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  1. not really looking to overclock much past 10% on this rig just enough to juice up gaming performance a bit. but thats just for now i'm marking down those and a couple of higher end OCZ sticks for if i decide to go all out and OC down the road.
  2. I was bored this morning and decided to check a little deeper into ram prices and came across some ram that i think might actually be a much better deal than the mushkins i was gonna get let me know what you guys think. first one is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146898 if i go with this one i'll be ordering two sticks second one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820220006 I've heard great things about OCZ, and Patriot here and everywere else so when i came across those two offers i figured that'd be a nice upgrade to the mushkins.
  3. after some more research (while ordering parts) i've decided i'm adding another step to my building process i'm going to lap my xp90 heatsink i've been reading that this process smoothes out the surface of the heatsink making the contact surface even and its been reported to lower cpu temps and the way i see it preforming this process on an xp90 (an alread great heatsink) it will help with cooling and stability. :cool:
  4. i always work on a grounding mat or use a grounding band when i assemble my rigs (usually grounding band)
  5. yea your PSU is definitely on the weak side of things and there have been reported problems with the crosair ram and this mobo.
  6. i usually make my partition after formatting the whole drive then i load up Partition Magic and manually create them after the whole thing is formated and windows is on it :nod:
  7. yup i guess you're right so here it is
  8. lol well basically cause there wasn't much of one that was set in stone at the time. i have a nother post with my current parts list which was open to discression and it seemed to have passed. i'll put it in the sig now. (there were still parts that weren't finalized/still being researched)
  9. nm just answered my own question there the 6600 gts have SLI support
  10. Just wondering which Nvidia card can run SLI i realized the 6200s can't and now i'm coming to find most of the 6600s don't support it either
  11. Awsome i have heard many good thinks about them and OCZ in general around here lol everyone has talked me out of the thermaltake dual 12v i was gonna get. but as you read post you notice the vast majority of everyone around here has an OCZ psu so i figure they have to be one of the top 5 psus for running an SLI rig. :nod:
  12. well basically cause this isn't a parts related question (not being a d1ck). just a question of which board would be better for gaming.
  13. those are both winchester 3000s the venice cores are better and easier to overclock. i almost got the winchester model but i heard they have more problems with rams, etc so i just forked up the extra money for a venice
  14. as far as the montor goes i was thinking about going to a bigger 19" lcd but for the gaming comp its not as important (to me at least i'm currently using a 17" CRT and i've read reviews on numerous LCD of people switching from larger CRTs (some as big as 21") and liking the smaller LCDs way better). i am planning on buying a larger moniter later on for the multimedia build.
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