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  1. So far i cant notice any performance drop with dividers. But if u're planning to buy E6300 / E6400 which has low multiplier, u need a very good ram, at least capable of ddr800.
  2. i wonder if the problem does effect user with raid setup only.. coz seems like i've no problem at all.. last time everytime i played winning eleven 9 it always hanged but the problem solved when i install the ULI driver from nvidia website. i just finish downloading visa beta 2 32bit and hopefully no problem. just i dunno where to find this board audio driver for vista 32..
  3. i've been running 270x10 1:1 since yesterday and it seems stable. vcore is 1.4 in bios but 1.39 in smartguardian.. it's good since my ram cant go pass 265 with my expert..
  4. so far i managed to run 250x10 1:1 on my system without any problem... the only problem i've now : it seems like my mobo cant detect my gfx.. adapter 0 not found.. i try to flash using flashrom at adapter 1 but also not found..
  5. thx! now the problem solved with all the 3 drives on ULi. by the way, issit necessary to remove the SIL driver? sorry for asking so many question but i'm afraid one mistake will put me under bigger problem.. another thing is, why my system doesnt detect my xtx ? i put it in the top slot and when i tried to save the bios either with ati tools or flashrom in dos, it said that no adapter 0 .. i want to flash my gfx with the toxic bios
  6. finish installed windows, x-fi currently unplug, but i dunno why windows cant detect my raptor hdd that is in slot sata 7 seagate 250gb sata II --> sata 1 wd 250gb sata II ---> sata 2 raptor 36gb sata ----> sata 7 but in windows only got 2 hdd.. aha and my super pi got 51secs.. the lowest i got since my amd barton day...
  7. thx for the help cadaveca.. now i cant wait to try my cf3200 owh by the way i'm using logitech g15 keyboard and razer copperhead mouse .. dang.. both r usb~! isk...
  8. wow cool.. is that mean if i uninstall my nvidia driver + clean the registry so i dont have to format my windows when i put on this cf3200? ok so now i decide to : 1) install the mobo like usual 2) both 250gb hdds on the ULi sata port 3) raptor on the bottow sata port 4) x-fi hold on 1st .. rite now i only have headphone n i'll see how azalia performs anyway do u guys have any words in installing windows? bcoz last time quite many got problem with installing windows on DFI expert but mine was running smoothly.. and do i have to install the F6 driver?
  9. i guess u r rite.. after reading some of the pages i've become afraid and i just try to take some precaution so all i need to do now is install the mobo like usual first.. eh and why i cant find any latest driver for this mobo at ati chipset ? just like nforce driver at nvidia website thx to all~!
  10. thx for the reply cadaveca so thats mean i can use any bios because 1) i'm not in raid 2) i'm not using crossfire (well not yet) 3) i cant use the x-fi bcoz it will conflict with the IRQ and why u said that i'll want to use one of my drive on the other controller? why cant i use all the 3 drives on the ULi? anyway if i must use the other one on the other controller, it should be the raptor rite? bcoz raptor doesnt support sata II.. and ULi is the only controller who supports sata II.. thx again~!
  11. damn.. i just bought this board without noticing this thread .. ok here is my spec: AMD Opteron 170 ccb1e 0551 vpmw( with current dfi expert i always run 24/7 @ 260x10 1.425vcore) 2x Gskill HZ pc4000 (260x10 3-4-4-8 2.66vdimm) Gecube x1900XTX non oc 1x 250gb Seagate Sata II NCQ 16mb 1x 250gb WD sata II 16mb 1x 36gb WD Raptor i never run my hdd on raid 700w Fortron Epsilon 1) ok, so can u guys plz tell me some important thing on what must i do or cant do before i start installing this cf3200.. 2)what bios is the best (less problem) to use 3) i wont run my hdd on raid, so will i face the problem with ULi raid? 4) will i'm suppose to face the freeze every 2 hrs? thx , i tried to read all the pages but it's too long.. So i hope any of u can help me a lil bit. thx again~
  12. i am also waiting from ripken.. no matter what i did, i cant put the fan in front of the lower hdd rack..
  13. the swiftech storm is one of the best waterblock ur money can buy go for it, surely no regret
  14. i put vantec copper ramsinks on the rams (16 pieces) and i got a 2 fans blowing at the side. i touch the ramsinks and it's just warm.. i also blow the voltage regulator using stock amd opteron fan and when i touch the black heatsink it also not so hot.. at the back of the card i put few vantec ramsinks as well and got a fan blow on them as well haha.. too bad the card still no good. if it happen to majority of 7900 users, nvidia should take some action towards their customer... they should know i've invest a lot of money in this SLI setup seems like i'd made a bad decision selling off my x1900xtx..
  15. it's not becoz of OC! my leadtek winfast 7900gtx tdh (normal clockspeed) SLI also goes bad. one thing that i realize is the 2nd card is the one who will get the problem.. i have rma one card and i put at the 2nd slot yet the problem occurs after 2-3 days. Heat wont be a problem since i'm using 2x dangerden maze 4 acetal idle @ 38c full load @ 45c. PSU is fortron epsilon 700w with 4x 12v rails @ 15A each.
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