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  1. i feel like ive read this post 101 times now. experiencing the same thing periodically. just when everything is rock solid stable again...it starts doing this all over. more and more people are repeating this same story now.
  2. hate to say this, but i've read almost this exact post 100 times. experienced it myself too. I'd love to understand what causes it. In one instance my brothers rig did the same thing. I believe it was the serial cable loose, but i could be just guessing/hoping this was the fix for this random issue. it's so random.
  3. just had this exact problem...3 leds it seems can mean more than 1 thing.. to fix: take it apart and put togther again....I'm solid as a rock now.
  4. this EMC guy sounds pretty slick. Nforce2- yea, glad those days are done.
  5. those numbers look good to me. ignore my sig (i need to update), as my setup has changed and is now very close to yours. * one thing you may find once you run prime95, is that you may need a vcore increase to "pass". im currently on 1.250 X 126% for my 3000 venice. 270 1:1 and using ocz Plat v2
  6. this situation only occured for me after I flashed to a new bios. -got the ntldr error and went into bios, then loaded one of the banks from cmos reloaded i had saved from previous bios. it then booted into windows fine. I restarted, went into bios, tweaked, saved, and was flyin' again on new bios's settings. try it. I believe the reason is that 623-3 bios changed the order of drives from what 510-2 had. I've also tried correcting the order of that without loading a cmos reloaded bank, and it worked as well.
  7. man...now I'm all insecure/paranoid even though i'm "safe". i think i'll burn all my pictures to dvd tommorow.....thanks alot brother!
  8. ive found prime fails at your cpu oc limit......regardless if you can pass memtest. i'm in the same situation as you. i dont really want to give it anymore volts (>1.6v), but i think it should oc at that speed fine since other people have done it.. i really can oc my 3000 to 2610 and run all day...but i wont because it fails prime. so, i'm at 2476mhz and 247 (ram on 9/10 divider *wish there was 4/5*) -and i'm not going to cry about it. WaS all free anyway! i'm lazy about backups, and don't want to run the possibility of losing all my digital pics. don't risk it. pass prime and walk away.
  9. true. peoples experiences do differ greatly. I consider up to three days processing and up to 5 shipping days to be acceptable. I live in houston as well. so, shipping is pretty much the same no matter who you go with. it's the processing time that gets me. chiefvalue and newegg-I know they at least ship out of the same distribution centers/warehouses. got to say that SVC's 24.99 xp-90 is a no brainer. i do love my egg though.....they have never failed me.
  10. Just wanted my fellow DFI'ers to have fair warning on this supposedly top company. Not meaning to slam, but my experience is/was unacceptable. monarchPC 1. expect no response from emails. none. 2. expect 6 days just for your order to process. 3. expect long wait times if you call to find the status. loooong wait times. sometimes no answer. you do however, get to hear all about their "Hornet Pro". this is my second order from them. i decided to give them a second shot and wished I hadn't. (same crap the first time) I would also like add two companies I recommend. I made 3 purchases on the same night. one from Monarch, one from our trusty newegg, and one from SVC.. guess who won.... 1. newegg with the largest order 1 day early. (no brainer) 2. SVC with the smallest order on time. 3. monarch -still waiting. it's been 3 days since the other packages have arrived. 24-48 hours processing my butt.... I must say I am impressed with SVC, as they are obviously the smallest company, but still as fast. So, the point of this post is really a recommendation on SVC, and when in doubt, newegg.
  11. that is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever seen.
  12. you're going about that 1gb of ram the wrong way! get 2 512 sticks and run dual channel style. if you are partial to mushkin, see my sig. for 60 more you can have a much faster pc.
  13. good advice. flash the bios (i like pershoots bootable bios cd) and then run memtest to verify you are truely stable.
  14. ive had the "1/10th of a secong spin up" thing myself. it is almost always something i forgot to do. take everything apart and try again. you would be surprised (as I have been) at some of the random and stupid things that can cause this problem (hard drive screws for example). unfortunately, it was almost always user created (me).
  15. also, dont eh 3500 and a 3200 top out about the same? if so...get the 3200 and oc your rig. save some cash. he's right. xp-90 nice. just bought one myself from svc!
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