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  1. Problem on this PC only. On some folders when I double click, or right click on some folders to the context menu, I get the Search mode instead of Open. So then I have to close the search, right click to the context menu where Search is at the top and go down to Open to get the right result. Think this a problem in the Registry but need some advice on fixing it. I'd like to be able to change the sequence of items in the Context Menu. Thank you
  2. Followed erico's advice. Installed Bios 704-2bta from Tmos's 7.5 CD. System boots with Bios line of 07/06/2005-NF-CK804-6A61FD49C-00. It loads quite fast thru Welcome screen to the Desktop. It is consistent, solid and all the applications I've tried to date have worked OK. However have a major problem that I can't get the graphics card to work. The Device Manager shows: Radeon X700 Series Radeon X700 Series Secondary both are preceded by the dreaded yellow exclamation mark. When I try to update the graphics driver I'm told the driver I have installed is the best! The ATI Catalyst ControlCenter shows as installed in the Start - All Programs menu and with an Icon in the Tray, but when I try to display the ControlCenter it doesn't appear. Going through Start and clicking on the ATI Wizard results in the display of a very elegant 3-D box which says: "Catalyst ControlCenter Desktop Setup Wizard failed" Questions. [1] I flashed 704-2bta. Would I be better with 623-bta? [2] Have I resolved the BIOS problem already and the graphics problem is a new one, even after using it successfully for 18 months? Sorry to bug you guys, but I need to get this ATI card going too
  3. Have been through ExRoadie's procedure with about 2 hours on Clear. The boot afterwards seems to be the one from eSupport. Can get the BIOS up on screen but there is no Genie line. Windows tries to load with some icons on screen and a couple of dialog boxes. Can't do anything because the PS2 mouse cursor does'nt move. On latest try I finish up with a BSOD PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA etc, etc. ** STOP: 0x00000050 (0xE0A0BC9C, 0x00000000, 0xF835674F, 0x00000000) ** Ntfs.sys - Address F835674F base at F832E000, DateStamp 41107eea Should I try the Tmod CD now?
  4. Have downloaded Tmods CD 7.5.iso and burned the iso CD. Before using it switched off ac power and cleared CMOS for 10 mins then powered up and started the computer. Result: all fans on and front panel LEDs. No beeps at all and all 4 red LEDs on. Where now please? I've verified that the JP2 jumper is back on 1-2
  5. Yep. I really did pay for this update bios. It was from esupport.com in Andover, Mass. They claim "eSupport.com is the Exclusive Authorized Upgrade and Support Center for Award BIOS." Anyway thanks for the replies to date. I'm back on the job now and will download Tmod's BIOS CD to start with.
  6. Just prior to going from an Athlon 64 3200+ to a Dual Core 3800+ I purchased [from a third party] an update to my Award BIOS, downloaded a zip file, created a dos boot floppy and flashed the board. The Installation: simple, no trouble. The Result: total disaster. Cannot boot even in Safe Mode. If I boot from the original WinXP SP2 CD I cannot use the repair mode because I don't remember my Administrator password. Woe is me! Only suggestion I have now is can some kind soul post the previous 6/23/2005 BIOS with Flash program, in a bootable format, so that I can bring the mobo back to life. Please don't tell me I was stupid to start with - I know. This message being sent on my backup PC. Happy Thanksgiving. We had ours in Canada last month.
  7. Have purchased the retail boxed 3800 dual core w/ HSF. What do I need to do for best performance - before and after the hardware swop? [Like BIOS, drivers etc.] I am not a gamer. The old single banger 3200 is working pretty good. Thanks.
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