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  1. Well the normal ATA ribbon cables have the little notch so you put the cable in the right way. Some floppy cables have this, but most floppy drives I've seen don't, so you should be able to take the cable out, flip it 180 and put it back into the drive.
  2. Flip the floppy ribbon cable around on either the mobo or the drive (not both!) and see if it works.
  3. What exactly is it corrupting? Are you seeing artifacts on the screen? Or do you mean actually screwing up files, because in that case I'm guessing it's not your graphics card.
  4. Has anybody installed the VC-RE without removing the motherboard from the case? I remember reading at one point that you could, by clipping off the plastic arrow things, then pushing them back through the motherboard and letting them fall to the bottom of the case. I don't think the poster tried it though, just suggested. Can anyone confirm? Thanks
  5. About the plat memtesting-- Did you run both sticks separately? The way I read it, you tested one, then stuck the other one in there with it. You have to test them both separately first, in case that second one is bad.
  6. Dude this isn't a chatroom... it might take a few days for somebody to see this and have some good advice for you. Maybe try re-flashing your bios to the latest version (several times) to make sure it's solid, or replace the CMOS battery? When it does hang, how many LEDs are lit up at the bottom of the board?
  7. I haven't tried it personally, so I don't know about the compatibility, but I'm sure you won't damage the board by giving it a try.
  8. Try loosening the mobo screws all a little bit. But yeah, it sounds like you're gonna have to RMA.
  9. Or if you want to go simpler, try getting a slow 80mm fan, and just sitting it inside your case at an angle so it blows on the chipset fan. Mine is loud too, when I'm gaming, and I think it's because it doesn't get any cool air passing over it from my intake.
  10. That's the fan on your heatsink, which is powered by the motherboard. Sounds like it's either the CPU or the Motherboard doesn't support the CPU. If there's absolutely no way you can get another 939 processor, it sounds like you're gonna have to RMA and hope you get one with a new BIOS.
  11. I would definatley call up Microsoft about that CD. Win XP isn't exactly cheap.
  12. You didn't bend a pin or anything when installing it did you? Is the heatsink mounted correctly with some thermal paste/pad between them?
  13. hmm... Is there a way you can get a hold of some old PCI video card to see if it will boot with that? Maybe reseat your CPU and cooler? Or just reseat the video card... Very strange problem. Good luck.
  14. I vote for RMA. The last LED there is "System start up" and then 0 LEDs is "System Boot-up". Definatley sounds like a mobo problem, but do you have an old PCI graphics card you can try just in case?
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