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  1. i watercool, but I have a 220CFM Delta blowing on the mobo :nod:
  2. Yup, you can't just assume your ram is the problem so many things can go wrong. Good thing you had a buddy with a similar comp :nod:
  3. the fan that your using is pretty weak(CFM,Pressure) I suggest you getting a better fan that pushes more air, with more pressure. Look into the 3-Blade Delta's.
  4. I would use push, as most people do. There is some people that use it in the sucking(reverse) way and find better results, its good to experiment with it.
  5. very nice I was thinking of buying one of these..... and slapping on my Delta GFB 220CFM fan :nod:
  6. Yup sidewindercomputers is one of the best retailers if you want Delta's there the place to go :nod: btw how does the SI-120 compare to the XP-120?
  7. I'm a PSU master and I would suggest.... 1) PCP&C 510 Express / ASL 2) Zippy/Emacs 700w 3) OCZ PowerStream 520w (the 600w version is sh!t) 4) Silverstone zeus series.
  8. I'm pretty sure it will work, just set the ram to 2T
  9. I'm almost 100% sure you just need to give that operton more juice
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