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  1. p95, memtest and benchmarks are a good start for stability, but you're right; The real world is the real test. p95 stresses cpu and memory (depending) however, there is no 3d rendering going on while you prime. If a game is crashing your rig, but it is prime stable, I would look at cpu voltage, ram settings and vdimm. There is a slight voltage drop when adding another component to your system, or when gaming due to the added load on your PSU. (Even the BEST PSU) I have had my 100% stable sig rig lock up after adding a RAID array, and all that was needed to stabilize was a bit more vcore. The machine ran for more than 1 year without being powered down, running [email protected] 24/7 and was my main Gaming machine as well. But like I said, the slight added load of those 2 extra drives was just enough to push the system to an instability that would only become mainifest while gaming. Check your voltages and make sure you are not undervolting either the chip nor RAM. Bump up the vcore/vdimm a bit if needed.
  2. Out of curiosity, what are the recommended chips for 1gig RAM sticks for the Ultra D? I got my platinums a while back, which are working fine, but I have heard some harsh criticism of the 'infineon' chips they use. Are there better, more sought after chips for the 1giggers, akin to the TCCD and BH-5 chips which work so well on the less dense, 512mb sticks?
  3. No post that way. Well, this is somewhat disappointing; I was hoping to benefit from some extra memory for Adobe Premiere Pro. Do you think if I get 4 identical modules (2 more 1gig platinums) it would work?
  4. Hmm... all of my sticks are OCZ Platinum. 2 are 1 gig sticks in the orange slots, and when I add the other 2 platinums (512's) into the yellow slots, the machine runs fine, but it doesnt even see the extra memory. The BIOS and the OS report only 2 gigs, when it should be 3. I could understand the machine locking up or not posting, but why does it not even see them?
  5. Like the title says, in my sig rig, both the BIOS and Windows x64 are only recognizing 2 gigs when I place my extra 512's in the yellow slots for a total of 3 gigs at 2t. Any explanation(s) ? Thanks.
  6. It's not my mobo or chip having the problem, it just rubbed me the wrong way. I too have been told the same thing by the minimum wagers over there when I had a defective venice.
  7. The point is that a large percentage of enthusiasts are buying this board, and for AMD to point to the BOARD for a seemingly obvious CPU defect seems irresponsible. If you're manufacturing and selling parts for a specific application, and a large percentage of RMA's comes from owners of one of the major Companies using your parts, does it seem ethical to blame the malfunctions on them ? And another thing, whats with the bogus "Recommended List of compatible mobos"?
  8. Angry, XR, RG, check this out. http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=418710 Kinda rubbed me the wrong way.
  9. I have the XP 90 as well. It works quite well. The new SI 120 by thermalright is excellent if price is no object, and the Arctic Cooling A64 Freezer is definitely the best bang for the buck ($27) , however, the ThermalTake SONIC TOWER is by far the most powerful HSF; if you want the absolute biggest and baddest, that's it. The Sonic tower is about 50% larger than even the Si-120 and can incorporate 2 120mm fans if you like. Because of the shear size, it has all other HSF's pwnt..... it is REALLY BIG. Again, if you absolutely want the biggest and baddest, go for that, otherwise the main 4 omnipresent suggetions (Thermalright xp90, xp120, si 120, AC A64 Freezer) will do just fine :nod: :nod: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835106056
  10. Unfortunately, the Westell wirespeed is not a configurable modem, and will require a software PPPOE connection in My Network Connections...(you'll have to manually connect on each boot thru windows)..unless used in conjunction with a router or other bridging device. The Westell 2200, however, may be a better choice if being used for a stand-alone computer, as the PPPOE settings are configurable right thru IE and will be saved in flash memory. The Westell 327w Versalink may work well for you if you have more than one pc to hookup...it has a 4 port wireless router built in.
  11. The 939 socket and 939 Chips are manufactured to extremely stringent tolerances. I would say if you needed to apply pressure, then it was not 100% lined up in the first place. No harm done I suppose, but like i said earlier, it is a ZIF socket. Anyways, SumiXam, let us know how you do!
  12. Socket 939 like all modern sockets i have seen is a ZIF socket (zero insertion force) so you needn't press down on it while latching..just make sure your arrows lines up, make sure your socket lever is opened completely, drop it in and latch it. One shouldnt touch the cpu IHS at all, skin oils will only degrade your cooling. I suggest an Anti-static wrist wrap, it can't hurt. Also, while installing HSF, try some AS5 or ceramique and drop a small amount (about 2/3 the size of a BB) in the center of the chip. Install the HSF with as much force as is necessary....the A64's have an IHS over the top of them which adds a significant amount of protection, so I wouldnt worry about damaging the core too much
  13. I'm having a similar issue.....My CPU seems to be s-l-o-w-i-n-g down! My Sandra benchmarks have taken a significant hit (dropped by 1400 MIPS) recently, which I originally thought may have been due to an SLI mod, but after reversing the mod, the CPU is still slowing down. (see thread in this sub forum) I'm still trying too. I've tried clearing CMOS, manually plugging BIOS settings back in, a fresh XP install, none of which has restored my CPU to its original lustre of 13,400 MIPS. I havn't given up yet, but I havn't found a promising lead yet either....
  14. I undid the SLI mod, and my Sandra benchmarks are still about 1400 points lower...I'm beginning to think that the SLI has nothing to do with this issue and it was merely coincidence. Is there any other hardware possibility? I tried a fresh install of Win XP, tried clearing the BIOS and starting from scratch....all unsuccessful. My arithmatic benchmarks at 2.85 are lower than they were at 2.75! (MFLOPS are ok) Any thoughts?
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