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  1. Hello, i don't know if i can help you. But i had similar problems with my ultra-d and the NF4-Lan-Port (it died suddendly and i couldn't connect to router any more). After flashing a new bios to the mobo, everything worked fine again. Maybe you should give it a try. Greets from Germany Sven
  2. Hello, i have tried with CRC and Bank-Interleave disabled. Didn't worked. i also tried several combinations (first i tried 512MB in First, the other ones in 2. and 3. Slot. Didn't work either) I have no ideas what else to do. I saw something strange. When i only have the 512MB Double-SIded into Slot 2, it will shown on startup as 64Bit. Is this correct ? Before i had the 2x256 in Slot 2 and 4, and BIOS showed me 128 Bit-modus. I suppose this has something to do with dual-channel mode, correct ? Thanks a lot sven
  3. Hello, i am not so familar with it, but maybe it has something to to with the double-sided/single-sided mix of modules. 256/128/128 are in general single-sided modules (as far as i know). best regards sven
  4. Hello, thanks a lot. I will give it a try. I already had this combination, but maybe bios-configuration was not correct. However, i will try it and report if it was successfull or not. Best regards Sven
  5. that's sad... O. then i will buy another 512MB Memory Stick. Thank you anyway. Sven
  6. Hello everybody, just received my new components. I have upraded my old NF2-System to a new S939 NF4 System. My choice was the DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D Mainboard. Now i have problems with my RAM-Modules. I have 3 TwinMos 2-2-2-5 Modules. Two of them are Single-Sided 256MB and one of them is 512MB Double-Sided. I can't get them to work together. I have tried every combination in the DDR-Slots, but port doesn't post (it hangs with 3 LED'S on and a long beep). If i only put the 2x256 (in the orange slots) board works fine. When i only put the 512MB alone the system will startup fine,too. I can't get them work together (the 3 ram-modules worked really fine in my NF2-System). Is there any chance to get them run ? If not, will another Double-Sided 512MB Stick help ? Thank you very much. Sven
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