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  1. Do motherboard and computer screws inside the computer case have to be tightened once and a while? -jec
  2. Thanks, mayson, this does work, however i have opened the program i am checking recently and want to view when it was opened yesterday. Do you think if i do a system restore to yesterday, the prefecch date will change as well?
  3. thanks for the reply. I checked out system restore and was not able to find anthing that logs applications opening and closing. Anyone else have any ideas?
  4. Hi, do any of u computer gurus know if there exists a windows xp log of some sort that keeps tracks of the date and time of applications opened such as ms word?
  5. Is it true that turing the comp off every night and back on in the morning will decrease the lifespan of the computer?
  6. Has anyone's nf4 dfi mobo died a natural death yet? Just wondering. -jec
  7. Just installed the audigy. Not a problem. However, I did notice that my tv tuner card (in the first slot) uses the same IRQ as my video card. Not really a problem but I was wondering how I could fix it. Anyone have ideas? -jec
  8. Angry, is there a reason why you use the last pci slot instead of the first? -jec
  9. same here. Not a problem yet. Just buy quality parts that are proven to work together.
  10. Is is necessary to go into bios and redect IRQs after installing the sound card or moving a pci card from one slot to another? -jec
  11. I'm about to install the Audigy 2zs. I am wondering whether to install it in the lower or upper pci slot. I've been reading posts with people that could only get the card to work on the bottom slot and others that got it to work on the top slot. Please post what works for you. Also, are the newest audigy drivers campatible with the newest nf4 chipset drivers? -jec
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