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  1. "Being depressed with life in general, you commit suicide by hanging yourself." Um...
  2. Hmm, I know I probably seated it wrong because I ran Prime and OCCT and my load temps were about 3-5C higher than my XP-90. I'll probably reseat it today after work and hopefully that'll fix things.
  3. Well, I got that sucker in after a snag or two. I couldn't find any 6-32" x 3/4" screws so I thought I could use some 6-32" x 1" screws with a couple of nuts on it so it would fit just right with the stock backplate but the heatpipes on the heatsink got in the way. So despite my stubbornness, I took out my mobo so I could put in the scythe backplate (keeping the plastic film on it of course). Everything else went fairly smooth after that. I'm just a little concerned that I didn't seat it well enough because I had a little trouble getting the clips on but it's probably fine. My temps are about the same when I had an XP-90 in here but I'm gonna wait for the AS5 to settle in before I jump to any conclusions otherwise I'll reseat it when I get my chipset replacement cooler and redo the SLI mod while I'm at it (I tried it again today but it didn't take :/). But it's definitely quieter so I'm happy about that. Thanks to shaolin for the advice.
  4. Haha, I might take you up on that. So what do you suggest I do about the sticky stuff on the backplate? Should I clean it off with isopropyl alcohol or just leave it with whatever's covering it? I'm still waiting on it btw.. damn UPS.
  5. I'm only using the stock backplate because I really don't want to remove my mobo to install it if I don't have to. So hopefully everything will go smoothly the way I'm planning it.
  6. I'm getting my Ninja today so I'll post here again to tell you how it went. I'm planning on using the stock backplate so I'm gonna pick up some 3/4" x 6/32" screws, seeing as the stock screws are too long as someone has said in another thread.
  7. I've noticed this too. I've gone to the P180 from a Super Lanboy and my chipset temps are ~2-4C higher in the P180. What's helped me a little was putting a decent intake fan in the top position in the front of the case. I've replaced the rear Tri-cool exhaust fan and put that in front as my intake fan. Only cooled the chipset about 1-2C but it's better than nothing. Also some people have suggested moving the SLI jumpers so that the two GPU PCI-E slots are at 8x/8x instead of 16x/2x and then moving your video card to the bottom slot. I would have done this myself but I my two PCI slots are occupied and my video wouldn't be able to fit in the bottom PCI-E slot.
  8. You don't need to remove your mobo to install the XP-90. All you replace is the mounting bracket that sits around the CPU socket.
  9. Excellent. I kinda scratched up my chipset cooler getting that gunk off while doing the Ultra-D->SLI mod so I'm definitely gonna get one of these. Plus, my board's reverted back to just an Ultra-D so getting this will just give me more incentive to mod it again and get it right this time. Thanks for the heads up, AG.
  10. 3200+ Venice @ 2700 MHz (270x10) 1.4v w/ an XP-90 and Panaflo.
  11. hmm, sounds similar to what happens to me when my monitor's refresh rate is on an odd setting
  12. A_G's avatar is the best evar! I can definitely relate.
  13. These boards are definitely quirky because sometimes this happens to me too. Are you getting BSODs? What works for me is to boot into safe mode first then reboot normally. I don't know why but it works for me.
  14. Wow, I wish I had the time and talent to do something like that. It's very sleek.
  15. There's nothing wrong with your sig except that FFVIII was kinda crappy and Squall's a pansy
  16. My brother just told me about this thing. Looks really cool. I wonder how much $$$ you'll have to fork over for one.
  17. My favourite feature about the PSU is the sleeved cables, make 'em easy to manage. Minor nitpick though: my Bluestorm's 12v rail was undervolting but it was pretty easy cracking it open to adjust the pot. All is well now. Thumbs up from me.
  18. Me neither. I just touch the case or PSU to ground myself then I get surgical on that b.
  19. Is there a disc in one of your CD/DVD drives? I'm not sure what's your boot order, but I had the same problem too. Then I realized I had a disc in one of my DVD drives that it was trying to boot off of. I popped it out, rebooted, and it booted right through. I had that long delay after the bootscreen too. I never did solve it and it pissed me off so I reinstalled Windows and it fixed it right up.
  20. I'm sorry for you loss. How old was she?
  21. To be honest, I don't think they look that great.
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