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  1. Well its that time of the year again when we see most stores putting up huge markdown's on prices. I was interested in getting a nice LCD monitor and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on which one is the best. Purpose - Gaming and normal use. 1. BESTBUY - Samsung 19" 931B $129 1280x1024, 800:1, 8ms, DVI and Analog 2.Staples - Samsung 19" 920BW - $129 1400x900, 700:1, 5ms, DVI and Analog 3. Office Depot - Samsung 203B(not sure, poor adscan) 20.1" - $299 1400x1050, DVI and Analog. The rest of the display's available are pretty much close to retail prices.
  2. I have a nf3 250gb UT and i purchased a new case. However when i sold my old one i lost my attachment which has the holes cut out specially for the nf3 Where can i get one?
  3. Looking for a 520w modstream PSU, PM me ur offers. Heat under:sidpaul ebay feedback:siddharthapaul
  4. Have a nf3 250 GB with a vantec cooler, all PLL's, Sb sinked with microcool heatsinks. $90 3400+ AMD64 skt754 CPU Venice core(less than a month old)-no heatsink $100 1.5GB OCZ Platinum 2-3-2-5 PC3200 memory(3x512mb) $170 All products will be shipped via USPS Priority. Payments by Paypal only. shipping approx 15-mobo 8-cpu 8-ram 20-all together to lower 48 states. International shipping : pm me and i'll try and find rates No Trades. Looking for cash ONLY. My Heat http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=38956
  5. I picked up a black one at microcenter day before, Its really neat. however the cost is $39.99. so if shipping is more than $10 it works out to be cheaper at microcenter and u also get the Black one!!!
  6. Will it work? also would this fit on my 9800pro too?
  7. How about something a little more low key and cheaper too. will the evercool /Vantec's fit? and if so which one?
  8. I have a 9800pro which runs pretty hot. I want to get rid of the stock HSF. Which cooler should i purchase to replace it?
  9. looking for 3x80mm and 1x120mm fan. All should provide decent airflow and under 27dba. Cheap is the way to go. i was looking for the Cooler Master fans but newegg has only purple, green or red. Much cheaper than most sites though at 2.99 Any recommendations??
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