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  1. How hot is hot? A lot of games nowadays can bring your vga temps up. I believe the max allowable temperature for a video card is 90 degrees celsius. Anything over and your cooking it. Try leaving your case open to see if the temps go down. If that works than you need some more airflow in your case. Also you can look at a vga cooler ( I believe arctic cooling makes some models for ati cards).
  2. Well I just got my 7800gtx Ko through eVGA step-up program. Man what a sweet card - big difference compared to my old 6800gt. Plus this one has a lifetime warranty :nod: The only downside to this monster card is the space it takes up, which is bad if you have a dfi sli-dr mobo. Because it blocks 2 of the 4 nforce4 sata ports and if I was to go sli, the other 2 sata ports would be blocked also. I'm not going the sli route but for those who are and have more than 4 sata devices to connect will be faced with some choices to make.
  3. Turn off your pc then unplug power cord then recheck your sata hdd and floppy connections (my floppy stayed on when I had the connections wrong) . If that doesnt work try clearing cmos.
  4. List your system's specs so people will have an idea of what you are talking about. Or else its a very vague question you are asking. :-)
  5. Try this link: www.marlow.dk/site.php/tech/usbkeys
  6. That's sweet!! Nice job! pro7070 Your one step ahead of me. I just thunk it and you did it!
  7. I just received my left side replacement panel from Antec today. Still the same plastic clips though. I guess I will switch to the new panel when I am not opening my case as much (I can mode the old one to work and maybe put in a window later). Antec sure was fast to send me a replacement- so no compaints here! And I still believe it's the best all around case out there, especially for quietness!
  8. You are lucky! It took me 2 weeks to get my system stable and I am still tweaking all which was/is made possible by this forum. Jeez does that search bottom ever work well when you use it! :nod:
  9. I used Arctic Silver "Ceramique" for my cpu. No complaints here! Temperature dropped a noticeable 3-5 degrees over the thermal compound that came with my cpu heatsink. A few reviews are on the web.
  10. JCamaro dont forget that you only have 3 months to trade in a evga card once you buy it. Warranty is good for life on all evga cards bought as of June 25. Anyways as I said I'm going through the step-up program as of now. I should be getting my evga 7800gtx KO next week. I will let you know how it goes (sweet deal to be getting a card that is 1.5 to 2 times better than a 6800gt-for $100 more, no complaints here.
  11. $569 US is different from $790 Canadian -you do the math. I forgot to mention that the step-up program is only good for the first 3 months that you own your card. As for the lifetime warranty, this comes straight from the evga site: The new warranty program applies to all retail EVGA graphics cards and affords the original purchaser lifetime coverage for as long as they own their card. The new program will retroactively begin June 22nd, 2005, extending lifetime coverage to the newly released retail GeForce 7800-based graphics cards. Definitely no complaints about my evga 6800gt ( I traded mine in to take advantage of the step-up program-only for that reason) They are both good cards with maybe evga a little ahead in the perks for now. I had encountered same problem as RED_STATE_RAY when watching dvd's it was actually a color setting that had to be set to all (cant remember what the exact setting was called, will let you know when I get home tonight).
  12. I maybe a little biased here but an evga card is definitely a good one to get. I believe they started to offer a lifetime warranty on their new cards. Also they have a step-up program where you can trade in your video card for a newer model-not bad(can only be done once). I am currently going through this step-up program. To give you an idea, I bought a evga 6800gt for $540. and through the step-up I paid $102 to upgrade to an evga 7800gtx ko w/ BF2. That's including shipping also (funds in canadian dollars). So $642. for a 7800gtx ko is damm good especially since I cant find one for under $790.
  13. The best bang for your buck if going for a dual core cpu would be the x2 3800. But if you are using it mainly for gaming your 3500 would still beat a x2 4800 with a bit of OC'ing and you would save a $1000. Personally I think those fx chips are outrageously priced, definitely for people with money to burn. Like Angry_Games said a 3700 or 4000 is your best bet.
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