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  1. Nice!!! thanks so much for your help
  2. Ok I tried with a 9/10 divider and was able to get up to 2.7, ran hot but was running prime and memtest with no errors. my next question would be is it better to run at 2.7 9/10 or 2.4 1/1 I do a fair amount of gaming. Thanks for all your help so far saved me a fair amount of aggravation.
  3. Ack!!! dont say those evil words. I will check some more tonight thanks guys
  4. My timings were stable all the way up to 245mhz with my 3200 chip, right now I cant get above 200mhz without stability problems. I am using what OCZ recommends for timings but they havent tried it on a 4600 yet. I cant believe that my 4600 chip wont at least overclock to the 2.6 range stable that would only be about 216fsb. This may not be a ram problem maybe its chip voltage, chipset voltage etc(i have bumped up both based on overclocking x2 3800/4200/4400 but thats not a 4600 using the 12x multiplier with tight timings, almost everone out there has high FSB ram in there rigs. there is so little information out there with people using my ram and a fast x2 processor.
  5. I am running them at 3.2v, I am not in front of the machine right now to give the timings but prettymuch the same timings that I had with my 3200 cpu which was able to run up to about 240fsb 2 2 2 8 1t. I was really hoping someone else just bought a 4600 with VX ram and was also messing with the timings. I cant seem to find much information about overclocking the 4600 in general
  6. Hoping to get some peoples settings voltages, ram timings etc who are overclocking a manchester 4600 with vxgold memory. I just put mine in last night and I am having a hard time getting anything but stock stable.
  7. Think this is related to sp2 for xp snagged this off a website Windws XP SP2 introduces a few new twists to TCP/IP in order to babysit users and "reduce the threat" of worms spreading fast without control. In one such attempt, the devs seem to have limited the number of possible TCP connection attempts per second to 10 (from unlimited in SP1). This argumentative feature can possibly affect server and P2P programs that need to open many outbound connections at the same time.
  8. cabby

    Chipset fan dying (?)

    my crappy DFI fan actually died the other day, it was making me bonkers with the noise, since then my chipset temps actually dropped
  9. I am guessing from your experience you are checking out event log for anything funky.... maybe you could post it up here and someone will notice something
  10. Cold Boot trouble Three lights is a problem with your memory being detected
  11. Try switching to the Marvell Nic lots of people have issues with latency with the nvidia NIC
  12. There is no way that machine is going to run properly without the NForce for chipset drivers installed, it should be like one of the first things you load onto the machine.
  13. I emailed the said above address, and they sent me to a screen shot showing how to set the 5v jumper LOL, no mention of trying a new bios nada
  14. Did that work for ya host5?
  15. Ok I googled your westell wirespeed and the 4th hit was on the warcraft forums Disconnects: Some users may experience disconnections, either randomly or when performing certain actions (turning in quests, casting a certain spell, etc). Many of these issues can be easily addressed. Network card related - Some network adapters may require a driver update or duplex change to stabilize connectivity. Some models include; Realtek RTL 8139/69 series, Intel Pro series, Broadcom 440 series, Marvell Yukon Series, Via Rhine series, and the nVidia nForce series. Please visit the link below for assistance in making these changes. http://www.blizzard.com/support/wow/?id=aww0834p Modem Related – Some users experience a loss of connectivity to the Internet after a disconnection from the game. This seems to be occurring with certain models of modems, such as the Motorola 4*00 series, Toshiba PCX **00 series and the Westell Wirespeed. This can be tested by connecting with a different modem or contacting the ISP for an exchange. Spyware/Virus Related – Some connections can become disrupted by spyware or viruses that are active when playing World of Warcraft. This may manifest itself as a “timed” disconnection or one that seems to occur at a specific interval. Updated virus protection and updated anti-spyware programs are the best defense. Kazaa, Bearshare, or other P2P programs may install these types of programs when the filesharing program is installed. A search in the Add and Remove Programs section of the Control Panel may reveal WinTools, MySearch, New.Net or many others. These types of malware/spyware are known to have adverse effects to connectivity when playing WoW and will need to be removed. Router Related – Some router models have been linked to several disconnection issues including the LinkSys BEFSR41 andWRT54G/GS series as well as some router/modem units from Netgear and 2-Wire. In some cases, the issue can be corrected by firmware updates from the manufacturer or ISP. The WRT54GS series requires a firmware update from Linksys that has not yet been released. The link below will contain additional information addressing disconnections. http://www.blizzard.com/support/wow/?id=aww01686p I realize this isnt an exact hit but its pretty darn close, unfortunatley I cannot get to the forums from where I am at or I'd dig a little deeper for ya Good Luck