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  1. Hi, Time to get rid of my babe: ATI x1900xtx 512mo retail straigth from ATI. the card is mounted with a thermalright HR-03 heatsink and a yate loon 120mm super quiet. the card is not overclocked and had great temperature even under load. what's included: The card with the aftermarket heatsink +fan the stock heatsink everything that was in the box when i received the card (cable and everything) The price would be $240 shipped to the lower 48 states OBO i have no clue what the card is worth nowadays but i bought it couple months ago brand new. card is working top notch, never had any problem with it. heat under blarf ebay under looneyfrenchy
  2. HI, I'm selling the following shipped: SanDisk Cruzer Micro U3 1GB Flash Drive, new in box- $30 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820171119 SanDisk 1GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Card, new in box- $25 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820180610 FEAR (pc-cdrom) game has been played couple times. didn't like it too much. $15 Thermalright XP-90 heatsink + 90mm enermax fan. heatsink has couples scratches from the processor. i could lap it before shipping it out on your request. $30 I accept non-CC paypal. if you don't agree with the price, let me know how much, prices are negociable. heat under Blarf ebay under looneyfrenchy
  3. Hi, i'd like to buy some computer speakers but i have no clue what is good out there now. my budget is about $250max (if it is cheaper, it is better). i mainly game but i also watch couple movies. i have a sb x-fi. what do you advice me to get?
  4. the "and more" is coming up soon.....
  5. i just got me an HR-03 for my ati x1900xtx since my accelero x2 just died
  6. Hi, i have the following for sale: F.E.A.R (pc cd-rom): the game is used (4times) but in excellent condition (except the box that is a little bit beat up). would like $15 shipped for it. GRAW (pc cd-rom): same as above, game is used twice, in excellent condition. would like $15 shipped XP-90 heatsink+fan: i have an XP-90 that i'm trying to get rid of (just bought me a ultra-120). The bottom is a little scratched from cpu. would need a little lapping job. if you ask me to, i can lap it before sending it out. all accessories included (even the box) it comes with a Enermax 92mm fan. would like $30 shipped Brand new AC Accelero X2 (in sealed package) for x1800 and x1900 series. looking at $22 shipped. i do accepted Paypal to confirmed address only. heatware under blarf ebay under looneyfrenchy Thank you more coming up soon
  7. yea, i cannot afford water cooling right now so i was looking at a really good air cooling.
  8. what air cooling would you guys recommand though???
  9. where is the cheapest place i could get the accelero at? (i'm in the US)
  10. os accelero would be the best bet then? you guys have any inputs on the MASSCOOL/SYTRIN KuFormula VF1-PLUS ?
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