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  1. oh aye i know, but never thought to check it, was thinking it was a bios bug or summit
  2. ahh thanks, i dont have my manual here tho
  3. Hi, please can anyone tell me how to wake my pc via the keyboard / turn it on.... the power on by Any Key or Hotkey dont seem to work. Is there something im maybe doing wrong? Also i have a kvm which im wondering might be a part of the prob. Thanks N4N01D
  4. i dont bother talking about speeds that arent stable, its dropping at 2400(220x11) 4xldt 1.44v 1:1 core 0 is the runt of the 2
  5. be careful my 4400 is clocking REALLY badly, i am fighting to get it stable at even 2300mhz, see my sig for stepping details
  6. na i was running cpu-z extracted, same problem, its just SP2004'd for a few hours now without any problems on both cores, i think cpu-z is deffo to blame with this 0529 imo
  7. yea it says 2 cpus in the bios, since sandra picks it up ok couldnt it just be cpuz?
  8. i have just formatted/reinstalled windows xp, i have just installed 6.66 nforce drivers, 77.77 geforce, a64 driver (just to be sure) thats it!
  9. i think there is a bug with cpuz that it doesnt show voltage, maybe the next release will fix this problem?
  10. na as i said i formatted and reinstalled just to make sure that wasnt the problem, ill go compare your settings from the database but just keep the clock speed as stock. Edit: just downloaded the latest sandra, it seems to show up ok, wonder is it just my stepping and cpuz causing a problem ? :s
  11. hehe its SLI-DR and 623-3, im starting to think its a fault :s
  12. thats what i had heard, but i cant understand why im getting one saying
  13. Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, when i run the latest cpuz and select core 1 it says the standard 2.2ghz but when i select core 1 it says 1mhz, im running 623-3 and have just done a fresh windows install. Note : ignore bios settings in sig they need updated from my 3500 Any help ? Thanks N4N01D
  14. thanks, i should have worded it differently rather than 'best' bios as there is no best bios, maybe "what bios's are people using for the slidr on the 4400" or similar the search function was used however no results matched what i was looking for as some where posted previous to the newer bios's being released Thanks, ill check it out when i get mine
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