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  1. OK Many thanks for the quick replys..
  2. Hi Could i run a 7950 GX2 Quad Sli on my motherboard?? Thanks Martin
  3. I would think the problem is related to memory, what voltage is your memory set to? I’ve just sent back my 2nd lot of Crucial Ballistix memory, have now gone for G-Skill, had random re-boots and crashing at first, increased the memory voltage to 2.7v everything has been fine since. The Ballistix memory worked ok at 2.6v for the first couple of day then the re-boots started, upped to 2.8v then very stable for 2months, then they died. Sorry to rabbit on!!! Try upping the voltage a bit.
  4. Hi Hhave just fitted new G.Skill 2GB DDR HZ PC4000 memory to replace Ballistix, had enough of them going faulty after about 2 months. I now have a problem with the pc crashing (not re-booting) just stopping, i'm having to re-boot to get it going again. My memory bios setting are all set to auto, i'm using 2005-06-23 bios. this has happen twice in about 4hrs. Would a beta bios help??? Have just changed graphics drivers to the 81.98 Any advice would be great. Many thanks.
  5. Hi Have tried just 1 memory sim in the orange slot next to the cpu, still the same re-boots Intermittently. Strange it been running fine now for over 2 hours, i just dont get it ??????
  6. Hi I’m having a nightmare with a new DFI NF4 SLI-DR. Before I begin here’s my spec’s. Amd 3500 Corsair XMS4400 1Gig PP&C 510 Sli PSU 6800 Ultra x2 Point of view. Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 160 gig sata. Audigy 2. I keep getting random re-boots. This can happen anytime, on the internet, benchmarking or even trying to write this. Have re-installed windows XP many times, have the latest NVIDIA motherboard and graphics card drivers. Have also tried the older versions of these drivers. Only using 1 graphics card no Sli, have swapped the graphics cards. Currently not using the Audigy card using the onboard sound, still re-boots. It’s not a heat related problem as I’m running the system with on case, CPU temp around 45c chipset around 48c. The CPU and the memory bios setting are at default. The extra power supply motherboard connectors are all plugged in. When the machine reboots I get an error message which allows me to connect to the MS website, this tell me I have a device driver error. I cannot see what is causing this problem. Have done a fresh re-install of XP tonight, put the new NVIDIA m/b and graphics card drivers installed the USB modem. And it re-booted its self during the windows update. During the install on XP very think is fine. Has anyone ideas what causing this? I getting very frustrated with this have been at it now for over 2 days. Everything works ok with an Asus Sli m/b. Really sorry for the long description. Many thanks in advance.
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