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  1. i hate that error... i loosened my timing and reformated... solved the problems w/ both errors
  2. if you hold it long enough....maybe ull stop posting i mean...u really shouldnt do that.
  3. it could be from a service running in the backround....try running in safe mode...(F8) then tell us if ur cpu is @ 70%...also disable all services.
  4. lol no...im just saying that cuz wangerin is a friend of mine... :nod: i'mma buy one of those digital multimeter one of these days and test my rails...
  5. why dont u try connecting ur modem to pc directly. then u will see where the problem is.
  6. np...post us some pix... on full load u will see bout a 1 to 2 degree higher diff depending on the speed of ur fan.... i just set mine on high when i play videogames and benchmark...thats the only time u really need it that fast...
  7. I've ran memtest 1.55+ for 6hrs (30 passes)...and I've always run in blend in prime95... ROFL I POSTED IN THE WRONG THREAD...LOL!
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