.
  14. Thanks Sharp. Looks like your second link will give soemthing I can work with after I study it. Karl Pell. I appreciate your reply, but it is not what I am looking for. I am looking for easy to follow instructions for noobs. Your link isn't it. This is froma Noob, so I know what I'm talking about. Sharp's link defines it perfectly. A lot of the time responders forget the reason for the original question, lack of knowledge.
  15. OK. I'm obviously missing something here. I can't boot into Windows at 250 HTT. CPU Multi X8, RAM at 333, HTT Trans at X 2 or 3, HTT at 250. Tried upping volatges for CPU, Chipset, Memory, no boot. Mem settings 2-2-10-2, also tried looser settings. Shouldn't make a difference considering FSB/DRAM setting. Can boot at 240MHZ. 245 MHZ no boot, freezes during the Windows screen with the green progress bar at the bottom. A real puzzle to me as everything is set below stock. CPU X 8, DRAM at 333, HTT Trans at X2. So, what am I missing?
  16. I need a simple explanation of BIOS Flashing with AWD Flash. I have had no luck finding anything comprehensible using search function, in fact, I have been unable to find a good explanation of flashing utilizing any method. Explanations I have found seem to concentrate on how to reset the BIOS after flashing, as opposed how to flash. I cannot find anything relating to AWD on the DFI site itself, and little of any use using Google either. I would guess that what I'm looking for is already posted somewhere, but I can't find it.
  17. Just an update. I used multi X11 tonight, errors in test 5 of Memtest, none with X10. X8 was good to go as well. Odd this. Would be good if someone knew why. Various settings and HTT speeds. No pattern that I can discern.
  18. Sorry, but I don't know what the solution is. As I stated, X11 just seems to have started working. Maybe the RAM needed to, if not burn in, then stabilize through some use. Maybe the board needed some time to settle in. Maybe changing a setting, such as tREF made a difference. Who knows? It's a computer. They do things that are often inexplicable.
  19. Had that experience, also with 11 and 7. 10 and 12 were good. Have found that 11 started working OK. My indications of instability were test 5 in Memtest. Many errors in the last 5% of the test, more with 7 multi as opposed to 9 or 11.
  20. Beaucoup Thanks! I didn't really think the other answers I got saying no were right. None of them had ever tried it. One must be circumspect about whom one listens to. Lah ti dah!
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