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  1. Same here Sata. Do you have anything hooked up USB other than KB and mouse?
  2. I installed my son's nano iPod to ours and during a reboot got the error that you are recieving. I have to make sure that the iPod isn't connected during a reboot. The nano version works off of flash verses the bigger pod that uses a HD.
  3. Sry about posting wrong board first time. Paul
  4. I'm looking at the DFI nF4X Infinity Socket 754 NVIDIA nForce4-4X ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail for $75 on egg. Can anyone give advise or point me to info on this board. When I built my my first rig in my sig I learned real quick to ask ?? first then order. I'm going cheaper on this build and planning on just gaming wow side by side with my son. Any special PSU requirements? Thanks Paul Oh forgot we don't OC our rig and don't plan on OC this one.
  5. My son and I play a lot of WOW and we've noticed that our Maxtor MaXLine III 7B300S0 300GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive seems to rummble a bit at times. When it does, it seems to cause the brief video "gliches"or pauses. I have been very pleased with our setup and runs great. Is there anything that we can check to make sure everything is ok with the drive? what are the best drives out there without alot of $$$? Thanks PLW321
  6. You are in the same spot I was in on my first build. Keep posting and let these good people help you out. How is it looking now? PLW321
  7. Where are the readings coming from for the GPU temps? I opened the side door on my case and try to drop the temps by temporary blowing a home box fan on them and still reading around 70 C, that's crazy. After gaming about 30 minutes and checking temps they are reading 77 C. Remember that this was my first build ever and I could have setup something wrong. PLW321 Thanks for the BDay email!
  8. Not even close dang! So let me make sure I understand. You changed the heatsink and fan on what? PLW321
  9. Newbie here HSF? Let's see if I can guess. Hardware Support Fan? I know once you tell me I'm going to say duh. PLW321
  10. I just had finished loading software and a watched video.
  11. I'm looking at the NVIDIA Monitor. What are the temps that would make you say ah oh. I have flashing red stuff. :confused: PLW321 CPU 34 C System 44 C GPU 58 C GPU2 53 C CPU 0.600 V Core 1.53 V Mem 1.58 V
  12. BB10 I just went thru my first build and the folks here are great. Read all the sticky at the top and create a sig and soon you'll be off and running. I posted some crazy mistakes that I made as a newbie and was walk thru troubleshooting. PLW321
  13. I wanted to drop a thanks to everyone that has helped me get this rig up and running. I'm afraid to post my fix because it's something that I thought that I had done. ExRoadie you told me to flash the BIOS and I thought that I had but..... Anyway after taking my FDD out of my old DELL and doing a BIOS flash everything is working great. I feel dumb but that's the way things go sometimes. One things of concern and maybe I missing something again, is on the DFI site when I select my board and goto BIOS I get "Sorry no data found". I would have thought that would be where to find the latest and greatest. Anyway thanks again.. PDub Forgot to update my sig. Bios 3/10
  14. Here's what is happening. We (my son and I) have never been able to game on this rig. We are having screen lockups and reboots. The fingers were pointed at the psu. I then moved from a seasonic 400 to a seasonic 500. I still have the same thing happening. It's not a temp thing the cpu is runing 32, 34. The other temps are 43 46. We aren't overclocking or anything like that because we don't even know how. We just wanta game. Thanks for your help. PLW321
  15. Is 1/25/2005 the latest and greatest for my mobo? I went to DFI and don't see any Bios versions at all. How about this FDD? SONY MPF920 Black 1.44MB 3.5" Internal Floppy Drive - OEM PLW321
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