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  1. Where are you placing the temperature probe from your Fan master? I've got one too, and it does report lower, simply because the only place to put the probe is on the side of the heat spreader. It's always going to be cooler there than right on the die.
  2. Not much help, is it? Based on the threads here, and response that I got from RGone, there is no fix. Your problem appears to be a bit different from the norm. You should be getting errors in test 5 at any speed with the x9 multi. Maybe your problem isn't the X9 bug after all, maybe it is just a settings issue.
  3. My properties box doesn't show the primary and secondary tabs. Anyone know why?
  4. You can get Memtest that is for a CD. I have had nothing but problems trying to use Memtest from the Bios, and a few others have too. Most people don't, however. I couldn't get two sticks to work until I flashed my Bios. Whether it was a bad flash before that, or a Bios that wasn't good for my memory, I don't know, but a good flash with the newest bios fixed it. I agree with Old Guy, 1 & 3 are best. I got many more errors in Memtest using 1 & 2. It will also allow more air to move in between your sticks and help with cooling. Good Luck.
  5. I have similar issues with my NF3 250GB, but not quite the same. Anytime I have to clear the CMOS, on loading Windows after setting my BIOS to my normal settings, I have to unplug the mouse and plug it back in to get it to works. Even then, I have to reboot before the mouse settings I have put in will work, it just recognizes the default settings. What I mean by this is that I have a trackball explorer, and I set up my four keys differently than stock, but, when this problem happens, my settings won't work until I reboot, even though the software shows them. Not exactly the same problem, but similar.
  6. Sorry, silly question, as you are still in the flash process, if I understand correctly.
  7. I don't think USB keyboard will work until enabled in the bios, so PS2 may be the answer. Did you clear the CMOS?
  8. First of all, I see no reason for the language you are obviously using. Standards of communication still exist. I would say that to get the best responses, you should post in a new thread that has a relevant title, and in a section that folks with your board would frequent. That being said, you can post where you like, and maybe I'm the only one who objects to the use of such thinly veiled words. I hope not. I trust there are other people that feel the same way. I bought my board fully aware that I might experience problems, and was getting very frustrated when I couldn't get two sticks of RAM to work, but, I perservered, and found the answer was something relatively simple. I have also learned that you can often learn more by simply reading other folks posts than by always starting your own. True, the search function may not bring up exactly what you're looking for, but try other key words. When the guys who really know wjhat they are talking about, I do not pretend to be one, read a post that, in their minds, has been answered dozens if not hundreds of times, they might get a little short. Good Luck Pardner!
  9. Hmmm.... Dual Channel. Different colored memory slots. NF3 250GB Bug Reporting Forum. Interesting.
  10. Eva How did you find out the week? Did you have to take the heatspreaders off? Hard to do? did you put them back on?
  11. Centon Advanced. I have the 3200LL which is not in stock at the moment. 2 X 512MB $219.99 Running 1.5-2-2-0 1T at 200Mhz. Have gotten 2-3-3-0 1T at 255mhz. Haven't had a chance to try further yet. TCCD on Brainpower. PC4000LL 2 X 512MB $199.99.
  12. We are not talking about just X9, indeed, the first post is talking about X11. I'm happy that X11 works fine for you, but it does nothing toward helping us. Hopefully, someone out there has the answer, and will respond to the problem posted.
  13. Small mix up. It is, indeed, SATA 1 & 2 that have the overclocking problem. I assume that is what you are refferring to, as you didn't bother pointing out the error in your statement. My apologies, oh exalted one. Chill. To you, a sincere wish that I didn't confuse you.
  14. I don't think anyone has the answer. Hopefully, the modrators have informed the company of this problem, and they are looking into it. Some indication of action being taken would greatly enhance the customer satisfaction quotient here. AG? RGone?
  15. Another person with the odd number multiplier problem. Does 9X behave the same way?
  16. Many threads report that you do not need the sw IDE Driver unless you are running RAID. Ports 3 & 4 do not work above 240 HTT (or FSB if you want to call it that). If you have a hard drive in 1 or 2 and go above 240, you will corrupt the drive and it will not boot. 1 & 2 do not have this issue. Be aware if you turn off the SAT 1 & 2 controller, 3 & 4 will be reported as 1 & 2 in some places in the Bios.
  17. You just need to go into Advanced BIOS Features and set up your boot sequences and priorities. Under Hard Disk Boot Priority, you need to move the drive that you want your operating system to the top, and then set your First, Second, and Third Boot Device. On mine, I have my Floppy (removable device) as my first, my CD Burner as Second, and my Hard Drive as third. If you are setting up a RAID device for your operating system, you have to enable RAID on the proper drives first, save the BIOS, and then enter the BIOS. You will also have to build the array.
  18. new really good advance line As in new, or as in same as I just bought?
  19. Just as info. Bought the Centon 3200LL Advanced that was advertised here by AG. Getting some good results so far. 255MHZ at 1:1 with 2-3-3-00 1T. Don't have all of the requirements for Overclocking Data Base yet, but have run Memtest overnight clean (7 hours), OCCT Test, played Far Cry for an hour. All passes, no glitches. Haven't gotten past 255 yet, but once I find the setting that's holding me back, look out! Haven't tried much more than auto settings with 2.5-4-3-9 yet, so it's hard to say what is causing failure in Memtest #5, but I'll find it. Very decent memory benches so far.
  20. Well, I guess that I can assume that no one has any idea about what is going on. Practically the only thing in common between myself and Pred is the board. I just got the Centon Advanced 3200LL memory and am experiencing the same problem. Could be the memory controller. I've gotten less errors with higher voltages to the processor. Oh well, if only two folks are having this problem, it's just bad luck I guess. Sure wish any of the moderators would indicate that they have even read this thread, let alone trying to do something.
  21. Use Memtest to test your RAM. I had a similar problem, and it was broken RAM, stuff that I had just been using.
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