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  1. your rig seems to be quite fine for that psu, you will even have already enough power for a SLI with that antec psu, I had it 2 months ago and it worked great, now I am using this crappy rosewill psu which I hate, now I miss my antec psu, I gave it to my sister for her rig. --.--
  2. OMG, my chipset fan just die, and ehmm where I live is not like I can find a replace for it right in the corner, I saw a while ago people replacing the C fan, but I can't find anything like they had to replace it, what can I do Help!!!!!!!!!!
  3. rma time, lol, funny, someone said the same to me , when I had to return one of my 6800GT to evga
  4. here is a stupid but weird question, can the constantly defragmentation damage your hdd?. my brother has his rig defragmenting all night, and lastnight he was on the pc while the defragmentation was done and then in the middle of it, boommm the pc shutdown, then after no hdd detected plug in other pc and nothing it just die, so could this be cause of that or just the hdd dying.
  5. I had the same problem with the pwnmic area, all I had to it was remove the cables from psu and ide off the way, and there you go pwnmic temps 36°C, before they were around 50°C which was too much for my taste
  6. Everything looks fine, just the thing of being lucky to get the right rev of that opteron some rev OC better than others.
  7. I dunno why this game is like sometimes stopping like lagging, others games I play run smooth like quake 4, unreal, fear, heavy ones, and this need for speed in 1024x768 full detaill is just freezing like for not even 1 second but it does you can see the time when it does, so i mean i have a decent pc, not like a dual core, but cmon is this heavy the game or it has an issue?
  8. oh ok thanks man, well I check it , and it has a compound a white one, like harder then the thermal grease, over the memories and I just apply some thermal grease on the chipset, but still only drops like 5°C, it making good contact and my case is open :S dunno, sometimes I am Playing and it locks like for 0.2secs not even one seconds but it does lock.
  9. yeah the vantec nexus controller I use it does it has a converter either 3 pins or 4 pins fans can be plug in, and through the fan controller they receive the power to run
  10. I use the fan controller for my HSF, is better then throw it to the mobo or anything it else, besides that the fans will be control as you desire them to run,quiet or full speed, so better use the fan controller, I have one too, with 3 fan controller. hope that helps
  11. I just got my new vga, and the temps are way too high for what I think they should be not too sure, never had this card before, but is showing 66ºC idle and 80-90 Full Load, I think this is very high, so my question is, is this normal and what can I do to reduce the heat on it. Thanks
  12. I have my evga 6800gt and is idles at 65°C and it will get to 91°C full load, this is too much man :S, will this damage my vga soon or later?
  13. that happened to me all the time with the smartfguardian, then I got a fan controller, after that all fans are quiet and constanly running.
  14. with my venice I use it with this settings 250x10, Vcore: 1.375 Above Vid:113% 32 Hours prime stable.
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