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  1. bld, what do you mean? Vista obviously has problems but there's no problem with Vista being discussed here. Just a problem with DFI's inability (for whatever reason) to support FSB changes and sleep mode...
  2. Haven't seen this discussed anywhere but I noticed that AMD's price list had been updated as of today. After comparing it to the old, only the single processor Opteron lines (1xx and 1xxx) have been cut. May not seem like much but for those still stuck on the 939 and waiting to go dual core, now's great! The Opteron 165 is now only $93 on AMD's list (used to be $149) and the 170's now only $112 (used to be $186). I see NewEgg has already hit $106 for the Opty 165s and $135 for the 170s. It may drop a bit more of the next few days so if it isn't urgent it's probably better to wait. But you Americans are of course spoilt for choice with cheap 064X Toledo 3800+ 939s available too which are said to OC great.
  3. I don't know if it was necessarily a flop. Sure it was crap compared to the C2D but this applied equally to the 939. AMD needed a platform to compete with the C2D and for various reasons the AM2 was better then the 939 (including the fact it helped prepare the market for the AM2+). AMD just couldn't pull something that didn't exist out of their asses so while the performance advantage of the C2D may have been a bit of shock to AMD but ultimately I'm personally not so sure they could have done much, other then pricing the 939s more competitively in late 2005 onwards to gain market share before the C2D existed. After the C2D launched there was nothing they could do but compete on price which they did (IMHO resonably successfully at the low to medium end). For those of us with the 939, sure the AM2 move sucked but well that's life... (It's not as if things have tended to be much better on the Intel side anyway) How the Barcelona is going to perform is of course the $64k question. Personally, I don't see any reason to think it isn't going to at least be competitive with the C2D.
  4. But if the performance difference is so small that the added cost is not worth it, why would AMD bother? Adding extra L2 cache which adds cost and is likely to reduce clocks is simply not worth it if the performance difference isn't enough to merit it. These are the kinds of factors the engineering department is supposed to decide based on the technical merits and we can presume they did. I don't see any reason to presume the got it wrong when the processor hasn't even been tested (and of course you can never really know if you don't have a 1mb L2 version to test).
  5. The pink ones are for if it's a girl, the blue ones for if it's a boy...
  6. I think this is a good explaination. The Xeons have there intended market which is the same as the Opterons. The C2Ds have their intended market which is the same as the A64 X2s. When I said there was no competition, I didn't mean none at all but basically that it's largely inconsequantial to AMD (and Intel). There is obviously always going to be some overlap but this overlap is small and doesn't IMHO affect the pricing much. (The enthuasist crowd is of course completely irrelevant when it comes to pricing) AMD is only really going to feel the heat to change Opteron pricing in response to the Xeon. If people are willing to use the C2D then they're likely to be willing to use the A64 X2. And AMD are already doing the best to cover that pricing wise. It's only those that can't afford to use the C2D/X2 that they have to worry about, those that are going to choose the Opteron or the Xeon. Of course, if the price gap between X2s/C2D and Opteron/Xeon get's too large, then the overlap is likely to increase and this is not going to be a good thing for AMD or for Intel but again, this applies to both of them. So really IMHO, I still think my original thinking was right. The C2D is mostly irrelevant when it comes to whether AMD is likely to cut Opteron prices. The Xeon is what matters... P.S. I'm sure there are some who would choose the C2D or the Xeon or Opteron but not that X2. But this market IMHO is unlikely to be of great significance
  7. When it comes to the C2D, the Opteron isn't competing against it so that's kind of irrelevant. The Xeon AFAIK hasn't had a price cut recently so it seems less likely to me that AMD is unhappy with the current relative prices. Comparing Xeon vs Opteron prices locally they both seem to be relatively competitive with each other. Remember overclocking potential is largely irrelevant when it comes to how competitive processors against each other since that's not the market that's important to AMD or Intel. Indeed this looks to me to be similar to the X2 vs C2D market. When it comes to overclocking, sure C2D comes out ahead. But when it comes to stock, from a price/performance standard they're relatively neck to neck at the low to medium end...
  8. I believe AMD last cut the Opteron prices in early February. Anyone heard anything about future price cuts? I had thought it might be in June or July as the Barcelona had been expected to launch around then but given that this now appears unlikely I wonder what AMD is going to do. (The A64s prices of course were last cut in April and) C2D are being cut in June (or was it July?). But nothing that I've heard of the Xeon front. And Tigerton isn't going to launch until Q3 according to Inquirer. So doesn't appear to be any direct competition there. So do you think AMD will wait 'till August or September for the next cuts or will they cut them perhaps in June and then again perhaps when the Barcelona launches? Cheers
  9. I have a 939. I'm going to upgrade to DC soon. The only thing which annoys me is that the 939 CPUs are still so expensive. If I could get a DC are the AM2 prices I wouldn't care. Still I understand why AMD needed to go to AM2 so I just have to live with it. It's not as if I would have been any better had I gone with Intel anyway since I wouldn't have been able to use the C2D in my P4 mobo (heck I probably would have ended with a mobo that couldn't even have the crappy P-D)
  10. I would recommend you go with the X2. Actually personally if I were you I would go with the 3800+. I'm going to be upgrading soon, probably to the Opty 165, if only I could get the 939 3800+ at the price you can I would just stick with the 3800+ and hope for the best
  11. From XtremeSystems I've been hearing they're getting 2.8g from the 165s. Expect 170s to be similar
  12. I've never won an SLI setup or been interested in one and since this isn't mod related, it would be best to ask in another thread, maybe not even in DFI-Street. However I would expect you can overclock an SLI setup. But it's possible that certain aspects of the card are pushed harder then normal or are more crash prone in an SLI setup therefore OCing is more difficult and less likely to have success in an SLI setup. Of course, in an SLI setup, you're effectively limited to the lower of your two cards in both memory and GPU since running the cards async is AFAIK a bad idea and probably won't help much anyway. I presume you've test both cards seperately beforehand to find out their individual maximum stable OC? What did you use to test them? Been a while since I OCed a video card but 3DMark2006 or 7 for 12 hours straight would be my recommended minimum. Don't forget to occasionally look for artifacts.
  13. I'm pretty sure that if your mobo needs -5V nowadays, it's almost always specified (the only ones I know that do are MSI? or some brand with SB Live chips) because of ATX 2.2 and the absense of -5V in many specs. More importantly, if your mobo needs -5V and you don't have it, your mobo is just not going to work at all or will have very severe consistent problems. It won't have intermitent problems like cold boot ones
  14. Yes you are making a contact as has been discussed so many times. You can try soldering and others have done so, but unless you are very confident with your soldering skills I wouldn't recommend it. You could easily damage something unintentionally. gear: It's unlikely your problems have anything to do with the mod IMHO. It could be a power supply issue (with a 550W Sparkle seems unlikely but don't rule out a dud), a heat issue, an OS issue, a driver issue, a card issue or any number of things.
  15. Actually the colour of the pencil doesn't matter. Depending on the country and brand, they can be red or green or yellow and black or other colours. However in most countries there's no such thing as a no 2 pencil anyway I believe B or HB is the closest equivalent.
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