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  1. You are correct. ther is an optin in the BIOS to enable/disable Cool "n" Quiet. Questin remeains, Can the AMD Driver be ubistalled?
  2. Can the AMD Cool 'n' Quiet Driver be removed once installed?
  3. CPC stands for Command Per Clock. Disabled is 2 T, enabled is 1T. 1T gives significantly more bandwidth.
  4. BIOS reported temps will be reported as high until you update the bios.
  5. What if you disable it in the BIOS before you overclock? Does anyone know what having it enabled during an overclock actually does?
  6. The built in one never worked for me either, but, no real loss. A CD version works just fine, and doesn't require any work arounds, reconfiguring in the BIOS, or other things to waste our time.
  7. There are lots of threads out there that attribute this problem to the 7xx.xx series drivers. Many solutions, but, I haven't seen one yet that works for all. The most universal solution is to go back to 66.93 drivers, but, it doesn't seem to work for all.
  8. It's a separate download and install. On the DFI site it has a big warning not to install it if you plan to overclock, but, you can just disable Cool 'n' Quiet before you do, I think. On the AMD site it is the AMDCPU.exe download. You have to enable it in the Bios, install the driver, and set minimal power management in the power settings in control panel, so, you can't really enable it by accident. You can use CPU-Z to check. If it reports your CPU is running below stock on the multiplier, then it's installed and enabled.
  9. Do you have Cool 'n' quiet enabled? I've noticed lower scores in Everest if it is.
  10. Don't know about x10, but x9 causing errors is fairly common. There are also several people, including me, that can't get a clean run in any odd multi. There is apparantly no fix. If you search for my user name, you will see several threads with this problem, but, so far, no help.
  11. It depends on your CPU temp. If the temp is low enough, the fan stops. Freaked me out the first time. You can adjust the min and max temp in the bios in the PC Health section. Of course, I'm hoping that this is the cause.
  12. Excuse the noob questions, but ... When it says "Removed all IDE info from the Win2K/XP folders in the 5.10", does it mean to delete all files in each folder, or just certain ones? If it is all, then I assume you copy all files from the 6.66 Win2K/XP folder back into the 5.10 folders. If it is only certain ones, which ones? Again, I assume that they would be replaced with files from the 6.66 with the same names. Same for GART Driver. All files in the GART folder?
  13. I had a problem once where my IDE drive would disappear from my computer. It was because I had my hard drive set to turn off after x number of minutes. As my OS was not on this drive, and I didn't access it for much, it would turn off and disappear.
  14. The problem is that you won't be able to overclock past 240 HTT, as SATA 1 & 2 aren't properly locked. You will corrupt your hard drives.
  15. Where did you get the 5.10 and 6.66? Not from the NVidia site I'm guessing. The download from there appears to be just one file that can't be manipulated as you suggest.
  16. The decrease in performance couldvery well be because you changed to 2T instead of 1T.
  17. I've had 2 MSI boards, a KT600 and K8T Neo FIS2R. Problems with creative sound cards on both. Next to no support. DFI boards take some tweaking, but seem to work well once you get the hang of it. Never saw any offers from MSI to fix or replace my boards. Food for thought, as the Lan Party series wouldn't be as popular as it is if they were all bad.
  18. So, where is "Faroffistan"? Curiosity, why so insistent on location? What purpose does it serve?
  19. The NF3 only supports 1.5GBS, SATA 1 not SATA 2. True?
  20. I don't know how to tell what drivers to delete when using Driver Cleaner as both my Chipset and Video Card are NVidia. Is there some key to recognizing which is which?
  21. That's very interesting. My voltage doesn't drop. I thought what was displayed was the voltage available, i.e. the voltage max set in the Bios. I didn't notice that you were overclocked. DFI and this website advise that you shouldn't use Cool n' Quiet when you overclock. Don't know why.
  22. I thought SATA 3 & 4 are directly from the NF3 chip itself.
  23. Because the HTT has remained the same, and that is the voltage set in the BIOS. To lower that, you need to do it in the BIOS, or using Clock Gen. Cool & Quiet reduces the number of the multiplier, so, althought the HTT is still at 200, the processor is actually running much slower, so, less heat.
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