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  1. my chipset fan just died today....i need a list of chipset fans that work with this mb plz plz plz i did a search and found only evercool vc-re and thermalright hr-05 but i can't find those at any stores i'm have a x850xt pe video card just in case of space with new fan...plz don't tell me to search more i don't got time....thanks alot ps do i have to take the mb out of the case to install new fan....merry christmass to me...bah humbug
  2. it only happens when i'm play'n call of duty 2.....i've played every game know to man and it only happens in cod2 and always in different spots my video card temp goes to 80 (think 110 is max) my cpu goes to 45 (think 60 is max) my chipset goes to 45 (don't know max but its like 80 plus i think) what the hell is go'n on some help would be nice.....thanks edith:video card is x850xt PE
  3. http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/download.asp ..... i don't see it there..all i see is updates and the stupid play center.... maybe your talk'n about the audigy 2...would the audigy 2 software work for audigy 1 maybe i'm stupid and need a direct link edith: crap direct links don't work
  4. NO GOOGLE IS NOT MY FRIEND and i've already been to soundblaster and creative website, they only have the drivers and the stupid player..... like i said i've been look'n for a while now....if someone has the cd could they send me or upload Surround mixer, Device Controls, SoundFont, Speaker test , Task Bar, EAX Control Panel, Diagnostics and Restore defaults or if someone knows where i can download the cd that would be nice thanks edith: sorry AG i know this forum isn't the right place to ask this but maybe someone can help me out...
  5. i need audigy 1 software plz..... my center speaker and rear ones are so low i've been look'n for the past 2 hours can't find it some help would be nice also my speaker make a hisss'n sound when there no sound to the speakers...anyone know whats up with that, its the logitech 530 ones
  6. enabled/2/2/5/2/7/16/3/3/1/2/0648/auto/enabled/auto/0/level3/level1/7ns/5ns/256/enabled/16x/7x/disable 260mhz @ 3.6v's make sure you have some fans on the ram
  7. its your ram man....you can't get more then 230 at the 2.9 volts man you need more volts... try 3.3 volts i'm at 230 right now with 3volts....the ram doesn't like 3.1 3.2 volts from the 3.3v rail but it loves from the 5v rail cause its more steady.... edith make sure you have a fan on the ram....could be heat related
  8. lol you got it backwords man the dfi LOVES the gold ram.....you got to know how to set it up thats all its a little picky with some options.... @facedor try flash'n the bios again....i think your board is fine you just need to get a 24 pin PSU
  9. i think its your ram.....try a different brand if you have it cause people have been have'n problem with the same ram....or try just one stick in all the slots see if it helps edith: post your ram sett'ns so we can take a look at it
  10. lol AG i was just try'n to help the guy... my ram doesn't like 3.1+ from the 3.3 rail when i set it to 3.2 it only delivers 3.17 can't get full 3.2 on the 3.3 rail... its not as steady as the 5v rail i guess...
  11. try 3.0v's... they don't like 3.1-3.2 volts from the 3.3 volt rail......i can get mine upto 230 at 3.0v's...if you need more your go'n to have to change to 5v rail.
  12. why is my tv tunner lag'n...i had it in my old system and it never laged and my old system was total crap...it lag's for for like 2 mins and then works perfect and then happens again its random...what the hell is go'n on
  13. if its at auto it should work fine.... i think something else is make'n your restart... go to bios and load optimised defaults, clear cmos and restart... did you have any other ram in there before or something...maybe you screwed up your os maybe install it again.... i have some sett'ns somewhere if you need them i will post them but not sure if i have them for 3/10 bios....will check later on
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