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  1. Well, if thats the case, I dont see much point risking it out with a Mobile A64, since on an average it looks like they too do around 2.6Gigs. I have a good enough XP-90 to take care of the heat too. Any reason why i shouldn't go for a desktop chip instead of the mobile? Was hoping the 90nm A64 mobile's had potential, but looks like the models available at e-stores are just too early in production. Contacted Vandi anyway, to see what he has to say. Thanks guys
  2. Sorry about the siggie, added it . Didn't add it initially as you see, i'm still hunting around for most of the parts. Yep, they're Oakville alright What about the week stepping? I too felt its a little early in 2004, if its too early in production , that would mean a poor overclock as well. Also remember reading somewhere that the low-power transistors used in these low-power procs aren't too good at overclocking. I'm tempted by the other Mobile Clawhammers too, will think about it. However when i asked them for the week stepping for their 3000+ mobile, they gave it as : 0320 i.e. 20th week of 2003! How well would a recent retail desktop chip overclock? I see vega has his at 2.6Ghz, i was always of the opinion that the newcastles did at the most 2.3 -2.4G ?
  3. Hi, New member here so please bear with me Was reading around and came across these Athlon 64 Mobile 35W chips 90nm @ memoryexpousa http://www.memoryexpousa.com/amdatmo28754.html AMD has info on these chips too : http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Produc...1^11030,00.html Emailed tech support at memoryexpousa and he gave me the week from one of the parts as: Week (ABBDD 0424RPBW) I have a still-in-the-box DFI LP nF3 250GB board, and right now i need your advice for a cheap proc thats got good bang for the buck as per overclocking. These chips caught my interest, and i'd like some info as to whether these are good chips considering they're Mobile chips @ 35W and they're 90 nm too. Is the week good enough / poor ? I remember reading about a member FrostedFlakes saying he achieved only a poor 2.2ghz overclock with these (perhaps he could tell me what week his was from?) All in all could you guys recommend this proc or suggest a better alternative to me. Budget is paramount of course :nod: Thanks in advance!
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