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  1. You will find that davidhammock200 will pooh pooh this power supply. I had an Aspire 500w PSU before the PC Power & Cooling I'm running now. The 12v ran a little low(11.85 by multi meter), but ran pretty steady. I have found no difference so far, except that my new PSU has an annoying whining in the fan. Annoying, as the rest of my rig is so quiet. I have not been able to find any postings regarding Aspire PSUs that would make me not trust them. Any reviews I have read have been pretty good.
  2. You definitly have a cooling problem. I've run a 2800+, a 3400+ Claw, and my current 3700+ Claw and never saw an idle temp above 35C. I use Cool 'n' Quiet. I disable it when I want to overclock. I haven't seen any issues. Download the proper driver for your OS from here http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...71_9706,00.html Enable Cool 'n' Quiet in the Bios, enable Minimal Power Management in Windows. Make sure your CPU multi is on auto. Works great for me.
  3. Case currently at 22C. All my fans, except PSU, on controllers and throttled back except when I need more. This includes my Chipset cooler.
  4. Man, you are the PSU King! I recently put in my PC Power & Cooling 510 SLI. It is the loudest thing in my rig. Not really loud, just annoying. It has a high pitched whine that really grates. Probably going to have to change the fan. Disappointing to ay the least. Good power though. Solid under load. I hope that it's worth it. So far, no discernible difference form my Aspire 500 watt, except I'm a lot poorer.
  5. Thanks for the reponses. I'll try different voltages. Stepping is A in CPU-Z, 10 in CBID, version 2.6. Not sure what all that means. Temps are good, 46C.
  6. Voltage in my original post equals 1.784, with OCCT and Speed Fan reporting 1.8, as I have already stated.
  7. Running the rig in my sig. If I try to push past 2.64 it fails OCCT. Haven't bothered trying any other tests. RAM at 166 divider, LDT/FSB at X3, Chipset Voltage 1.7, CPU Voltage 1.45 with 123% (OCCT and Speed Fan show voltage going to 1.8). Temps go to 46C. Testing at 220X12 (Passes OCCT) 222X12(Fails OCCT at 26 min mark) Thoughts?
  8. Uh... Yeah it does. I'm running 32 Bit Xp, and Speedfan works fine. Did you set Speed Fan properly? Did you set "Software Controlled" in Configure, Advanced, IT8712F at $290 on ISA, PWM Mode 1, 2 etc?
  9. Did you disable the on board sound in the BIOS?
  10. If you haven't already, clear your CMOS, and then reload your settings. From your description, it may be that the boot device isn't represented in your bios properly.
  11. Google is your friend. From WinTasks Process Library Description: nvraidservice.exe is a process associated with nVidia NVRaid. It is a hard disk utility required if you are using a RAID system. From Castle Cops: nVidia NVRaid - hard disk striping/mirroring utility for increased performance and reliability. Required if you have a RAID setup. From PC Review Description: nVidia NVRaid - hard disk striping/mirroring utility for increased performance and reliability. Doesn't seem to be required if you have a RAID setup as there is no performance difference without it
  12. Well, if you hate computers, this is the wrong board for you. I take it you are just kidding. Remeber, if you load default settings, RAID is not set up in the bios, so if you had RAID set up, you need to reset the Bios. Also, you have to check your boot priorities and sequence to ensure the the proper boot device is present and recognized.
  13. Could be the memory controller itself causing the problem. Though no expert, If I were you, I'd try bumping up the VCore to see if it stabilizes. Other things could be your LDT/FSB Freq Ratio. Did you set it to X3? You might try bumping your Chipset voltage to 1.7. Good luck.
  14. I use a SP2 slipstream CD. No problems loading RaID 0 at all, if properly set in BIOS and array created properly. Granted, I'm on the 250GB, but it is the same chip.
  15. I can tell you that the nuts in the DFI back plate will receive the thread on the 7700 posts. I have that cooler, not mounted now, and I just test fitted the nuts from the DFI back plate. The thing that I can't say is if the DFI backplate is capable of distributing the pressure properly, though it looks like it might. Remember that the Zalman cooler does not rest in a cradle, i.e. the top part of the DFI mounting. This means that all of the pressure exerted when you tighten the cooler is pulling up on only the posts. It may be that the plastic DFI backplate isn't strong enough to keep the board from warping.
  16. Not at all. I simply set something in the BIOS that wasn't stable in Windows, though it Memtested fine. I wish that I had thought of this earlier, so I could narrow down what setting is the problem.
  17. Here's a link to this problem. It would seem that having USB Mouse and/or keyboard enabled causes a problem. As stated in this thread, I just use a CD. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23823
  18. I believe that I have found the problem. I reset my BIOS to optimized defaults, and haven't had a lock up since. I think that I changed some of my RAM timings, can't remember which, at about the time the problem manifested itself.Worked fine all last night and this morning. Wouldn't post this evening when I hit the power button, had to clear the CMOS. Hope this doesn't become a regular thing.
  19. Unfortunately, yes. Plus, I'vr used my present RAM timings for quite some time before i started experiencung problems. If I have the speakers on, I get either a short loop or, most common, loud white noise. Last night, I had to giv up playing Halo, as it started happening frequently. Today, surfing and playing Serious Sam 2 Demo, it only froze once, and not during the game. Fun Demo, by the way.
  20. I've heard this before, but, this is only possible for non RAID IDE, correct?
  21. My Dad went crappy on me? Looks like a pretty good rig to me. Maybe it's time to get a job delivering papers or something andkick in your own bread.
  22. I've got a PC Power & Cooling stting on the bench waiting for me to have time to put it in. Hopefully, that will fix it.
  23. My rig is experiencing freezes in no discernible pattern. Sometimes during Windows boot, sometimes while gaming (Halo), sometimes while surfing the internet, sometimes while sitting idle, sometimes will go for long periods of time with no problem. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling N Force, Nvidia, Creative drivers and programs. Currently running 5.10 NForce, and 66.93 video drivers. I've tried different NForce and Display drivers. Have disabled differnt things in start up. Temps are good all round. Hard Drives passed Seagate tests. First noticed after installation of 6800GT card (have gone backl to 6600GT, no improvement) and upgrade of Fire Fox to 1.0.6. Since then have done clean install of system (XP SP2). Worked clean for a while , then problem appeared again. It started up after install of Fire Fox, which I've uninstalled, but problem persists. Event viewer shows nothing, in either system or applications. No overclocking since last install. Memory has passed Memtest, OCCT, etc. Anyone?
  24. Just use the NVidia 5.10 driver install.
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