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  1. The problem is: With the other RMA'd Ultra-D these modules were 100% rockstable with 200Mhz 2-2-2-5 and they've done 263Mhz 2-2-2-5 @ 3,4V with ease. But with the new Ultra-D i can't get them stable @ 2-2-2-5, you know what I mean? @ all: I'll look for the rev. in a moment... E: Fact is: AA0 was the old one...
  2. For the reason of RMA see Post#3! Where i can see the Rev.?
  3. Tested with Memtest this night - 2,5-3-3-8 is stable for 20 runs in Memtest... 2-2-2-5 no way! Any ideas?
  4. Thanx! But: The Memory is rated 2,5-3-3-8 and it wouldn't be a reason to RMA them if I say: "I can't get them stable on 2-2-2-5"... 2,5-3-3-8 - everything's fine... but 2-2-2-5 no go, i don't understand it. With the Ultra-D before everything was runnin' fine with this setting.
  5. The old one crashed after every Win install and i lost all data on the HDDs (tried 5 different)
  6. I just got my new RMA'd Ultra-D and i built up my rig. Everything's fine. Started - Optimized Defaults (Orange Slots, RAM @ 2,5-3-3-89 - installed WinXP - and so on. Then i wanted to set up the BIOS as before: Timings, Voltages and so on... With my old Ultra-D it wasn't a problem to run my BUFFALO BH-5's 2x512MB Kit @ 263Mhz 2-2-2-5 and 3,4VDimm. Now i simply set these Settings, only 2-2-2-5 - rest @ By SPD/AUTO as before. Rebooted - I don't get into Win - reboot - reboot -and so on... Then I set everything @ Optimized Defaults and just changed the timings to 2-2-2-5 and the VDimm to 2,8V. Started Memtest - Test5-200000 Errors :confused: Then ([email protected] 2-2-2-5): Single Channel: Test 2, 3 and 5: 80000 Errors on each Stick Changed the sticks into the yellow Dimm-Slots: Same Errors Tried BIOS: 704-2BTA, 510-2XCEL2UPDATED, 623-3 and 623-2: Still Errors and no go with Win Then i set it to 2,5-3-3-8 - the SPD-Settings...and everything's fine. BUT WHY I CAN'T GET THEM STABLE @ 2-2-2-5 AS BEFORE? I only changed the board - nothing else! Before it was rockstable with 260Mhz 2-2-2-5 but now - no go!
  7. Hmm, any Help appreciated, I want to control my Fan-Speeds! But without SpeedFan or anythin like that. There must be a way to get SG working on x64 but I don't know this f*#kin' way!
  8. Same here, i've just RMA'd them... 5 months with f#*kin Coldboot-Probs and I wanted to throw them out of the window...
  9. Hmm, yes, but I am using SmartGuardian over the months and won't miss it you know. I read something over at PlanetAMD64 where someone had editet the StartUp-Adress or something and got SG to work under x64. Already wrote him a PM but no answer yet.
  10. Please tell me what exactly I have to do to get it to work!
  11. Is there any Version out for WindowsXP Professional x64 Edition? I'm tryin the normal Version but had no go. Need this working on x64!
  12. loosen timings, more volts (not higher as 2,8-2,9!)
  13. Exactly the same problem, can't get past ~230Mhz, Memtest is stable, but Prime - No Way... Now runnin' at 200Mhz | 2,9VDimm | 1,5-2-2-0 ... Any help?
  14. Cheers 'Bro... Have Fun with your Stuff there!
  15. Please set Read Preamble Time and Max Async Latency to "Auto"... hope this works
  16. I got an AcBel 400W PSU, where the voltages are very very stable, i have measured these voltages with an DMM and if I set 1,4VCore in BIOS i have 1,407V on the DMM. Same at 3,33V=3,332V at the DMM and the only out of way voltage is the 12V, it's 12,21V at the DMM.
  17. ok, if mine is broken or has too low wattage, which psu should i choose?
  18. fan is spinning, i tried the other slot also!
  19. No, not big changes or something!? i really dont know And of course i tried clearing bios, i used the jumper and i have took the battery out for few days but no luck
  20. o sorry it was my failure, i mean 510-2! But i cant do bios flash without booting you know... the pc works just fine for two months until last week. Im not sure if it is the psu i had stable voltages every time
  21. I have now tested my Video card in my friends rig, ultra-d mobo too and the card works just fine! After that i have taken an old PCI video card and putted it into my rig and - nothing! Its definitly not the video card. But why are the two leds lit? :confused: NEED HELP! I have the 510-2 BIOS on my ultra-d, would i get it RMAed?
  22. If my Mobo doesn't detect my video card, in both slots, its definitly broken or what? i have no other pcie pc for testing...
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