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  1. you guys make it sound like you cant do . for anyone unless they have a sig with detailed info. he actually gave everyone here all the info they needed to know to help him. his mobo what video cards and the fact he is running SLI he is just askign for advice. he entire system specs arent really needed. maybe if he is running SLI, it would be worth mentioning, but to have everyone and thier crapking mother hound the guy to make a sig is kinda stupid. how about just answering his question, and mention that he needs to make a sig for future posts. i have seen countless times when a admin or some other noob who only joined this site last week will post just to say you need to make a sig. they dont offer any kind of help, or try to. anyways
  2. so what do us 64 bit users use in the mean time?
  3. clean install of XP64 bit installing and trying to run smartguardian i get a runtime error 48 File not found Itevio.dll now i installed this off the CD, and also downloaded it from DFI website. i would like to get this working on my comp. any suggestions?
  4. this isnt the 3603 tygon that people normally try to get. while it is Tygon branded, it is for beverage use really. also, the tygon 3603 tubing has a different fell to it than this stuff. it can also bend alot more without kinking. this stuff can not and it will kink. i bought some of this stuff and i didnt bother reading it fully thru to realize it wasnt actually 3603 tubing. i still used it in my rig, but until i get some real 3603 tubing, im just using the extra stuff for my fish tank. while this stuff will work just fine, i wouldnt really recommend it to anyone water cooling. you need some good clamps for this stuff as it is pretty stiff and will leak. where as the 3603 tubing wont even need a clamp on it.
  5. only a score of 87xx with a 6800 in SLI? i would think you should be getting scores of atleast 10k to 12k in a SLI setup. hell, my single 6800GT can push out over 6k, so seeing a SLI setup with similar cards and only gaining 2k pt increase makes me think that SLI isnt all that great, or you have some settings that uou need to seriously take a look at.
  6. here is a good 19inch LCD for you http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824001185 i have this same exact model, and i am very very pleased with it. something noone has mentioned yet, and i am very surprised is the response time.( ok some mention of reponse timeing.) for gaming, anythign abovt 12ms will not do. lowest you can get a 19 inch is 8ms and when you move up to the larger LCD from what i have seen, the lowest you can get is 12ms. you will hav ghosting issues with anythign above 12ms. Brand SAMSUNG Model 915N-Black Cabinet Color Black Display Panel a-si TFT/TN Screen Size 19" Display Type SXGA Maximum Resolution 1280x1024 Recommended Resolution 1280x1024 Viewing Angle 160°(H) / 160°(V) Pixel Pitch 0.294mm Display Colours 16.2 Million Brightness 300 cd/m2 Contrast Ratio 700:1 Response Time 8ms Horizontal Fresh Rate 30-81 kHz Vertical Fresh Rate 56 - 75 Hz Connectivity Input Video Compatibility Analog RGB D-Sub 1 Convenience Regulatory Approvals TCO '99 Built in Speakers No Dimensions Dimensions (W×H×D) 16.4" x 16.7" x 8.5" Weight 13.2 lbs Warranty Manufacturer Warranty 3-Year parts, labor and backlight this LCD can compete against any 21 inch CRT anyday. it may not be able to hit the high resolutions that a CRT can.. but you get just as much display area as a 21 inch and a small footprint on your desk. plus less wattage usage and wont throw out your back lifting it up. plus.. its only $329.00 im sure you could find other CLDs that are better. with a $1k budget.. im sure you can get a really good one. but for this price range, and for what this LCD does... you cant beat it. i use mine for gaming. CS:S, WOW, and anything else that catchs my interest
  7. 6013 with rig in sig http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=902289
  8. your not running optimized settings if your changing the timings. honestly with the 510-2 BIOS, you do not need to do anything other than change your volt for CPU, Vdimm and LTD. CPU change to 1.3v with a 1.23% Vdimm change to 2.8v LTD change to 1.4v other than that, leave your memmory timings default. it should default to 3 3 3 7 i am running my rig @ 285X10 and i am 100% stable. i superpi @ 29.2 OCCT pass Memtest Pass 8 hours + all 3dmark tests pass now i admit i could tune my memory a little better, but for stability, it is perfect where it is.
  9. i flashed to the 510-2 BIOS on my SLI-DR mobo and other than adjusting voltage on CPU to 1.30 + 123%, LTD to 1.40 and VDimm to 2.7 everythign else is default settings and timings. i am 100% stable. compelted Prime95, OCCT, and all the other benchies 2850 mhz = 285x10
  10. i have no problems running HL2 or CS:S or any other game now @ 285x10 i was having game lockups with WOW and CS:S because of my memory timings. since flashing to 510-2 BIOS that has gone away.
  11. i wonder if you could put some neoprene(SP) around the chipset to help stablize the HS. i havent taken the chipset HS off yet to inspect, as my temps normally float around the 40 to 50C area. but i wouldnt mind helping stable that area as that chipset HS is kinda a bad design and a bad area
  12. yes 3dmark05 is heavily based on GPU than CPU. with my main rig i can score 57xx my backup rig is somewhere in the 3xxx
  13. dont bump that voltage up. put it at either 2.8 or 2.9. no need to go any higher. first thing, flash that BIOS to 510-2 put both sticks in the orange slots. power up, load defaults in BIOS, and before you reboot make sure you change the voltage for CPU Vdimm, and LTD CPU Voltage 1.3 + 123% Vdimm change to 2.8 or 2.9 LTD to 1.3 or 1.4 you should be done. this is what i have runnig right now with default timings. 3 3 3 [email protected] 285 HTT @ 10 multi. now, this BIOS ver is the best pile of poo that has come out so far. the board is great.. the idiots writing the BIOS are kinda crapkered in the head. the BIOS cant read the default voltages for the CPU, Vdimm or LTD, and sets a voltage thats too low and it wont boot. thuis should solve your problem. now i dont know what timings you will need to fine tune your comp, as i am still trying to figure that out myself with limited help here and from OCZ. im just not asking in the right places. but like i said, this should get you going. if not.. its somethign else other than your memory
  14. www.frozencpu.com good company that i have spent hundreds of dollars with, and would spend hundreds more if i had it. they have everything for your comp. everything from water cooling parts, lighting, side panels, case parts, peltier parts, and so on and so on.
  15. could make life easier and just reinstall your OS. just make sure you are stable, or stable enough for you and format&reinstall. i can get XP fully installed and less than 30 mins or less, not including software. this is just straight from the XP CD. maybe 2 hours for the rest of the software. after about a month of playing around on the comp, and i feel everything is ok i may create a image of the drive to simplify the process if i need to reinstall again, normally about once every 3 months.
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