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  1. 2t is the general rule but i've seen posts saying they run 1t. I'm happy with ram that does 250 because I hit a wall at 2.7gig speed. My cpu won't go higher without major cooling. With my 11 multi 244x11 is about max ( stable------). 260x10 = minus performance for me. Tight timeings make a difference when speed is limited.
  2. It looks like you could be asking 2x1gig or 1gig faster ram. I think dual channel memmory will perform better always. Running 2 sticks is tougher to set up but worth the probs.
  3. I use the dot method. The way my XP-90 mounts you'd think spreading it might be better, but i've had no probs. with temps.
  4. I use priority 9 instead of 10, checking temps can be a prob. at 10.
  5. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=85243 wbork.. I merged your thread into this one.. THunDA
  6. I've had good luck with the 704 bta's. I loaded optimized defaults, changed main settings (2-2-2-6 ) , and up'd volts. My vx runs great.
  7. I seem to hit a wall at 2685. My memory is good around 263 at 10 multi. Also i've memtested at 265x11 but couldn't boot to windows. Mine isn't a great overclocker but still runs great.
  8. max heat max use seems like stressing to me. The option to change priority is there. Prime wasn't made as a test program.
  9. when I stress test with prime I always run 9 or 10 priority. The higher priority setting uses max. cpu cycles.
  10. I had probs with my vx early when I used the 5v. leg. I rma'd a set and bought a ocz psu with externally adjustable volts and switched back to the 3.3 leg, I haven't had any problems since. I think useing the 3.3v. leg works better overall.
  11. wbork


    You may have to free up some disk space to defrag.. I think you need approx. 25% free space for defrag. to work.
  12. I thought my machine ran sub 40c temps at load, but found out that my cooler works really well and the cpu cools down in seconds. also found that my temps were closer to 50c when pushed hard. You're running less cpuv. than I use but temps seem real low. I run 1.64v. cpu 24/7
  13. Optimized defaults and memtest checked would be a min before a bios change for me.
  14. I cant start 1 of my sticks at 2.6v. , it needs like 2.8v.. I have to start single channel memory with a bios change. My system is rock stable even with a stick that needs more v. to start.
  15. Have you tried installing the problem stick after bringing up the single stick to normal oc settings. One of my sticks of vx needs 2.8v. min to start.
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