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  1. So. What can it be ! Puzzling this one.
  2. What RAM would you recommend? I know I can't run this RAM past 260 at 1:1 from previous experience. Don't mind about how much it is to be honest. I guess I could also loosen the timings to test whether it's a RAM issue. Thanks, C
  3. Hi all, I'm hitting a wall at 260+ on both my Opty's (144/146) on my Ultra D. No amount of RAM Divider or Voltage will get me stable. As I'm on phase change I thought it might be a cold bug but that wouldn't make sense when it runs at 1.4VC at 260. I've tried loadso different BIOS' as well. Any ideas? TIA, C
  4. No. No cold bug. Just can't get the thing past 290 without 1.9vc. Temps are fine of course but I can't see this opty being able to run for long at this voltage. I might be doing something wrong I guess.
  5. I've got it working fine - just disappointing results.
  6. Evening all, Now, please don't flame me as I've heard that Opteron's aren't actually supported in the Ultra-D but I thought I would just ask if there is a decent BIOS that can clock these bad boys up? Any advice greatly appreciated. TIA C
  7. Yeah - I'm up with the stability stuff. What I'm trying to get to the bottom of is why this DDR500 rated RAM just won't work in my system 1:1.
  8. Nope. Currently testing 250 x 6 (and have tried 8). Memtest but no prime. arghhhhh ! I didn't say it was stable - it's gonna be outta the window soon though Thanks for your help.
  9. All, I wonder if anyone has any ideas what this could be? My RAM tests fine at 250+ in memtest (no errors) My Processor runs fine at 2.9GHz (providing I run a divider) However, my machine is unstable, will not prime and will not superPi when I try to run 1:1 at anything above about 220. This is WEIRD is it not? Help! Many thanks, C
  10. I've done a search on the forum but have been unable to find anyone with the same combo as me. I'm just trying to get a handle on whether the OC I have done is any good. Am currently at 275x10 180 I'm not 100% sure on the memory timings I should be using so other than: CPC: Enable Tcl: 3.0 Trcd: 04 Tras: 08 Trp: 04 everything else is set to Auto. I've had 2.9Ghz from this 3500. My RAM is Corsair CMX512-4000 pro so any advice on the finer timings would be greatly appreciated. C
  11. All, I've got the rig in my sig. I can prime at 295x6 without an issue. Can also run memtest. I can prime at 262x11 without an issue. Can also run memtest. I can't prime, memtest (but can boot) 295x7,8,9,10,11 ?? I don't quite get it. Processor runs OK at 2.9Gig and Memory runs ok at 295. I was expecting to take this baby to 295x10 (o maybe even 11). Maybe I'm being a tad optimistic but thought I would post anyway. Currently running RAM at 3-5-5-8. Can run 262 on 3-4-4-7. Most other settings are Auto. Currently running 3/10 BIOS. Thanks, C
  12. Where can I get them as the DFI site is down. I have an Ultra-D Thanks.
  13. Just sussed that now. Many thanks !! Damn amateur here.
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