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  1. Update: Got word from IoGear that they know about the problems with nForce4. Not clear who is to blame - but at least they are upfront that there is a problem. They suggest using a PCI slot USB card to work around the problem for now. Haven't tried that yet. Also, Linux works fine. Go figure...
  2. You can add my system into the kvm usb not working club. Direct connect of USB keyboard and mouse work fine. Through KVM (IoGear GCS1734) no joy. Very annoying as it works with everything else I toss at it - the KVM - and am generally very happy wth it. I have seen that other nForce4 systems have this problem as well not just DFI.
  3. Well, I have been away from this thread for a few days but I am back and have good news to report. My booting problem ended up having to do with my monitor. As many have said (including me) we were noticing the system booting but no image on screen. Using a VGA adapter works but no DVI. It turns out that the LCD input autoscan mode is the culprit. By setting the LCD's signal input manually to DVI-D I get video every time. That only took a week and a half and swapping every component I have. So, if you are having this problem - give this a try! :-)
  4. Different problem! You should look in the OCZ sticky thread at the top of the forum. The OCZ guys here are very helpful with these kinds of things. Sparx, are you sure? I'm a nice guy you know! The fellow on the eVGA forum wouldn't trade either. :-( It turns out that he has a SLI-DR too - I couldn't believe it. needmorestuff, are you gone! Are you leaving me!
  5. Quick update. Over on the eVGA forums there is a similar thread. One person says they RMA'd their card and problem went away. needmorestuff maybe there is a huge batch of bad nVidia chips cuz you have a card from Inno3D right? Well, as I said I have another eVGA 6800GT on the way to try out tomorrow or Friday. If I have to RMA my boards it shouldn't be that big a deal as eVGA is here in Los Angeles.
  6. Loxguard, are you using DVI? (probably if you have the evga) and did you try using the VGA adapter? needmorestuff, I also did not flash my graphics card, like Junkmail, so that is not the problem. I also have FOUR evga 6800GT cards and all have this problem. I have ordered some more stuff to test with, another 6800GT, X800XL and another motherboard.
  7. Hmm, that's not good. Maybe ATI people are having this problem too after all... I got a X300 card to try out. It has a single DVI connector so we'll see how it goes. Also, I do not think the 'three leds on' and then nothing is necessarily the same problem. If you are getting this behavior the system is certainly not going to boot. We are thinking that when this happens (3 leds) and you have to do a hard reset something in the BIOS is getting hammered. That might explain the Windows safe boot selection screen - we have seen this too. Muzz, hang out and maybe we will all figure this out.
  8. Consistantly? I could get DVI to work too. It's just that after a while it always stop working for me. So far using VGA it has been working (rebooting/power cycling).
  9. Thanks, I agree that once we all start working together to narrow things down we will get someplace. I cannot stress how important it is for you guys (at least) to get ahold of any ATI card to test with. Also, GET A DEBUG CARD! :-) It will tell you in more detail what is going on than the four leds can alone. --- Like I just posted in the other thread, lets just use one or the other from now on - this is getting confusing. I apologize for it because I am the one who started the other thread!.
  10. I think we all have at least a related problem. Surely the problem is intermittent. I think the one thing we can be sure of is that this is somehow an nVidia card/DFI SLI-D® problem. There are still no ATI people with anything like this problem - agreed? ----- Can we all decide to use one thread or the other?
  11. The plot is thickening! I got my hands on an ATI card (with DVI) and will try it out later.
  12. I would have to agree that it's invisible. When you say you can post dies that mean the system boots all the way into an OS and you just can't see anything?
  13. needmorestuff, I think you are having a board problem. That is, more serious problems than I appear to be having. You really should get yourself a post card.
  14. There are clearly lots of cold boot issues. Memory is not my problem.
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