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  1. That sounds like a power problem to me. Maybe do some testing on your power supply. Other than that try to keep your CPU under 50c at load and chipset under about 55c.
  2. Try putting your ram at 100mhz to take your ram out of the picture and see how high you can get your cpu to run. Then put your cpu on a muilti of like 7 and ram to 1/1 and see how high you can get your ram. That would be able to tell you which one is setting you back. Test your memory with memtest and cpu with prime and occt. Once you find out which one is the problem post it here and we will see what we can do about it.
  3. Try downloading something like speedfan,motherboard monitor,or everest home edition and see what temps you are getting. You could also try flashing to a different bios and see if that helps.
  4. Ok well I understand the fact that using conductive material on a cpu can be risky. Last time I checked so was removing the IHS. Thats why you do mods at your own risk. I had to RMA my motherboard back to newegg hopefully they will replace it or I will be out of commision for a while. Well the benifit to using the copper sealent is that it helps transer the heat better through out the HSI. I also noticed that if you use a little sandpaper on there to get down to the copper on the HSI could help too. Im gonna try some super low grit sandpaper on there so I can keep it very smooth but at the same time remove the nickel plating. Im still having complications with getting the camera so I will try to find some picture on the internet that I can use. I am on my moms computer and all my pics are on the hardrive of my computer. I had to RMA the board so I will have to redo the pics. Another idea is if you want to keep the HSI off maybe you could try to use some silicone caucking and put 4 spots in each corner. That should stop the heatsink from smashing the core and still provide a spongey surface so you can get the right fit. I dunno just some ideas. Just like anything else nothing is ever engraved it stone. Try new things and be creative and see what works best for you. No two people are the same so some things will work better for others.
  5. Trying to get camera off my sister. Then I will post some pics. This is working very well I'm impressed! Im at 2850 temps 43c.
  6. Try posting your problem on the americas army forums. Im sure they would be able to tell you exactly whats going on.
  7. I found a really good way to stop that core from cracking and shave off about 10c on your cpu temp. What you will need after removing IHS. A razor and some all copper gasket sealer from Autozone or car parts store. I tried it using the cpu naked and shaved off about 5c. Using this proceedure however I managed to shave off 10c+. This method is alot easier and doesnt require you to modify your cpu bracket. After succesfully removing your IHS. Clean off the factory thermal paste using isopropyl alcohol. Clean it ver good. Take your razor and cut off the factory black sealer around the cpu. Make sure you let your CPU dry really good after cleaning it so the sealer will stick good. Then take some AS5 thermal paste and put a drop on the core. Also put a drop on the back side of the IHS. Take a plastic sandwhich baggy put you fingure in it and smear the AS5 in circular motion on the inside of the IHS. Take your all copper gasket sealer and put a little on your razor and apply enough to seal the IHS to the CPU. Go all the way around the IHS. Don't over apply you dont need alot. Just enough to seal the gap. Sit the IHS back on the core staight. Push down on the IHS to assure you have made good contact. Then take a q-tip with alcohol and rub around the IHS to remove the extra gasket sealer. Let it cure for about 20 min. The clean the top of the IHS the same way. Apply AS5 to the top of the HIS and to your heatsink. Mount your heatsink and your done! I have tried this and it is working perfectly. This proceedure works just as well or better than running it naked. Also you do not have to worry about cracking your core or modifying your CPU bracket. Im using a Venus + 12 with the fallowing settings. My startup voltage is 1.350, vcore 1.350 + 123% for special. My Cpu speed is at 2835 still testing. My temp full load in OCCT 40c! Still testing! I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your system. I have throughly tested this proceedure and it works flawlessly.
  8. Man I just folded 6 days straight just to complete 2 WU's and no points for either. What the heck happened why no points? I take it some WU's are just for fun eh? lol
  9. Ok well I found out the venus is to wide. I got the cap off but had to put it back on because it was not touching at all. Well at least I got some better thermal paste under there. I guess I started a new trend the half naked cpu lol. Omg I just fired up speed fan and my temps are worse! I don't understand how. I got thermal past under the cap and between the cap and heatsink lapped and everything.
  10. Thats the same speed I hit on mine and it wouldnt go no further. Heres some things I noticed when trying to go higher. At your same voltage I got the same speed with stock heatsink and couldnt get no higher. I had to tear off the stock heatsink and put as5 and a Venus + 12 on there to get to 2808. I noticed it took alot more voltage to get any higher than 2754. I had to set the vcore to 1.350 and the special to 123%. I was able to get to 2808 and now Im getting the same problem. You start reaching the wall on your cpu when voltage starts to give less and less mhz. I recommend trying the latest drivers from nvidias site. Noticed windows hasnt got corrupted since I installed them. Well hope this helps good luck.
  11. Seams like I got to give it alot of vcore. Im at 1.350 = 123% for 1.648 cpuz reading. Oh so when people take the IHS off the just mount the heatsink straight to the core or do they apply as5 and put it back on. Sorry im not sure how this exactly works.
  12. Lol yah I really put that lead on there the second time. Good thing mine is already out of the case and stays on my desk lol. That would of been a beeeeeeeeoch.
  13. Well I hit a wall at 2799. If I take of the IHS do you think I might be able to get some more mhz out of it? 2799 -2808 is the max stable I can get. Also I was reading something about you have to have a heatsink that applys the right amount of pressure to secure the IHS to the core or something. Can someone please provide me with the steps and proceedures to accomplish this? My temps are excelent just cant get this damn thing stable at higher speeds. I want max powaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  14. Hey I just did this mod. Had a little trouble getting it to work. I took it apart and rubbed pencil on there real good again and put a dab of clear nail polish on there after I made sure it worked. The nail polish will ensure that it dont come off or blow off. Works great thanks for the tip!
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