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  1. mmmm as said before the truepower-II has a 24-pin. anyways...... YAY!!!! IT WORKED!!!!!! my board lives!!!! I SAW THE LANPARTY LOGO IN MY SCREAM!!!! IM SO F$ING HAPPY .......lol so much that it makes me forget how stupid i was... but anyways what i did was start from zero, my guess is the cpu since everything else is like before... but anyway thanks angry gamer for your offer and everyone else for your replies and im glad other people found their way to their problems trough this thread since mine wasnt that problem at all, but either way is cool. This was beta testing only, ill complete my installation tomorrow and post here how was it. ....man i was freaked out and now its like :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: well l8r
  2. man that was fast , i mean like super fast wow LOL. free shipping ? YAY lol...but i dont live in the usa , but i can arrange something , i live in the island of santo domingo, in the east part(dominican republic, we share the island with haiti), so yeah the island is in middle of cuba and puerto rico, thats just for the nourishment of your minds well anyway, wow shipping it to you, that means my problem is more than the wrong connection of power plugs,etc..... and is this like free tech support or do i have to pay u? i didnt get that part very well by far man u are the coolest person i have ever read a reply from in my life note--> Faroffistan? where is that?
  3. i know u are kinda going crazy to hear the news well here it goes: ATENTION ANOTHER DFI ULTRA-D DOESNT BOOT WHEN DYI-ROOKIE TRIES TO BUILD HIS OWN GAMING RIG. ok i hope u dont take this lame joke so bad, im really sorry if u are way beyond desappointment , but in other news.... so yeah i have the common symptoms, the "stand by" led is on and yellow, the diagnostic leds are all 4 of them on and red, fans are all working. So PCIE video card is plugged to the 6pin connector, 24 pin is where it belongs so is the 4 pin. only one ram stick is installed and its on slot 2 (orange) . I cleared the cmos, with the jumper and even removed the battery for 5 minutes as adviced on another forum(overclock.co.uk) the case speaker is plugged in and the mobo speaker jumper are set on. I didnt plug in anything else, not even the karajan audio., which i plan not to plug. that was 1st try.... second round....plugged in the hdd and fdd connectors, also connected the usb and fire wire of the case to the mobo. Also putted the cmos jumper on default mode, and yet the same result no nothing . I dont know why but there's a dark voice in my head that says karajan.....karajan.... and so on..... note-->even though i plugged in the fdd and hdd power connectors the drives are not plugged to the mobo, only cpu, 1 ram stick and video card are on the mobo. oh and i noticed that the front panel connectors diagram in the manual is not the same as the connectors in the mobo in the manual, in the mobo the upper row(when ram sticks are at the top of the board) is complete, but in the manual, #11 and #1 missing . so thats all i have to say. l8r
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