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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. At least I know I'm not the only one with the BIOS voltage issue. I originally flashed from 704-2bta because that BIOS doesn't have a 150MHz (CPU/14) divider that I needed. I ended up going back to the official 6/23-3 BIOS, which seems to be working fine and doing what I need it to do. It works fine with my Opteron 146.
  2. As the title says, I just flashed to the Official 11/14 BIOS. Increasing the voltage to the CPU causes the the system to fail to POST and it goes into an endless reboot cycle. As a test, I cleared the CMOS, left everything stock, and simply changed the voltage (startup and VID) to 1.450. Endless reboot. What gives? This is extremely odd. Previously I was running at 10x275 @ 1.450v and all was well. Ideas?
  3. I realize that.... BUT, The whole point of being a computer enthusiast is that we do stuff that voids our warranty and/or isn't supported. We push our equipment to the limits and squeeze every last ounce of performance out of them. If we only did things that were officially supported, overclocking wouldn't exist and neither would a market for the DFI enthusiast boards, which is why coming down on someone for using an Opteron in their DFI board seems a bit silly. I mean, hell, I just ordered a 146 like you've got. If I have trouble getting it to work I'm not just gonna say "Damn, well, I give up, this isn't a supported product. There goes my $$" At least offer the guy some suggestions or something.
  4. Uh huh, so then why do you have one listed in your sig? :nod: That's kind of funny...
  5. Where is this 6.67 Nvidia nforce4 driver you speak of located? I would like to try it out as well. EDIT: Nevermind, I found them at guru3d...
  6. The other fans in my system are the Cooler Master fans than came with my Praetorian. By themselves they would be fairly loud, but they're on a fan controller and are running between 7-9volts (depending on the fan). So, they're pretty quiet. I built this system with low noise at the top of my goals. Other fans include 92mm Panaflo M1A and Arctic Cooling Silencer 5.2 (100%) I also have a 300GB DM10 similar to yours. I can hear it over the PSU. But what I can hear the most is the damn fan on the NF4 chipset. I really hate the high pitched noise small fans make. True, your system is probably quieter overall than mine, but I just don't know how you could be hearing that NeoPower over other things in your system. My BIOS lists my fan in the PSU as running very slow. (IIRC about 1000rpm) That should be very nearly silent. Oh well, not trying to argue, just wondering how you can actually hear yours.
  7. I'm a bit confused about the guy claiming the NeoPower is the loudest part of his system. Mine is extremely silent. Perhaps he is really pushing it hard and the fan is running at a higher RPM as a result. This is definately one of the quieter power supplies I have used. It's much quieter than my old TruePower 430W. My NeoPower has been running my system fine since April. I've not had a single lockup... ever. I don't use all 4 power connectors. That's right, I'm a rebel. I hate the stupid y-splitter that came with my NeoPower with a 4 pin molex on one end and 2 floppy connectors on the "Y" end. This is the only floppy connector I got with this PSU, which is lame. This is sadly the only reason I don't use all 4 power connectors.... cosmetic. Although I doubt it would make any difference since I'm not overclocking to the limit and I only use 2.7v on my RAM.
  8. Only 3 errors in 28 passes isn't too big of a deal and leads me to believe there isn't anything wrong with the memory, just a setting or two that needs to be tweaked. Question is what happened during pass 22 that was different? Time of day? Was the room hotter at that time of the day maybe? Power surge or sag?
  9. Why wouldn't it work? It works just fine. Has nothing to do with CPU. You might be thinking of people talking about getting to 2GB by using 4x512. In that case having the newer revision CPUs helps, but it still doesn't matter about cache.
  10. The BIOS is not on the webpage. Why did they pull it? Bummer.
  11. The easiest way to fix the Maxtor being undetected is to set your unused IDE/SATA channels to "None" instead of "Auto". You must do this for IDE and SATA both. Sometimes when you change a BIOS setting the motherboard likes to change a couple of channels back to "Auto" so keep an eye on them.
  12. I thought to install XP upgrade all you needed was your old disc? You don't need to install Win98 first...
  13. That's the best answer I've seen yet... and it's quoted straight from the manual. Why I really posted in this thread was this: I personally find it funny that DFI went to all the hassle to make the board appear as asthetically pleasing as possible, make it easy to route and hide cabling, and then goes and puts these 2 power connectors right in the most obvious, unmanagable, and noticable place on the motherboard. I mean yeah, they have a purpose, but it totally ruins the sharp image of the board... oh well.
  14. I didn't connect either of the 4 pin power connections. I don't have any stability issues. I'm overclocking even.
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